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This page lists all resolutions approved by the Wikimedia India Wikimedia India Chapter Executive Committee Members since 2011. You might also be interested in seeing the meeting minutes or a list of public Chapter policies. See below a brief explanation to understand resolutions.

Passed resolutions 2014

August 2014

Passed resolutions 2013

February 2013

Passed resolutions 2012

Passed resolutions 2011

Understanding resolutions

  • Approve means the board member voted and this vote was YES.
  • Oppose means the board member voted and this vote was NO.
  • Abstain means the board member voted and this vote was "no opinion". An abstention counts as a vote.
  • Missing means the board member was not present at the board meeting, or did not come to vote on the wiki page. Like abstentions, this counts as a vote.
  • Recuse means the board member was present, but did not vote because of a declared conflict-of-interest. A recusal does not count as a vote.

See also

Summary of resolutions

For a brief history of WMF governance, including these resolutions, see History of the Wikimedia India.


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