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Talk:SIG Nominations/GLAM2014

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Hi Arun,

Need few clarifications.

  • What is the procedure in practice for electing a SIG chair? Is it conducted like EC elections with notice periods etc., or is it done like sysop nominations?
  • We should give some time for old members to come back and new members to join and get active. Once the groups get active, it will be easier for the members to nominate and elect someone. I hope that groups can conduct their activities even without a SIG chair for some time.
  • It will be ideal if the new incoming EC approves these decisions. By that time, we would have also had enough time as mentioned above.

Since we are reviving many SIGs and forming new ones after a long time, I think we should consider these. This is not a comment about this particular nomination. I do also want to review and upgrade the SIG model of engaging community. Because based on past experience, SIGs look like chair driven. Once he / she gets inactive the activity levels go down. We need a way to engage most of the community independent of any single person. Thanks.--Ravi 10:14, 27 October 2014 (IST)