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Project Tiger/Community Inputs

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This page is intended for the community members to register their suggestions, feedback’s or even grievances on making subsequent rounds of Project Tiger much more effective and impactful.

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In 2017–2018, the Wikimedia Foundation and Google working in close coordination with The Wikimedia India chapter (WMIN), Centre For Internet and Society and user groups hosted a program encouraging Wikipedia communities to create locally relevant and high-quality content in Indian languages. This program (Code name: Project Tiger) (a) supported active and experienced Wikipedia editors through the donation of laptops and stipends for internet access and (b) sponsored a language-based contest that aims to address existing Wikipedia content gaps.


Community members to put their suggestions to be taken for subsequent iteration of the program.


  • Listening to the community via surveys for the most favourable time to host the edit-a-thon in order to ensure their utmost participation.
  • Dialogue with Google for any possibility of community having a say in list of articles to be created and expanded.

Equipment Support

  • Making laptop provisions for Media Wiki community members who require high processors.
  • Working towards finding a solution for creating a point of contact for laptop maintenance and other issues in Tier 2 and 3 cities where after-sales services may not be available.



Expressions can also be dropped via email at or Wikimedia India Twitter or Facebook handle.