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NWR 2011

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Noteworthy Wikimedian Recognition

The Recognition

Wikimedia projects have been active in India for a few years and the journey has been exciting (Wikimedia Chapter First Annual report, Gautam John's article and Wikimedia Foundation article). This has been made possible by the contributions of hundreds of Wikimedians across various Wikimedia projects. WikiConference India 2011 is the first conference and largest congregation of Wikimedians in India across Wikimedia projects. The Wikimedia India chapter Executive committee believes it would be befitting to use this opportunity to recognize noteworthy contributions of some of the best contributors to our projects.

The objective of this recognition is to appreciate Wikimedians (contributing to India focused projects) from across Wikimedia projects and languages for their contributions.

NWR Winners

  1. Bhadani (Wikipedia, English, Content)
  2. VS Sunil (Wikipedia, Malayalam, Content)
  3. Abhay Natu (Wikipedia, Marathi, Content)
  4. आशीष भटनागर (Ashish Bhatnagar) (Wikipedia, Hindi, Content)
  5. Rajasekhar (Wikipedia, Telugu, English, Content)
  6. Satishchandra (Wikipedia, Gujarati, Content)
  7. Arnab Dutta (multiple Wikimedia projects, Bengali, English)
  8. Bhawani Gautam‎ (Wikipedia, Nepali, Content)
  9. T.Sujatha (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Telugu, Content, E-Magazine, Outreach)

Jury's Mention - Special Contribution Other Wikpedias

  1. Tamil Wikipedia - Natkeeran
  2. Kannada Wikipedia – Radhatanaya
  3. Sanskrit Wikipedia – Samvith2011

Other projects

  1. Wiki Source - Sanskrit and Malayalam communities
  2. Wiktionary - Tamil - தகவலழவன�� � �(Thaga�muzhavan)
  3. WikiNews - Tamil - Kanags
  4. Wikiquote - Malayalam - Fuadaj
  5. Wikibooks - Tamil - Pitchaimuthu2050

Jury's Mention - Outstanding Contribution

  1. User: Sengai_Podhuvan
  2. User: Anirudh (अनिरुद्ध)
  3. User: Junaidpv

The nomination process

  • Any Wikimedian can nominate any other wikimedian of their choice for the recognition (preferred). Self nominations are also allowed.
  • Nominees for the Recognition should have made significant contributions to Wikimedia India projects or the movement.
  • Contributions include content, Outreach and contributions in any other form.
  • Nominations should be through a filled Nomination form on the Wikimedia India wiki.
  • Incomplete nominations will not be considered.
  • The jury's decision would be final.

Eligibility Criterion

Any wikimedian other than current Members of the Wikimedia India Executive committee, members of the Jury, Wiki Conference India Office bearers, staff/contractors of the Wikimedia foundation or anyone paid directly for their time/effort by Wikimedia organisations are eligible for these recognitions.

(for contributions till 2010)!

The Jury

Jury constitution

The chapter has constituted a Jury with members from the Chapter Executive committee, Wikimedia Foundation India office, Conference organisers and Community and other key stakeholders.

Jury composition

Jury 2011
  1. Achal Prabhala
  2. Arun Ramarathnam
  3. Ashwin Baindur
  4. Bishakha Datta
  5. Hisham Mundol
  6. Jayanta Nath
  7. Naveen Francis
  8. Pradeep Mohandas
  9. Shiju Alex

Jury's role and responsibility

The role of the jury will be to select Wikimedians for the recognition from the nominations made.

Key dates

  • Announcement of call for nominations to community: 9th Nov 2011, Wednesday.
  • Last date for nomination submission: 16th Nov 2011, Wednesday
  • Jury decision & announcement: During the Conference (18th - 20th November 2011)

The Recognition ceremony

The Chapter Executive committee will conduct a formal recognition ceremony in the WikiConference India 2011 to recognise the winners. The winners would be given a certificate/citation.


Please don't submit your nominations because the deadline is over.

Nominations Received

Nomination summary

Projects: Wikipedia (40), Wiktionary (7), Commons (3).
Languages: Bengali (5), English (17), Gujarati (3), Hindi (5), Kannada (3), Malayalam (2), Marathi (3),
Nepali (2), Nepali Bhasha (1), Sanskrit (4), Tamil (2), Telugu (5)
Missing languages: Assamese, Bihari, Bishnupriya Manipuri, Odia, Pali, Punjabi, Urdu, Sindhi
Gender: Male (38), Female (3)

Other Nominees

  1. Utcursch (Wikipedia, English, Hindi, Content)
  2. Pamri (Wikipedia, English, Content)
  3. GaneshK (Wikipedia, English, Content, Bots)
  4. Narasipur Vijayaraghavachar Venkatanarasimhachar or "nvvchar" (Wikipedia, English, Content, DYK)
  5. Sundar(Wikipedia, Tamil, English, Content, Outreach, Bots)
  6. Redtigerxyz (Wikipedia, English, Content)
  7. Planemad (Wikipedia, Commons, English, Content, Maps, Outreach)
  8. Fowler&fowler (Wikipedia, Commons, English, Content)
  9. Anoopan (Wikipedia, Malayalam, Content)
  10. R. Lokanathan (Wikipedia, Wikitionary, Tamil, Commons, Bots)
  11. Siddhartha Ghai (Wikipedia, Hindi, Content)
  12. अनुनाद सिंह‎ (Wikipedia, Hindi, Content)
  13. RadhaKrishna (Multiple Wikimedia projects, English, Telugu, Content)
  14. Veera Venkata Choudary Veerapaneni (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Telugu, Content)
  15. KasuBabu (Wikipedia, Telugu, Content, Manager)
  16. Priya V P (Wikipedia, Marathi, Content)
  17. Vivek Shankar (Wiktionary, Kannada, Content)
  18. Raman Subba Rao (Wiktionary, Kannada, Content)
  19. Sandeep K.N (Wiktionary, Kannada, Content, Bot)
  20. Dhaval Vyas (Wikipedia, Gujarati, English, Content, Localisation, Outreach)
  21. Sushant Savla (Wikipedia, Gujarati, Content, Localisation)
  22. J + Sankalp Dravid (Wikipedia, Marathi, Content)
  23. Eukesh (Wikipedia, Nepali Bhasha, Sanskrit, Content, Outreach, New Indic Wiki support)
  24. MikeLynch (Wikipedia, English, Sanskrit, Content)
  25. Mayur (Wikipedia, Hindi, English, Content, Localisation, Bots, Outreach, IRC)
  26. Shubha (Wikipedia, Sanskrit, Content)
  27. Chidroop Sharma (Wikipedia, Sanskrit, Content)
  28. Belayet Hossain (Wikipedia, Wikisource, Commons, Bengali, Content, Localization)
  29. Arindam Das (Wikipedia, Bengali, Content)
  30. Ragib (Wikipedia, Bengali, English, Content)
  31. Tanvir Rahman (multiple Wikimedia projects, Bengali, English, Content, Bots, IRC)
  32. RajeshPandey (Wikipedia, Nepali, Content, Bots, UI)

Recognition 2011

NWR 2011 Results

See Category:NWR 2011 Nominations submitted for all submissions.