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Balachandran G
Balachandran G, fondly known as Babug in Malayalam WikiCommunity, is a 74 years old active contributor to Malayalam Wikipedia. Babug, who started editing in 2008, now has 1423 articles and more than 5000 edits to his credit. Apart from writing original articles about Indian military, he transfers articles from Sarva-vijnana-kosham to Wikipedia. A stroke and succeeding multiple illnesses deteriorated his speech, and he was paralyzed for two decades. Writing on Wikipedia helped him to improve his knowledge in language and acquire new verbal and motor skills. He attributes his recovery to Wikipedia and claims that Wikipedia helped him to regain his lost self confidence. His inspiring story is featured in the book, Growing Wikipedia: The India Chronicles authored by Tory Read. He was featured on many Malayalam and English newspapers including the prestigious The Telegraph. Mr. Balachandran also clicks pictures and uploads the best of them to Wikimedia Commons.