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Wikimania 2012 scholarship decision already send to every one. As an Indian,I have not got scholarship. How many Indians got the scholarship? Please add yourself who got scholarship this year.--Jayanta Nath 10:13, 21 April 2012 (IST)

Supporting Documents for US Visa

Hello everyone, I am no visa expert or travel agent to predict what exactly one will need while in interview. But I ll tell what all things I took with me for interview. Invitation letter from Wikimedia DC is a MUST, consular officer will definitely ask for it. In scholarship recipient's letter it ll be mentioned that WMF is bearing the cost of flight trip and accommodation and conference registration. What the consular officer wants to know is that you ll come back to India post conference, so you need to show something strong that you ll definitely return. In my case I am an engineering student, so I took my Bonafide certificate from College mentioning that I am a third year student and to get a degree I still need to attend college for one more year, so my chances of returning are high. For my current address proof I got a certificate issued from my hostel's chief rector that I am staying in same place since 3 years. For all other incidental expenses I wanted to show that I am economically stable so I got my Dad's last 3 years IT returns, his bank statements, his passport's copy(along with the copies of visas of different countries he has), his bank's passbook copies, my mother's letter of employment, her bank statements, her passbook copies, my passbook copies. I also took registration confirmation Email's copy, I took prints of plenty of Wikimania's pages from website especially schedule. I would suggest to keep your etickets also with you if you have booked them.

I was too skeptical about supporting documents required and Interview questions and all (may be because it is my first visit abroad and to any visa interview too) but believe me friends, I did not require to show them one single document from above mentioned ones. The consular officer asked me to show only letter of invitation and nothing else, not a single document. She asked me though what I exactly do in Wikipedia and what do I do full time in real life but did not ask for any of the proofs. Just be confident and answer questions honestly and wisely and you should have no problem in getting a visa. In my case I got 3 months single entry visa which is fair enough for me.
If anyone has still got any questions regarding DS160, visa interview questions or documents please feel free to contact me, but I may not respond soon enough, but I ll definitely get back to you, since my exams are coming. Good luck everyone. Thanks. --Rangilo Gujarati 14:58, 13 May 2012 (IST)