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NWR 2011: nvvchar

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Noteworthy Wikimedian - Nomination form

(for contributions till 2010)

Please complete the following nomination form for each Wikimedian you want to nominate for the recognition.

The following guidelines are suggested:

  • Nomination Forms need to be complete.
  • Jury will review based on nomination forms. Complete and detailed nomination is essential. Please capture all information in the form without assuming Jury awareness of the nominee's contributions.
  • Backing up nominations with references to work will be a plus.

Nomination summary

Nomination Submitted by: Sudhanwa Jogalekar

Nomination type:


Nominee Details

name:Narasipur Vijayaraghavachar Venkatanarasimhachar

Wikipedia User Name:Nvvchar

User page(s):User page of Nvvchar

Start of contributions (date): 07 November 2007

Wikimedia Projects

(please list project, role, from date)

  • English Wikipedian, since 2007.

History of Contributions

(for each project please list more details with relevant references to document the nominees contributions)

  • Contribution 1 (please provide details): NVVChar is a prolific editor on En:WP. With his 15,394 edits, 103 articles created, he has brought a lot of visibility to India and its diverse culture.
  • Contribution 2 (please provide details): He has created 500 published Do-you-knows. An unparalleled achievement and his life's work in Wikipedia. He retired from Wikipedia pleading age and ill-health yesterday.

Key contributions (till 2010)

See his userpage for list and link to each of 505 DYKs.

(Highlight top5 contributions you have thus far, with references to work)

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  1. Key Contribution 2
  1. Key Contribution 3
  1. Key Contribution 4
  1. Key Contribution 5

Peer Recognition (if any)


Press coverage (if any)

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Relevant Publications by contributor (if any)

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Any other information

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