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محمد شعیب (Muhammad Shuaib)
User:محمد شعیب (Muhammad Shuaib) is primarily an Urdu Wikipedia editor, who has been anonymously editing since August 2012. Though the user has been reading Wikipedia since 2005, only in 2012 he started editing when he found some factual errors in an Urdu article. He counts almost 40,000 global contributions along with being a bureaucrat and sysop of Urdu Wikipedia.

The user envisions to prosper and build a unique rich online source of free knowledge in Urdu, and feels that Wikipedia is the way for it. He also contributes to Wikidata, Arabic and English Wikipedia every now and then. He says that Wikidata is a great initiative, that if used to its full potential, make the lives of editors easy. His message to newcomers is; "I would welcome them to world of free knowledge, and tell them to continue your contributions, it would be pride for you and your generations as well".