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Press Releases/2012/English Wikipedia now has 4 million articles

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The four millionth article was Izbat Al Borg (Arabic: عزبة البرج‎), a city in Damietta Governorate, near Alexandria, Egypt, with a population of 70,000. The article was written by volunteer editor Mohammed Farag, a former admin and checkuser on the Arabic Wikipedia and a former admin on English Wikipedia. Farag, whose user name on-wiki is Meno25, lives in Alexandria, Egypt.

  • English WP passed 1M articles (Jordanhill railway station) on March 1, 2006, 2M articles (Hormiguero El Hormiguero) on September 13, 2007 and 3M articles (Eriksen Beate Eriksen) on August 17, 2009.
  • English Wikipedia is the largest Wikipedia, but several others have passed the 1M article milestone. The German Wikipedia reached one million articles on 27 December 2009, the French Wikipedia on 21 September 2010, and the Dutch Wikipedia on 17 December 2011.

English Wikipedia editors from India

WikiProject India or WP India is one of the largest Wikiprojects on the English Wikipedia. It is a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to the Republic of India and the history and culture of the Indian subcontinent.

Initially started by a veteran Wikipedian User:Ganeshk in 2006 July, WikiProject India has 1,14,676 known articles. The list includes 55 featured articles, 22 featured lists, 1 A-class articles and around 194 good articles.

As per latest statistics from May 2012, there are 6067 editors and 1671 active editors on English Wikipedia from India. US has maximum editors followed by UK,Canada and India in number of editors in English Wikipedia. (Source: English Wikipedians by location,List_of_Indian_Wikipedians_by_number_of_edits)

The goals of this group are three-fold:

  • provide guidelines and recommendations for articles that describe aspects of India.
  • improve Wikipedia's coverage of India by creating, expanding, and maintaining articles.
  • serve as a place for discussion.

To achieve the goals, this project group has developed features to help in managing its work. This includes Departments, which coordinate work on certain tasks, such as peer review or project-wide collaboration, and Work Groups that focus on content and articles related to India - such as cities, politics and culture. The popular one being Collaborations of the month and Tag & Assess - 2012.


Departments include – Assessment, Automation, Cartography, Collaboration, Outreach, Peer review, Photography, Translation, and Anti Vandalism. Tasks entrusted to departments include authoring, maintaining the project pages, administering portals, adding articles, reviews, managing the project, and so on. Workgroups include Geography (we have Wikigroups for each state, few cities and UTs), Religion, Media & communications (One each for Cinema and Television). WikiProject India have dedicated workgroups for Maps of India and Transport systems in India. The project also have Indian wikipedians who contribute to various other global communities like for UN workgroups, Cricket workgroups and different scientific / technology / cultural workgroups/wikiprojects. We now have around 48 workgroups on India-related sub-topics.

Communications Team ,Wikimedia India


For questions and interviews, please email, or (in English only) contact directly:

Tinu Cherian, Head, Communications Team, Wikimedia India
Phone: +919886678124

Arun Ramaratnam, Official Spokesperson, Wikimedia India
Phone: +91

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