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Internet Relay Chats/May 4,2012

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Wikimedia India

Date and Time
May 4, 2012, 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

How to connect ?
IRC Channel at #wikipedia-in connect

City & Language Special Interest Groups


Totally 13+ attendees.

IRC session log.

[21:02] <Rahmanuddin> First of all, my congratulations to all the scholarship winners for WikiMania
[21:03] == sudhanwa [~sudhanwa@] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:03] <sudhanwa> Hi
[21:03] <tinucherian1> hello Sudhanwa
[21:03] <Rahmanuddin> Hi sudhanwa
[21:04] <freakofmimsy> hi sudhanwa
[21:05] <arjunaraoc> Hi All
[21:06] <AshLin> yo
[21:06] <tinucherian1> yo Ashlinji
[21:06] <Rahmanuddin> hi arjunaraoc garu
[21:06] <AshLin> Hello everybody :)
[21:06] <arjunaraoc> hi Rahmanuddin
[21:08] <freakofmimsy> sudhanwa, shall we start?
[21:08] <sudhanwa> OK. Apart from Ashlin, who else from SIGs are present? Please identify.
[21:08] * Rahmanuddin from SIG Telugu
[21:09] <AshLin> Hi Rahman, yendaku
[21:10] <tinucherian1> Sudhanwa, are we waiting for sometime or we are starting?
[21:10] <tinucherian1> Arkrishna from Blore SIG is also here
[21:10] <Arkrishna> Hi, I am RadhaKrishna, Bangalore SIG
[21:11] <freakofmimsy> Then there is Odisha1, but I think he's just lurking.
[21:12] <sudhanwa> lets wait for a few minutes.
[21:12] <Rahmanuddin> Odisha1 is Srikanth i suppose
[21:12] * srikanthlogic is lurking on the channel as always
[21:12] <freakofmimsy> Yes, Srikanth Kedia
[21:12] <freakofmimsy> (IIRC)
[21:12] <tinucherian1> ok
[21:13] <freakofmimsy> So we have Rahmanuddin and AshLin and Arkrishna. :)
[21:13] <freakofmimsy> Agenda Item 1 is "Updates from SIG chairs about the activities in the last 3 months."
[21:13] <sudhanwa> Yep.
[21:14] <AshLin> English Wikipedia to start?
[21:14] <freakofmimsy> Sure, Ashlin, please go ahead.
[21:14] <AshLin> Basically Assessment drive
[21:14] <sudhanwa> AshLin: please go ahead with your updates
[21:14] <AshLin> the most awesome & large collaboration during the last few years
[21:15] <AshLin> it will soon finish
[21:15] <tinucherian1> I had heard large number of wikipedians participated ... ( sorry for being away from enwiki mostly these days)
[21:15] <AshLin> has added about 17K new articles to en-WP
[21:15] <sudhanwa> AshLin: we are talking baout last 3 months updates. from last irc meeting till now.
[21:15] <AshLin> it has brought new champions/users to the forefront
[21:15] <freakofmimsy> assessed 17k new articles or created 17k new articles? ;-)
[21:16] <AshLin> added wikiproject talkpage template banner to them
[21:16] <freakofmimsy> cool!
[21:16] <AshLin> yes, this has been on since Feb end
[21:16] <tinucherian1>
[21:16] <AshLin> it has had spinoffs
[21:17] <sudhanwa> Gr8!!
[21:17] <freakofmimsy> Ashlin: Total edits (including deleted):23,409
[21:17] <freakofmimsy> it's showing
[21:17] <freakofmimsy> :p
[21:17] <AshLin> Ysht101 created our very own Amanki Asha initiative singlehanded!
[21:17] <srikanthlogic> freakofmimsy: lol
[21:17] <tinucherian1> That was very nice !
[21:17] <AshLin> hey, I have hardly participated in this, its all the other guys, I have less than 200 assessments
[21:18] <freakofmimsy> oh okay! :)
[21:18] <tinucherian1> Appromiately how many Wikipedians participated ?
[21:18] <srikanthlogic> tinucherian1: some 40?
[21:18] <AshLin> The assessment drive for USA tanked but the Pakistani one is going very well
[21:18] <freakofmimsy> And how many really did more than 20 assessments?
[21:18] <freakofmimsy> I think it's around a dozen people or so who have done most of the assessments.
[21:18] <freakofmimsy> ashlin, yeah, that was really cool.
[21:19] <AshLin> one real advantage from all this is people have begun to get solid knowkledge of the articles they are interested in -
[21:19] <freakofmimsy> Yasht101 has also started a portal on Ahmedabad city
[21:19] <AshLin> they have virtually assessed every article of their field of interest
[21:19] <tinucherian1> ok
[21:20] <AshLin> there is even a new Indo-Pak cooperation page been set up :P
[21:20] <freakofmimsy> :-)
[21:20] <AshLin>
[21:21] <AshLin> besides this, the INCOTM has been happening regularly
[21:21] <tinucherian1> With 111 K pages , en:WP:INDIA is one of the largest Indian language Wikipedias ! :)
[21:21] <freakofmimsy> that's just a project
[21:21] <AshLin> due toexam commitments & my own thesis commitments, new initiatves are temporarily paused
[21:21] <AshLin> yeah, we overtook Hindi WP
[21:22] <arjunaraoc> AshLin: Great work from English SIG mentoring people around COTM!
[21:22] <freakofmimsy> Other WP projects have content relevant for other countries, so it's not a true comparison
[21:22] <freakofmimsy> Yes, I think AshLin has done a great job keeping the momentum going
[21:22] <tinucherian1> with 12K categories & 3K templates, the number of articles is just less than 1 lakh... but no a small achievement
[21:23] <sudhanwa> +1
[21:23] <AshLin> we are keen to help people on demand thoughI request everyone to please help any GLAM events which come up - it seems Noopur had one in the Handicraft Museum but it had vitually no online results & I suspect it tanked
[21:23] <tinucherian1> great work from WP:INDIA folks..
[21:23] <arjunaraoc> tinucherian1: +1
[21:23] <AshLin> Regardig COTM all credit to BPOsitive, none to me, except happineess of guru-shishya type ;P
[21:23] <tinucherian1> Not really Ashlin.. the MoU with Crafts Muesum is signed recently and annoucement will come soon
[21:24] <srikanthlogic> AshLin: lot harder to see results of GLAM online. needs to be planned and executed lot more in detail like WMUK
[21:24] <AshLin> yeah, Aroundtheglobe is doing some good work on QR codes with a museum in England/Scotland (I forget)
[21:25] <srikanthlogic> AshLin: people need to identify articles to develop and stick to them, more than identifying partnerships(which is crucial too, but not everything)
[21:25] <AshLin> thanks for all those who are gving me kudos, but the truth is there is very little happenung because of me
[21:26] <tinucherian1> Actually Aroundtheglobe is trying for some QRpedia initative in India
[21:26] <AshLin> @srikanthlogic, bit difficult to convince people to stick to one article-itis
[21:27] <AshLin> we shall be restarting activties after this month end
[21:27] <AshLin> over to next SIG for his report
[21:27] <srikanthlogic> AshLin: right, but otherwise GLAM will just mass uploading to commons, not very easy to see results
[21:27] <sudhanwa> AshLin: you are aso required to visit delhi for glam
[21:28] <AshLin> targetted uploading can help, recently I added 20+ tribal dioramas from Itanagar museum, made a great difference to the Arunachal Pradesh tribe articles :)
[21:28] <sudhanwa> AshLin: IIRC. some plan is in preparation.
[21:28] <AshLin> me? When?
[21:29] <freakofmimsy> sudhanwa, in Delhi?
[21:29] <sudhanwa> AshLin: will ask you well in advance. i talked to you about this he other day.
[21:29] <AshLin> around which month please?
[21:30] <AshLin> yeah, Sudhanwa, as usual, I completely forgot
[21:30] <sudhanwa> AshLin: for sure, after your versity work is finished.
[21:31] <AshLin> okay, n issues
[21:31] <tinucherian1> shall we go to next SIG ?
[21:32] <AshLin> forthose who may not know, I am a museum-cum-archive curator who has a painting gallery & library built-in, in my charge
[21:32] <AshLin> its a cosed-access government museum
[21:32] <AshLin> *closed-access
[21:32] <AshLin> departmental type
[21:32] <AshLin> :P
[21:34] <arjunaraoc> AshLin: Nice to know your expertise. GLAM will benefit certainly if they can tap your skills
[21:35] <AshLin> thanks arjunaraoc
[21:36] <sudhanwa> and he maintains it very well
[21:36] <sudhanwa> those swords and machine guns are wonderful
[21:37] <AshLin> blush
[21:37] <AshLin> can we go onto next report please
[21:37] <sudhanwa> ok
[21:37] <Arkrishna> Hi, I am RadhaKrishna. Bangalore SIFG
[21:37] <Arkrishna> SIG
[21:38] <Arkrishna> we have conducted a wiki session (some kind of WikiAcademy ) in a corporate office
[21:38] <Arkrishna> response was pretty good
[21:38] <AshLin> cool, whats up in B'lore, bro?
[21:38] <Arkrishna> They also sponsored us to use their Big conference room for any of our wiki meetups
[21:39] <freakofmimsy> which corporate office was this?
[21:39] <Arkrishna> we are in discussion with 2 other corporates for either a WikiAcademy or introduction to wikiacademy sessions
[21:39] <Arkrishna> Alcatel-Lucent
[21:40] <Arkrishna> ArjunaRaoC gave contact of a dental college to organize a wikiAcademy
[21:40] <Arkrishna> that is about to materialize this month end
[21:40] <AshLin> very good to know
[21:41] <Arkrishna> we started a mentor network. where any one who needs help can request for a mentor. we will connect them to experts coming forward to mentor
[21:41] <Arkrishna> so far 2 people came forward to mentor. one new wikipedian requested for a mentor
[21:41] <Arkrishna> so connected them
[21:42] <Arkrishna> new wikipedian gets two mentors. One primary mentor. In his unavailability, he can reach secondary mentor
[21:42] <Rahmanuddin> this concept is good
[21:43] <tinucherian1> we just completed 45th meetup and counting ! :)
[21:44] <srikanthlogic> IIRC there is an similar existing setup on enwp, but its not obviously easy to find the place by newbies
[21:44] <AshLin> Bangalore leads the way!
[21:44] <Arkrishna> yes, 45th was conducted middle of month (instead fo regular 2nd sunday) when Barry & hisham came to bangalore
[21:44] <tinucherian1> we are going to try rotating the venue , so that we have address interested ppl from different parts of the city
[21:44] <AshLin> I think its time you guys hosted a Conference!
[21:44] <Rahmanuddin> good go
[21:45] <Arkrishna> yes, one in middle of bangalore (all these years), one newly identified corporate office in north.
[21:45] <Arkrishna> one more in discussion (again in corporate office) in south
[21:45] <tinucherian1> ten bangalore had 250+ participants :)
[21:46] <srikanthlogic> tinucherian1: that was a surprise no ? :D
[21:47] <tinucherian1> haha ! :) thanks to your leadership ! it was no surpise
[21:48] <Arkrishna> I am done
[21:48] <Arkrishna> *Over* :)
[21:48] <srikanthlogic> tinucherian1: lol, lets take this offline :D
[21:48] <tinucherian1> :)
[21:50] <sudhanwa> good work guys
[21:50] <sudhanwa> who else for updates/
[21:53] <tinucherian1> Rahmanuddin ?
[21:53] <sudhanwa> Odisha1: anything from you?
[21:55] <sudhanwa> lets talk about memberships/
[21:56] <sudhanwa> some 10 forms are fom pune. some more will come up in next meetup
[21:57] <sudhanwa> considering their meetup rate, banglore can actually fo better.
[21:58] <sudhanwa> any suggestions for increasing memberships?
[21:58] == Odisha1 [~wikiodish@wikimedia/odisha1] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[21:58] == Odisha1_ [~wikiodish@] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:59] <tinucherian1> encourage regular wikipedians to join the chapter
[22:00] <sudhanwa> tinucherian1: how? banners ? we have banner on marathi
[22:01] <tinucherian1> only if the larger community accepts , the chapter is more meaningful
[22:01] <tinucherian1> banner was for all users or logged in usrs ?
[22:01] <sudhanwa> all pages on mrwp
[22:02] <tinucherian1> mm
[22:03] <sudhanwa> can also use ip-geolocation also.
[22:03] <tinucherian1> ok
[22:04] <sudhanwa> so, any ips from say banglore will get a banner
[22:04] <Arkrishna> tinucherian1: can we use the physical poster @ metro etc (high crowd places) that we discussed sometime back
[22:04] <tinucherian1> i know.. used that in but only Watchlist banner allowed from
[22:05] <tinucherian1> general banner goes from meta admin interface
[22:05] <sudhanwa> easier to put up banner for all on indiac wikis
[22:05] <tinucherian1> we may not want to target general public now.. we want to encourage the community to embrace the chapter first
[22:06] <tinucherian1> the SIG Chairs can take lead in encouraging the Wikimedians in the community to join the chapter
[22:06] <arjunaraoc> we can use and for membership promotion sitenotice/banners
[22:07] <arjunaraoc> We did use wiki last year
[22:07] <tinucherian1> at the same time, plz understand that it can also be sensitive
[22:07] <tinucherian1> some community members may feel that we are trying to divide the community.. that shudnt be there
[22:08] <arjunaraoc> tinucherian1: Do you see any issue with places for promotion?
[22:08] <tinucherian1> we must be clearly communicate that chapter is there to serve and support the community
[22:08] <tinucherian1> no arjuna.. we can start banners in wiki,
[22:08] <tinucherian1> i will work on that soon
[22:08] <arjunaraoc> thx tinucherian1
[22:09] <tinucherian1> first things first.. need to clear the communication backlog :)
[22:10] <tinucherian1> over to you, sudhanwa...
[22:12] <sudhanwa> tinucherian1: we are for community. and not the other way round.
[22:12] <tinucherian1> yes.. that is the key message we have to communicate
[22:12] <sudhanwa> i think that is already understood by everyone.
[22:13] <tinucherian1> just said on side note, because some community members still have some apprehensions on the chapter
[22:13] <sudhanwa> i dont think anyone will feel about the so called "divide"
[22:14] <sudhanwa> tinucherian1: yes. that may remain for some time. we have to carry the history along.
[22:14] <sudhanwa> tinucherian1: but that can change with our work.
[22:14] <tinucherian1> yea.. our current work is our tetstimony
[22:14] <tinucherian1> testimony
[22:14] <sudhanwa> lets get to the next point - grants!!
[22:15] <sudhanwa> that will talk more about the work.
[22:15] <tinucherian1> :)
[22:16] == jayanta [~jayanta@wikimedia/jayantanth] has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:17] <sudhanwa> we are finalising grants process from the chapter
[22:17] <tinucherian1> hello jayantada
[22:17] <sudhanwa> jayanta: hi
[22:17] <AshLin> I request that grants/money/funds must be handled with complet integrity & transparency
[22:17] <sudhanwa> lets get updates from jayanta? then switch to grants.
[22:18] <AshLin> I have been on record being critical of some entities
[22:18] <AshLin> it would be tragic if we the chapter provided grounds on this issue for criticism by others.
[22:18] <sudhanwa> AshLin: we are simplifying the process.
[22:19] <AshLin> okay, but ask for records and explanation of use
[22:19] <sudhanwa> AshLin: and everything about the grant starting from request will be on wiki
[22:20] <AshLin> undrstood
[22:20] <sudhanwa> jayanta: you there?
[22:23] <tinucherian1> looks like jayanta is busy
[22:23] <sudhanwa> hmmm
[22:23] == Arkrishna [75c0534c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[22:27] <tinucherian1> sudhanwa , do you have further annoucements on grants to SIGs?
[22:27] <sudhanwa> not exactly. was just going to talk a littlebit. once the pages are ready, we will post it.
[22:27] <freakofmimsy> Ashlin, I think transparency is still important, but then since our target group would likely be Wikimedia volunteers, the venues for misuse of funds is low.
[22:28] <freakofmimsy> The amounts we will be talking about will also be low
[22:28] <AshLin> agreed, but when amounts are small, volunteers can get careless or "chalta hai"
[22:29] <AshLin> even smallest sums should be explained properly and bills retained
[22:29] <sudhanwa> AshLin: i dont think they are careless.
[22:29] <AshLin> not necessarily but scope is always there
[22:30] <arjunaraoc> sudhanwa: Please make the SIG IRCs recur at an agreed frequency, so that the coordination can be improved.
[22:30] <AshLin> at least monthly
[22:31] <tinucherian1> +1000
[22:31] <sudhanwa> monthly....may be.. if there are activities happening, then its fine.
[22:31] <sudhanwa> lets try it out.
[22:31] <tinucherian1> we wud also encourage the SIG chairs & SIG to lead IRCs with communty on a regular basis
[22:31] <tinucherian1> i see that in Kannada wikipedia very active these days
[22:32] <sudhanwa> tinucherian1: online is completely different than real world activities.
[22:32] <arjunaraoc> Since we have so many SIGs, atleast few will have some updates.
[22:33] <tinucherian1> we need to collabrate and speak somewhere.,..especially when ppl are located far
[22:33] <sudhanwa> yes.
[22:33] <sudhanwa> yes.
[22:34] <arjunaraoc> Thx All. Bye
[22:34] <AshLin> agree with arjunaraoc
[22:34] <AshLin> bye
[22:34] <tinucherian1> bye Arjuna
[22:34] == AshLin [7beca877@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:34] == arjunaraoc [3b5c88f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:35] <sudhanwa> lets close now.
[22:35] <jayanta> hi everybody I am so late !
[22:35] <jayanta> sorry
[22:35] <sudhanwa> thanks for joining
[22:35] == freakofmimsy [~bhati@wikimedia/Sir-Nicholas-de-Mimsy-Porpington] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[22:35] <sudhanwa> jayanta: you have any updates?
[22:36] <tinucherian1> no problem jayanta.. we will log the chat
[22:37] <tinucherian1> yes jayanta, wud to like to share any news from ?
[22:37] == freakofmimsy [~bhati@wikimedia/Sir-Nicholas-de-Mimsy-Porpington] has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:40] <jayanta> not a significant, but one one meetup every month..:)
[22:41] <jayanta> we r trying to conduct small city in WB
[22:43] <tinucherian1> nice
[22:44] <tinucherian1> ok sudhanwa, we can close the "offical IRC" :)