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NWR 2011:Fowler&fowler

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Nomination summary

Nomination Submitted by: RegentsPark, Sudhanwa Jogalekar (duplicates combined)

Nomination type:::Nomination

Nominee Details


Wikipedia User Name:Fowler&fowler

User page(s): Userpage of Fowler&fowler

Start of contributions (date): 9 October 2006

Wikimedia Projects

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  • English Wikipedia editor since 9 October 2006

History of Contributions

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  • English Wikipedia - 21,894 edits link
  • India page on the English wikipedia (2nd highest contributor, highest in recent years). [1]

Fowler&fowler is one of the steadiest contributors on India topics on the English wikipedia. He has worked extensively on Indian history topics, is responsible for the India page retaining its FA status. He has also contributed many (many!) images on India, ranging from clothing to painstaking uploads of public domain historical images.

Key contributions (till 2010)

(Highlight top5 contributions you have thus far, with references to work)

  1. India retaining its FA status. Fowler&fowler did this single handed. See this FA review.
  2. Images. Many India related images. Over 200 as this list on commons shows. Possibly more on the english wikipedia but I have no idea how to figure that out.
  3. Featured article discussions. As shown here, Fowler is a strong contributor to discussions on India related featured articles.
  4. Indian mathematics. Solidifying an article on one of India's major contributions to the world. [2]
  5. Ganges. Top contributor on India's most important river. [3]
  6. User:Fowler&fowler is a member of WikiProject India and has been editting WikiProject scope articles since 2006. He has helped create an extremely wide variety of articles pertaining to India.
  7. As mentioned above, Fowler&fowler is one of the primary authors of the keynote article "India" on English Wikipedia. He is the second-most number of edits - 965, after Nichalp, who is first. He has laboured hard to keep the article of highest quality, free of vandals, POV and dross. In other words, he is the prime defender of the quality of article "India" on en:WP.
  8. The history of British India, Mysore and Coorg, famines of India as well as Indian Natural History and the earliest naturalists of India. (See user page)

Peer Recognition (if any)

  • Numerous barnstars [4]

Press coverage (if any)

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Relevant Publications by contributor (if any)

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Any other information

  • He is not an Indian citizen or of Indian origin.

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