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Reports/November 2012

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Dear all, Greetings from Wikimedia India !

Organisational Updates

Membership as of 31st October, 2012 is 137.

Amount of donations processed during the month is Rs Nil.

Board Meetings:
Board did not have in person meetings in September.

Wiki Loves Monuments

Prize winners for Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in India was nominated to the international competition, after winners were announced in a Wikipedia workshop at Mumbai. Globally, it was Indian who took over the first and the sixth prize. Pranav Singh and narebder Kumar, both from Delhi, won first prize and sixth prize for Tomb of Safdarjung and the Taj Mahal respectively.

Community & Special Interest Groups


Upcoming Events

  • Editing workshop at Vidyalankar, Mumbai

A round-up of Wikimedia events, academies and initiatives around the nation are updated here.

Media Coverage

  • No media coverage was received during November.

Grants Funded

  • Expenses incurred for EC induction by the new EC members were paid.
  • Expenses incurred by the Mumbai community for organising Women's workshop was paid.
  • Chapter funded travel and accommodation for Netha Husain's visit to Mumbai for the above workshop.

We look forward to your continued support and active participation.

On behalf of Wikimedia Chapter (India)
Karthik Nadar,