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Pavithra Shivu - Profile Picture.JPG
Pavithra and Omshivaprakash
Omshivaprakash H L and Pavithra are dedicated Wikimedians who actively contribute to Wikimedia projects in Kannada and English. They have conducted and participated in several outreach programs. Om was involved in Dravidan University Wiki workshop, Wiki workshop in Central Library of Bangalore, Science Writers' Wikipedia Workshop and Wiki Workshop at Tumkur University. Pavithra was the brain behind the Bangalore Science Forum Summer Camp, WikiWomen Bangalore Workshop and Kids' Wikipedia Workshop. During DevCamp 2012, Pavithra picked up skills related to PyWiktionary modules and Andriod Development, while Om used the opportunity to test Wikimedia applications and transliterate for Kannada Google IME. Om has a variety of interests spanning from movies to technology about which he writes articles on Wikipedia. Pavithra, on the other hand, is interested in photography and contributes her images to Wikimedia Commons. Both of them have accommodated Wikimedia volunteering into their tightly packed schedule because they are passionate about free knowledge and open source. Outside Wikimedia, Om is a leader in tech-blogging, community building and localization. He has written several articles about FLOSS, Technology, E-Governance and Wikipedia on Kannada newspapers and magazines. Currently, he serves as the Chair of the Special Interest Group for Kannada language. Both Pavithra and Om are IT professionals based in Bangalore.