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Abhay Natu 01 profile.JPG
Abhay Natu
Abhay Natu has been involved with Marathi Wikipedia almost from the inception, first as a reader, then an occasional editor on English Wikipedia. Abhay made his first edit on Marathi Wikipedia around November 2005 and not looked back since. He likes editing articles on any and all topics, enriching his own knowledge in the process. Even so, areas of his special interest are World History and Transportation. After a few years of editing, he took up the admin role there followed by the bureaucrat role. He has more than 87,000 edits there. Abhay has been instrumental in grooming new editors and curating the content on Marathi Wikipedia. Abhay is involved with every aspect of Marathi Wikipedia both online and offline. He has traveled across the world to attend various meetups, consultations and other opportunities. He pioneered bot use there and many other technical and procedural innovations. He hopes and plans on continuing enriching Marathi Wikipedia for the foreseeable future, both online and offline. Outside of spending an inordinate amount of time on Marathi Wikipedia, Abhay spends his leisure time skiing the Rockies in winter and playing club cricket in the summer.