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Internet Relay Chats/Jan 07,2012

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Wikimedia India

Date and Time
Jan 7, 2012, 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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IRC Channel at #wikimedia-in connect


  1. Jan 15th Celebration
  2. City SIGs
  3. Language SIGs
  4. GLAM


  1. User:Arunram
  2. MKar
  3. User:Naveenpf
  4. User:Tinucherian
  5. User:pradx
  6. User:Odisha1
  7. anirudh
  8. shrini
  9. User:Yuvipanda
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IRC session log.

[21:05] arunram Hello everyone
[21:05] arunram Welcome to the IRC
[21:06] naveenpf hi all
[21:06] tinucherian hai all
[21:06] arunram Let us give it 5 mins more for some people to join
[21:07] arunram At times people trickle in
[21:07] -->| pradx (73f255b0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:07] tinucherian ok.. Let us wait for a few minuties
[21:10] tinucherian Please note that the chat log will be logged as usual
[21:10] -->| MKar_ (75e30930@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:11] -->| Ali_ (cb5c3892@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:11] pradx hi
[21:11] Ali_ Hi
[21:11] |<-- MKar has left freenode (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[21:14] arunram Shall we get started then
[21:15] tinucherian i guess so
[21:16] |<-- Odisha1 has left freenode (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[21:16] arunram Ok everyone let's get started
[21:16] arunram We have the following discussion points today h
[21:17] arunram 11th anniversary next week, GLAM. Initiatives and SIG. Actions
[21:18] arunram Let us start wikimedia 11 celebrations
[21:18] naveenpf Link ..
[21:19] arunram It would be great if we have many cities have some get together and catch up and have a fun get together
[21:19] tinucherian Interestingly this month also coincides with chapter and kannada wikipedia anniversary
[21:19] arunram Some cities have already indicated plans
[21:20] arunram Mumbai pune bangalore Delhi to name a few
[21:21] arunram We would like to discuss these events, ideas and any help needed towards these
[21:21] naveenpf should we need conduct photowalk along with the celebrations ?
[21:22] arunram Thats a good thought
[21:23] pradx In Mumbai, the day co-incides with the Mumbai Marathon. We hence felt to limit it to a simple get together
[21:23] anirudh Ahmedabad will be running a kite festival theme
[21:23] arunram Or maybe be able academy or a editathon
[21:23] arunram Or a talk
[21:23] -->| shrini (~shrini@ has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:23] arunram Anirudh that sounds fantastic
[21:24] arunram Hi shrini
[21:24] shrini hi
[21:24] shrini I am on mobile
[21:24] shrini travelling to home
[21:24] anirudh thanks, which one is it? (-:
[21:25] shrini Will read logs
[21:25] arunram Understand. Pradx Mumbai marathon is a big crowds ouller
[21:25] arunram Why not have wikipedians run to create awareness iof wikipedia. In indicate languages
[21:26] arunram Pradx?
[21:26] pradx that needs to be organised before hand if I understand it correctly. Cannot be done at the last minute, unfortunately
[21:26] pradx should have been done in December
[21:29] |<-- shrini has left freenode (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[21:29] pradx hello?
[21:29] arunram We should keep this in mind for all marathons.
[21:30] naveenpf moksh is running
[21:30] arunram Maybe next year for mumbai
[21:31] arunram Anirudh What is the kite festival going to involve at ahmedabad
[21:31] naveenpf tinu wat is plan for press for Eleven ?
[21:33] tinucherian We got lots of publicity for WikiTen from the press... i tried this time, they don't particularly seems interested in a 11
[21:33] naveenpf oh ..
[21:33] naveenpf another thing is release of
[21:34] naveenpf
[21:34] naveenpf
[21:34] naveenpf how should we do this ?
[21:35] yuvipanda offers tech help if needed
[21:35] arunram Naveen would we able to launch the new
[21:36] arunram Site on time for the anniversary?
[21:36] tinucherian working on the new public wiki main page
[21:37] tinucherian would love to get feedback
[21:37] naveenpf yes
[21:37] naveenpf yuvi need tech help
[21:37] naveenpf i will contact you offline .. thanks a lot buddy
[21:38] arunram Tinu the new main page may be news Worthy for media
[21:38] |<-- Ali_ has left freenode (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[21:38] =-= C-4 is now known as Barebone
[21:38] =-= Barebone is now known as barebone
[21:39] arunram Tinu naveen?
[21:39] tinucherian @arunram , will try.. but how to get the media excited on this is the question ..
[21:39] tinucherian but ..
[21:40] yuvipanda naveenpf: would be best way
[21:40] tinucherian if we can get all the dot in project pages ( like etc) and create india specific portals like the example naveen showed, may be it can create some impact
[21:40] arunram I think it could be titled wikimedia India launches now portal for accessing Indian projects
[21:40] tinucherian +1 arun
[21:41] naveenpf +1 arun
[21:41] arunram Personally I think the new page will have huge impact for the public
[21:42] arunram All projects easily available in one place grouped by lndic language
[21:42] arunram We should also turn on Google analytics on the site by tgen
[21:42] arunram Then
[21:43] arunram Pradx you still there?
[21:43] naveenpf yes
[21:43] pradx yes
[21:44] arunram What are u planning at gujarat?
[21:45] arunram Naveen have any of the cities sought any help
[21:46] pradx I will be going to Mumbai
[21:46] pradx on Jan 14-15
[21:46] pradx Sankranti, and all
[21:47] arunram Ok
[21:47] naveenpf not yet
[21:47] arunram Wondering if sankranti may keep participation low
[21:47] tinucherian Naveenpf , how many cities have signed up for Jan 15 event?
[21:47] naveenpf 6 cites ..
[21:47] arunram What do you all think?
[21:48] pradx sankranti is on the 14th
[21:48] pradx we should have asked Jimmy to check all of this when he launched Wikipedia
[21:48] tinucherian remembers that last year, sankranti and Bangalore Wikiten witnessed 250+ participants
[21:49] pradx in 2001
[21:49] tinucherian @pradx , LOL
[21:49] tinucherian but last year , Wiki ten was much publicized
[21:49] pradx or perhaps he launched it on that because of Sankranti? hmmm....conspiracy theory
[21:49] tinucherian
[21:50] pradx jokes apart, yes - Wiki10 was much more publicised and co-ordinated
[21:50] arunram You are right pradx
[21:50] tinucherian agrees
[21:51] naveenpf i missed it .. sister marriage.. now 1st anniversary
[21:51] arunram I guess w10 had the magic of the site notices
[21:51] naveenpf many for me to celebrate
[21:51] naveenpf many reasons
[21:52] pradx wondering if there are any Wikipedians of today who was born on that day....
[21:52] arunram Anirudh toy story there?
[21:52] pradx Jan 15, 2001
[21:52] arunram Ok. Let's sum up w11 and move on to other topics
[21:53] arunram 6 cities planning anniversary meetups or events
[21:53] |<-- MKar_ has left freenode (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[21:54] naveenpf yes
[21:54] naveenpf dont forget to buy cakes !!!
[21:54] arunram Chapter to request and offer help if they need x
[21:54] arunram Mumbai who can we leverage marathon for visibility
[21:55] arunram We will keep an eye for future marathon. Simple across Cities
[21:55] arunram Delhi is having. Geek dinner for women and a meetup
[21:56] -->| mkar (75e38200@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:56] arunram More on the mailing list
[21:57] arunram Anything else on w11 or can we move on to the next
[21:57] arunram Topic
[21:57] naveenpf yeas
[21:57] tinucherian i missed the last IRC.. any initiatives from the SIGs to drive Wiki 11?
[21:58] arunram Ok t
[21:58] arunram Yes there was interest
[21:58] arunram Bangalore for one
[21:59] arunram Delhi was another
[21:59] tinucherian ok
[21:59] naveenpf mumbai and kolkata is also organised by sig members
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[22:01] arunram Ok the next topic is GLAM
[22:01] NickServ You are now identified for tinucherian.
[22:02] tinucherian_ so how is GLAM in India picking up ?
[22:02] arunram We are getting some good traction or interest in GLAM
[22:03] naveenpf
[22:03] -->| gkjohn (7aace2b7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:03] |<-- pradx has left freenode (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[22:03] arunram We have 8 volunteers. Now
[22:03] arunram Which is good
[22:03] tinucherian_ oh, that is great to start with
[22:04] |<-- tinucherian has left freenode (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[22:04] naveenpf can we put global central notice for call for participation for GLAM geolocation ?
[22:04] =-= YOU are now known as tinucherian
[22:04] naveenpf from India
[22:04] arunram Pradx nupur pranav Richa arnav
[22:05] tinucherian Is there a policy on geo banners ? off late, there were lots of criticism on banners
[22:05] arunram And a few others including. Me
[22:06] arunram I think for GLAM. Word of mouth would work best
[22:06] naveenpf ok
[22:06] arunram We need people who understand it a bit and can back passion with action
[22:06] tinucherian suggests we should also find an institution to start with .
[22:07] arunram We have covered of cities bangalore Mumbai pune. Delhi
[22:08] arunram We need help in chennai kolkata hyderabad and kerala
[22:08] arunram We also want a volunteer for the North east
[22:08] arunram Pls help if you know someone who would be interested
[22:09] tinucherian the last time i visited Kolkata, we went to Indian Museum there, one of the oldest and largest in Asia
[22:09] tinucherian it was a 3hr run through the museum, but was able to take considerable photos and upload to commons
[22:10] arunram
[22:11] arunram We have some good starting points. For those new to GLAM
[22:11] tinucherian Even if we spent weeks at that museum , it won't be enough... it is such a treasure
[22:11] arunram Sounds good tinu
[22:12] arunram Tinu join the GLAM Taskforce we need help
[22:12] tinucherian wonders who will take care of Communications task force
[22:13] arunram We have also drawn up a wish lists for GLAM there
[22:13] tinucherian FYI
[22:14] -->| Odisha1 (~wikiodish@wikimedia/odisha1) has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:14] arunram Oh
[22:15] tinucherian How many people knows there are mummies in Indian museums ,
[22:15] tinucherian IMHO, there is a huge scope of GLAM in India
[22:16] arunram The Glamorgan task force page is at
[22:16] arunram Agree tinu
[22:16] yuvipanda +1 I didn't know either
[22:17] arunram We are speaking to a few institutions. S
[22:17] tinucherian oh ok..
[22:17] arunram Pranav has been speaking to the maharashtra archives
[22:17] arunram Arjuma did a event with karanataka librarians
[22:18] arunram I have been in active touch with bangalore museum and planetarium
[22:18] arunram There is interested shown by both directors
[22:19] arunram Want to bring in QRpedia based QR codes in these institution
[22:19] tinucherian oh.. that is nice to know.. count me in for Bangalore initiatives ( during weekends)
[22:19] arunram It will make a huge difference
[22:21] arunram QRpedia would need some changes to redirect for individual languages
[22:22] arunram It would also spawn off translation efforts for museums artifacts in Indian langs
[22:22] tinucherian wonders if Indian institutions will welcome "Wikimedians in residence" ... Anyways for that we need volunteers from our side too
[22:22] arunram We have other problems
[22:23] tinucherian like ?
[22:23] arunram We don't have a reliable list of GLAM institutions in India
[22:24] arunram We have started doing this now
[22:24] tinucherian i differ.. at-least we know which are the main institutions in India, right? Can't we then start working with them ?
[22:25] arunram Well we do intend to start. Pilot projects
[22:26] naveenpf that is nice thought .. starting pilot project
[22:26] tinucherian ok
[22:26] arunram But the intent of enumeration of institutions to have wikipedia pages for them
[22:27] tinucherian may suggest we start working first where we have volunteers
[22:27] tinucherian like Delhi ( noopur), Pradeep ( Gujarat) etc
[22:28] arunram
[22:29] arunram we are doing these in parallel
[22:29] tinucherian ok
[22:29] arunram The focus is to get a distributed team that is excited about GLAM
[22:30] arunram What else
[22:30] arunram It is 10 30 pm we should wrap up
[22:31] tinucherian couln't resist. Signs up at
[22:32] arunram
[22:32] tinucherian I guess , we should wrap up for the day.
[22:32] arunram Ok
[22:33] arunram Yes. Let's formally close the IRC
[22:33] arunram Thanks everyone
[22:33] tinucherian Thanks everyone who attended..
[22:33] arunram Good night
[22:33] tinucherian Gud nite..
[22:33] tinucherian End of public logging.. Feel free to chat "off record "
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