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Talk:Grants/LGBT Edit-a-thon, Kerala

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First response from board

Thank you for creating the grant request. Please ensure when the application draft is final, to mention the same at the top. You may edit the application and amounts requested until that point.

Kindly also send an e-mail to the President (jayanta AT or Secretary ( of the Chapter, listing contact details of all responsible office-bearers / organizers when this occurs.

Someone from the board will be promptly contacting you for a direct conversation / interview. വിശ്വപ്രഭViswaPrabhaTalk 00:42, 12 September 2014 (IST)


Jijo Kuriakose , this application has now been approved.Do let us know if you would like any support towards organising the event or help on the day. Can you let me know whether you would like to spent yourself and make a reimbursement claim, or grants have it sent to you? Thanks Regards -- Jayanta Nath 00:30, 9 October 2014 (IST)

Further requirements


Thanks for approving the grand request. We would need to have resource persons from Wikimedia India chapter who can drop in and give the training session during the event on Oct18th, the day on which we would gather potential participants who can contribute quality articles on to wiki' page.We also would need permission from Wikimedia to use its logo, along with the event details, for all our promotional activities.

Regarding the fund' deal, we need some amount as cash, in person, for the nominal expenses for which we can get, keep tallied record and submit bills. And for the expenses more than 5000 or so, it would be better if the respective amount is transferred to the vendor' account or accordingly.

Further requirements

Dear Viswaprabha,

We are in need of fund to execute the ground work as in expenses to be met for

  • Event promotions (Offline promotions, online publicity, posters etc:)- 3000
  • Welcome kit for participants- 5000
  • Other expenses (Internet bill, ground work expenses for the event organizing, organizers' expenses)-3000 etc:
  • Lunch(60* 100)-6000
  • Tea and snacks(60*15)-900

We have already spend some amount for theses and are in urgent requirement of the rest. Would be of immense aid if you can give the allotted amount and as requested before.


Ji Jo