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User:Theni.M.Subramani receiving the award for his book on Wikipedia in Govt of Tamilnadu function
User:Parvathisri explaining about Wikipedia in teaching aids workshop for school teachers in Salem
TWMC 1st prize winning entry
TWMC 1st prize winning entry

Tamil Wikipedia


Statistics and Wiki Projects

  • On 25 December 2011 Tamil Wikipedia crossed 10,00,000 edits. On May 3, 2012 Tamil wikipedia crossed 46000 articles with 11,45,152 edits and 38,100 registered users in Tamil Wikipedia. There are 88 active editors in Tamil Wikipedia, among which 28 are most active editors.
  • 4 users became administrators in 2011, making the total to 23. Project has 4 bureaucrats.
  • Wiki project Medicine was started in Tamil wikipedia and nearly 30 articles has been created or expanded.
  • Collaboration of the week which ran between 2005-2006 has now been restarted since Feb 2012. 30 articles has been expanded in this project in all.
  • Last few months also saw an increased number of debates on policies including naming conventions,mass stub creation, English redirects. While some were conclusive and others were not, the overall participation from community members in these debates is on increase.
  • Efforts are on to create a Featured Content offline edition and copy-editing of articles for offline is being carried out at community's own pace since January 2012.


  • Sitenotice campaign to edit, featuring user profiles were run between July 2011 and Jan 2012. Even though the average number of anon edits and there were few new users who had become active editors is significant, getting hard numbers is relatively difficult with current tools.
  • Following the good run of site-notice campaign, a main page redesign effort is currently in progress to get more contributors.
  • Moodbar, a new editor engagement extension which is live on English Wikipedia was tried briefly in Tamil Wikipedia before there were technical issues related to its usability on langauge projects. We would be willing to try this as soon as bugs are resolved to make the place more friendly for new editors.
  • Space in Recent Changes is being used to encourage people to contribute to translation of Vital articles. Over 160 such articles have been created in 2 months.
  • Many gadgets including Wiktionary lookup,Prove IT!, Social share, Navigation popups were localized and installed in Tamil Wikipedia.

Sister projects

Wiktionary updates


  • Wikinews has 2,129 news articles, 12th largest Wikinews project.
  • 1-2 articles every day, follow @tamil_wikinews on twitter.
  • Efforts were made to make Tamil Wikinews as a Google news publisher, but did not materialize.

Wikisource, Wikibooks, Wikiquotes


User:Shanmugamp7 who took part in the Translatewiki Christmas 2011 rally made more than 1700 translations and was one among the winners who split a collective prize of 1000 Euro sponsored by Wikimedia Netherland. He is now active contributor in Tamil Wikipedia.