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Prof. Srinivas welcom all to celebrate wikipedia tenth birthday.JPG
Srinivas Gunta
As a doctoral student at IIM Bangalore in the area of Strategic Management, Srinivas Gunta got intrigued by the phenomenon of Wikipedia. He started editing Wikipedia in April 2005 to understand what makes it click – within a year, he totaled up over 10,000 edits on English Wikipedia by working on India related topics, India quiz and DYKs, apart from becoming a sysop. He is one of the founding members of the India Chapter of Wikimedia, having realized the need for a continuous offline presence for outreach activities. He has advocated for Wikipedia at research forums and in the print media. He has been an assistant professor at IIM Indore since 31 August, 2010. He is intrigued about Wikipedia because the management theory he is familiar with predominantly suggests two ways of getting work done – hierarchies or markets, categorizations that are inadequate to describe collaborative, voluntary initiatives such as Wikipedia.