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NWR 2011:Bhawani Gautam

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Noteworthy Wikimedian - Nomination form

(for contributions till 2010)

Please complete the following nomination form for each Wikimedian you want to nominate for the recognition.

The following guidelines are suggested:

  • Nomination Forms need to be complete.
  • Jury will review based on nomination forms. Complete and detailed nomination is essential. Please capture all information in the form without assuming Jury awareness of the nominee's contributions.
  • Backing up nominations with references to work will be a plus.

Nomination summary

Nomination Submitted by:Mayur

Nomination type:Nomination

Nominee Details

Nominee name:Bhawani Shankar Gautam

Wikipedia User Name:Bhawani_Gautam

User page(s):here

Start of contributions (date): 22/11/2009 as user Bhawani Gautam Rhk

Wikimedia Projects

(please list project, role, from date)

  • As an e.g: Nepali Wikipedia, bureaucrat, Sysop
  • Sanskrit Wikipedia, Sysop
  • Nepali Wiktionary, Sysop

History of Contributions

(for each project please list more details with relevant references to document the nominees contributions)

Key contributions (till 2010)

(Highlight top5 contributions you have thus far, with references to work)

1.One of the Most Prolific User of Nepali Wikipedia

2. Most Active Nepali admin and one of the top 50 indic administrators.

3. Mediawiki Interface Improvement Transliteration tool, Edittools, Bot on activity, Various Gadget Installation.I also set up Transliteration tool for Nepali Wikipedia Nepali Wiktionary & Wikibooks

4.3952 articles created.

5. Most active admin with more than 900 admin actions as per this & one of as the prolific Editor.

Peer Recognition (if any)


Relevant Publications by contributor (if any)


Any other information