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WikiSource and Commons Hosted in India

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Statement of Problem

Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons are basic building blocks for an active Wikipedia movement. However, they are both hosted in the United States and, as such, require all media files that are to be be copyright free or in the public domain in the source country of origin and also in United States. This is limited to public domain and does not consider Creative Commons BY and BY-SA and GFDL licensed content.



  1. Possible changes in Indian Copyright law.
  2. Must maintain a high level of compliance with Indian copyright law.
  3. Must have a designated agent and a take down policy in compliance with Indian law.
  4. Ecosystem concerns - for example, WMF. Is this something that is okay for a Chapter to do?

Possible Solutions

  1. The Chapter could host its own Wikisource and Commons sites on Indian servers.
  2. The Chapter could consider taking over or supporting Wikilivres - "Commonwealth copyright wikisource" hosted in Canada.


  1. For own hosting ***need sizing estimates***
  2. For supporting Wikilivres, around USD 75 per month.

Possible Partners

  1. Center for Internet and Society?
  2. Alternative Law Forum?
  3. Creative Commons, India
  4. Gnowledge Lab at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education?