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Wiki Academy/IIT Kanpur

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Wiki Academy was hosted at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur on 14th November 2018.


Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (also known as IIT Kanpur or IITK) is a public engineering institution located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It was declared to be an Institute of National Importance by the Government of India under the Institutes of Technology Act.


Rahul Deshmukh, President, Wikimedia India was invited to deliver a talk on Wikimedia projects at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in November 2018. The talk focussed on different technologies used in Wikipedia and sister projects and explains the opportunities and challenges to participate in technology development. It included an overview of some of the technologies like ORES the machine learning service, Wikidata, Wikipedia mobile technology, Wiki API, MediaWiki and offline Wikipedia etc, followed by few case studies and demonstration based on our technology work focused towards Indic language Wikipedia essentials.


Department of Computer Science and Engineering IIT Kanpur.jpg

Computer Science Department and Engineering, IIT Kanpur

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