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Rohini Lakshané.jpg
Rohini Lakshané
Rohini Lakshané started writing on Wikipedia as early as 2006. Though her first edit was an act of humorous vandalism, she picked up Wikipedia rules quickly and started contributing to articles related to food, technology, and places. She is a passionate photographer who has uploaded numerous images and has added descriptions to existing images on the Wikimedia Commons. She contributes to Wikipedia in spurts and has over 1,800 edits from different projects put together to her credit. She is a regular participant at meetups in Mumbai. Rohini has taken initiative in conducting various workshops and meetups for women in Mumbai and Goa, including the International Women's day events, which took place in March 2013. She maintains WikipeDNA, a blog that deals with topics pertaining to Wikimedia on DNA blogs. She volunteers with the Wikimedia Chapter of India as the Chairperson for the Special Interest Group, Gendergap. Outside Wikimedia, she is a polygot, tech blogger and treehugger.