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Sangappa Dyamani at TTT.jpg
Sangappa (User:Sangappadyamani) is an inspiring Kannada Wikipedian both in spirit and at work. He is from Kalaburagi (previously Gulbarga), Sangappa works for private firm in Bengaluru. He started contributing to English Wikipedia in 2012, when he found that there is no article on his native place. Even though it was deleted due some issues, Sangappa not being discouraged, went through all the relevant guidelines, and created nineteen articles related to Karnataka.

Having made his first edit on Kannada Wikipedia in 2016, he has been very active ever since, and created around 170 articles, with more than ten thousand global edits. The fascinating part of Sangappa's contributions is linked with the Google Doodle section on Kannada Wikipedia Main Page. Every day, the subjects that are honoured by Google by featured them as their Doodle, are created/improved by Sangappa within a few hours of its updation at 00:00 hrs everyday. He says that in this way, he ensures that all the popular topics of India are well represented on Kannada Wikipedia.

Sangappa makes most of his edits through mobile, or from his friend's laptop. He also puts the wait during traffic jams from his home to office, and vice versa, to the best use, by making edits on Wikipedia during that period.