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Wiki Academy/College Of Engineering (IHRD), Adoor

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A Wiki Academy on Malayalam and English Wikipedia was conducted on February 13, 2012 at College of Engineering, Adoor, Kerala.

College of Engineering, Adoor

The College is affiliated to the Cochin University of Science and Technology and is run under the aegis of the Institute of Human Resources Development, an institute of the Government of Kerala.

Date and Location

February 13, 2012 at Seminar Hall, College Of Engineering (IHRD) Adoor,Kerala

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Target audience and preferred language

Students at College Of Engineering Adoor, English WikiAcademyand Malayalam WikiAcademy

Programme and Time Table

Wikipedia Lab
  • Account creation and Registration
  • Welcome by the Host organization coordinator
  • Introduction of participants
  • Wikipedia Overview covering key statistics
  • Wikimedia Overview covering Foundation/Chapter/Board and their programs
  • Malayalam Wikipedia Overview and present statistics
  • Wikipedia Lab: Browsing Wikipedia, Editing Wikipedia, Input Methods and Editing Malayalam Wikipedia
  • Feedback and Photo Session.

Registered Members

Tittu Varghese ,


Prasobh G Sreedhar
  1. Adv. T.K. Sujith - Phone: 9846012841
  2. Prasobh G. Sreedhar - Phone: 9496436961

Contact Persons at the Organisation

  1. Faculty: Madhu A.K ,Ph:09447484345
  2. Student Coordinator:Alex ,Ph:09446628335,email :-


Sony Mathews, Ph:- 09496331376
Hari S Pillai, Ph:- 09746487391


Presentaiton:Wikipedia Overview
  1. Sanjeev G.
  2. Pramod J. John
  3. Sreeram S.
  4. Shami D.
  5. Nice Mathew
  6. Sreejith C.R.
  7. Sujith Kumar.S
  8. Saju Jacob
  9. Mansoor A.
  10. Rinu K. Vargheeese
  11. Abhijith Anilkumar
  12. Akhil Das
  13. Aravind N. Pillai
  14. Rinu John George
  15. Jiose Joseph
  16. Soju Raj
  17. Anoop V. Gopal
  18. Sabarish
  19. Boaz Mathews
  20. Melbin K.Joseph
  21. Preful Dev S.
  22. Arunkumar
  23. Merin Babu
  24. Kiran Haridas
  25. Tijo Mathew
  26. Nithin James
  27. Pradeesh M.
  28. Pillai Hari Sasidharan
  29. Tittu Vargheese
  30. Abhilash K. Pillai
  31. Ancy David S.
  32. Neethu P.
  33. Nisha Raj S.N
  34. Nikhita Suresh
  35. Arya S.S
  36. Feba Merin John
  37. Supriya Saha
  38. Monica Singh
  39. Madhavan Unni A.N
  40. Abhinanth U.
  41. Jithin Baby.
  42. Geo Jolly


42 Student participents were there for the program. Mr Tittu Vargheese, a student gave the welcome speech . Adv. T.K. Sujith took the Presentation both in English and Malayalam followed by a class on Common wikipedia editing by Prasobh G. Sreedhar .He also created an article about adoor engineering college in malayalam wikipedia. Among these participants only 2 had heard about malayalam wikipedia and 6 of them were helped to create their account in wikipedia.


Photos can be found @ Commons:Category:Malayalam_wiki_studyclass_-_Adoor_13Feb2012

Future Programmes if any