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WikiConference India Framework

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  1. To get together Indian Wikimedians for 2-3 days to bond with other wikimedians, share best practices, discuss on future projects and get inspired by the vision of Wikimedia movement. It is like a mini Wikimania for India
  2. Flagship event of Wikimedia Community at national level to help raise visibility of Wikimedia movement across the country.
  3. Preferably held together with Annual General body Meeting (AGM) of Wikimedia Chapter, as it will help broader participation from across India in AGM and make for a vibrant and active membership base.

City Selection

Prior to the Conference, bids will be solicited from various cities across the country to hold the event. The idea is that this is a rotating event every year such that there can be active communities across the country. Suggested guidelines for choosing (adopted from the Wikimania selection criteria

  1. General suitability: suitability, proximity to accommodation, number and size of rooms available, whether Conference will be the sole user of the venue during the event, venue owner's experience with handling conferences of this size
  2. Internet access: access within the venue, access within the accommodation, access within the social areas. Whether or not free access can be provided. Whether or not the area is covered by wi-fi. Venue's ability to provide technology infrastructure.
  3. Social areas: whether a space for socialising is available, whether that space is open 24 hours a day, proximity to venue and accommodation, facilities available (food, drinks, internet access)
  4. Accommodation: proximity to venue (closer is better), suitability and affordability, variety of types of accommodation available, availability for the event as well as any pre- or post- conference meetings planned.
  5. General location: proximity to an airport, facilities nearby (restaurants, tourist sites for outings, etc)
  6. Rotation of location: whether the location is too close to Wiki Conference in the preceding 1-2 years, primarily an extension of "cost/ease of attendance" varying significantly with distance from the location. However if a very strong bid in such locations can be placed, do not hesitate to do so.
  7. Organizing team: Local volunteers willing to take a lead role in organizing the event; who is responsible for what areas of the conference; their skills (technical, PR, financial, English language ability, etc.); their experience with similar ventures.
  8. Other organizational support: Support from local governments, universities, venues, and NGOs. Please elaborate on what help they can or cannot provide.
  9. Press: Media interest and PR opportunities: prior and expected interest, both locally and internationally
  10. General cost: of accomodation, food, net access after hours, phone service
  11. Funding: amount of local sponsorship available
  12. Travel: costs of travel to the location from various cities, particularly those with high numbers of Wikimedians, options available for travel (alternatives to flying). Cost of lodging stay for attendees. Cost of travel within city.

Organizing committee structure and roles

The organizing committee will consist of the Host city team, Chapter team and Program team. Their roles are described below.

Host city team

  1. Responsible for bid
  2. Responsible for City logistics in terms of Venue, local transportation, stay assistance
  3. Fund raising

Chapter Team

  1. Responsible for facilitating financial operations and accountability for finances for the event
  2. Projects Chair or/and City and language Special Interest Group(SIG) chair with EC will be part of this and be responsible primarily for ensuring a successful event
  3. Projects chair is preferably the coordinator of the organising committee and chairs its meetings.

Program team

  1. One or two people from each language and/or city
  2. Responsible for tracks of the program


The organizing committee is responsible for preparing detailed execution plan and updating chapter about the progress, issues and risks on a monthly basis to facilitate any external help.

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