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NWR 2011:Planemad

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Noteworthy Wikimedian - Nomination form

Nomination summary

Nomination Submitted by: User:Logicwiki

Nomination type:Nomination

Nominee Details

Nominee name: Arun Ganesh

Wikipedia User Name: Planemad

User page(s): English Wikipedia Commons

Start of contributions (date): 11 September 2005

Wikimedia Projects

(please list project, role, from date)

  • Editor - English Wikipedia - September 2005 - ~2.9k edits
  • Commons
  • Outreach volunteer on Several events - 2007 onwards

History of Contributions

  • Key contributor of high quality maps,state level locator maps for most India related articles
  • Contributes info graphic visualizations / maps commons:File:Cubbon_Park_OSM_Map.png ,
  • Talks about Creative commons / open data in general at many relevant circles.

Key contributions (till 2010)

(Highlight top5 contributions you have thus far, with references to work)

  1. State locator maps , State maps, His work and derivatives of his work, India level special maps such as Railways schematic map, The only available renumbered National Highways map(even GoI doesnt have this map)
  2. Transit specific infographic visualizations Ahmedabad BRTS , Transport Density in Chennai, Mumbai Suburban network,Chennai Transit map
  3. Aerial pictures Adams Bridge, 2, 3
  4. Have contributed over 100 high quality images on Chennai and India
  5. Contributed many post processed images including panaromas like 1,2 3

Peer Recognition (if any)

User Page "Planemad's Barnstar section

Press coverage (if any)

Relevant Publications by contributor (if any)

(please detail)

Any other information

Arun Ganesh is also a key contributor globaly to Openstreetmap project which is also widely used in Wikipedia. He is a strong supporter for Creative Commons and licenses most or all his work under it and spreads the word about opendata / commons where ever he goes.He also founded a wikipedia style project for collecting public transit information