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Thajavur Ganesha.jpg
User: Redtigerxyz's first FA was 'Ganesha'
User: Redtigerxyz started editing on 8/12/2006 when he learned about Wikipedia after googling for a technical term. As he explored Wikipedia, he read about his favorite Gods and started contributing to articles related to Hindu mythology. He now contributes to articles related to Indian temples, Indian culture and art, Sanskrit works, Indian history, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Indian films apart from writing about Hindu mythology. He has contributed to 5 Featured Articles, 45 Good Articles and 3 former Good Articles. He is driven to create Wikipedia articles when he finds that there are no articles about his favorite topics. He thinks that the systemic bias on Wikipedia should be combated by creating more articles about India. In his attempt to feature India on the main page of Wikipedia, he has contributed to more than 155 Did-You-Knows (DYKs) on topics related to India. He likes Wikipedia because Wikipedia gives him an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded editors to create quality content. He also loves searching for images on Wikimedia Commons because he feels that 'while text is the brain of an article, image is the heart.'