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Wiki Academy/Jadavpur University

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Date and Location

ETCE Department (Near Gate No.2)
  • Date : 25th January,2012


It is approximately a 2 hour workshop emphasizing primarily on an initial interaction with engineering students before going for a full fledged workshop for the future Wiki-academy.


  • Wikipedia History and Overview
  • Five Pillars of Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia Policies
  • Browsing Wikipedia
  • Editing Wikipedia


  • Get to know the fifth website in terms of highest page views
  • Acquire knowledge
  • Share knowledge

Target audience and preferred language

  • Students of ETCE Department at Jadavpur university.
  • Internet Users.
  • Wikipedia readers.
  • Wikipedia Contributers.

Preferred language

English, Hindi and Bengali.


Discussion Forums

  • Feedback Form: We appreciate your support, to provide feedback, click here

Contact persons;;

Contact Persons at Jadavpur University

Wikipedia presentation @ JU
  • IEEE Student Branch:
  1. Anindita Kundu, Chairperson.
  2. Prasun Chowdhury, Secretary.
  • Student Coordinator: Deepon Saha, M.Tech Student


1. Dipankar Saha,

2. Subhashish Roy,

3. Mishor Biswas,

4. Budhaditya Bhattacharyya,

5. Sagar Mukherjee.,

6. Posiba Mostafa.,

7. Dhrubojyoti Basu.,

8. Vijay Sharma,

9. Tamal Chakraborty,

10. Dulal Chandra Mondal,

11. Md. Abusafi,

12. Sanjay Kuanar,

13. Anindita Kundu,

14. Prasun Chowdhury

15. Saptak Niyogi,

16. Sudhansu Kumar pati,

17. D. Godwin Raj,

18. Kalyan Koley,

19. Sounak Basu,

20. H.M. Pardeshi,

21. Arka Dutta

22. Amretashis Sengupta,

23. Sayani Ghosh,

Few Moments