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Reports/August 2013

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Dear all, Greetings from Wikimedia India !

Organisational Updates

Membership count as of 31st August is 120.

Wikimedia India did not receive any donations in August. However, we really appreciate if members can help us with reaching out to various organisations who can donate for such a movement.

Board Meetings:
Board meeting was held on 14th August, which was attended by Karthik, Pranav, Nikita and Viswa wherein all the resolutions was signed which was passed electronically earlier. Annual General Meeting was held on 15th August 2013 in Bangalore. You can find the Annual Report of the Chapter here. Election to appoint two board members to replace the outgoing EC members Sudhanwa and Bala was also held. Moksh and Jayantha was then elected. Please find the announcement here.

This month, Wikimedia India saw one of a major achievement where the junior minister for Human Resources development Shashi Tharoor announced that the portal created for open educational resources with content powered by the central government’s academic wing will be under creative commons license cc-by-sa.




  • A round-up of Wikimedia events, academies and initiatives around the nation are updated here.

Media coverage

Grants Funded

No grants were funded in August 2013

We look forward to your continued support and active participation.

On behalf of Wikimedia Chapter (India)
Karthik Nadar,