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SIG Nominations/Sandbox

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SIG Nominations

Nomination form for the post of SIG Chair

(To be initiated by Proposer and updated by Seconder and the Candidate wishing to contest for position of SIG Chair)

Proposal details

Name of the candidate: Pavithra

Membership ID : INDI-187

Member Since: 10:05, 26 November 2011

Proposer:Name: Asha Hegde

Signature(Use Wiki Signature): Asha.hegde 10:59, 5 March 2013 (IST)

Membership ID: INDI-294

Acceptance by the Candidate

Short Profile (including past involvement in Wikimedia activities in not more than 100 words)

I have been editing on and contributing to commons since last one year actively. I have also participated in many of the Kannada as well as Bangalore monthly wiki meetups. I have been participating in Academies out reach programs as well as the recent event WLM2012 covering most of the monuments in and around Bangalore, Karnataka. I have been finding some niche areas around Kannada Wikipedia and Wiktionary projects where in I could help the existing admins and special interest group through my development skills. I could attend DevCamp 2012 conducted at IIMB, Bangalore and got a chance to introduce myself to the area of PyWiktionary modules, Andriod Development and other Wikimedia projects. Here I got a chance to develop customized modules to import words and meanings via python or other scripts. Since we have a wonderful set of Frequently used terms in Kannada standardized under recently by a group of enthusiasts, these new modules will be useful in handy. Also got a chance to develop a prototype for the simple mobile application to manage Wiki Events which is still in the inception stages. I have been the in-charge of upcoming Wiki Women's worshop in Bangalore happeninng on 9th of March, 2012.

Position Statement/Letter of intent (in not more than 200 words):

To seek, strive and succeed in achieving greater heights contributing my very best to the world of Wikipedia especially in the area of bridging gender gap and to make every opportunity a learning and successful experience by applying innovative ideas, intellectual thoughts with determination, making a difference at large.

I, Pavithra H solemnly affirm to hold the aims and objectives of Wikimedia Chapter in highest esteem and strive to the best of my ability in serving the cause of Wikimedia Chapter.

Place: Bangalore

Date: March 1, 2013

Signature(Use Wiki Signature): Pavithra 22:47, 4 March 2013 (IST)

Name: Pavithra