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Sujith T.K
Adv. T.K Sujith joined Wikimedia projects in 2008 and became active in Malayalam Wikipedia in 2010. He started off his Wikipedia career by editing an article about Consumer Protection Law (ml) in June 2010. Since then, he has written numerous articles about law, Indian politics and gender issues on Malayalam Wikipedia. He became an administrator on Malayalam Wikipedia on April 2013. He has conducted over fifteen outreach programs across Kerala and participated in eight Wikipedia workshops. He was the chair of the Fund Dissemination Committee of 'WikiSangamotsavam,' the first annual conference of any language Wikimedia project in India, conducted by the Malayalam Wikimedia community in 2012. A lawyer by profession, he provides expert opinion to the Wikimedia community in legal issues. Mr. Sujith believes that every human being is responsible for disseminating their knowledge in the community, and that Wikipedia is the best platform to share one's information. He lives with his family in S.L Puram, Alappuzha.