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Internet Relay Chats/Jan 05,2012

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Wikimedia India

Date and Time
Jan 7, 2012, 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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IRC Channel at #wikimedia-in connect


  1. Chapter SIG Co-ordination


  1. User:Sudhanwa
  2. User:Naveenpf
  3. User:arunram
  4. User:teju2friends
  5. User:arjunaraoc
  6. User:AshLin
  7. User:Jayantanath
  8. User:HarishMG
  9. User:kalyan
  10. User:Omshivaprakash
  11. User:Arkrishna
  12. User:MikeLynch
  13. User:hpnadig
  14. User:yuvipanda
  15. User:pradx
  16. User:Logicwiki
  17. User:Hmundol

IRC session log.
<sudhanwa> arjunaraoc: you are next , if anirudhhas finished.
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<arunram> hello teju2friends_, naveenpf
<Teju2friends_> Hi..
<naveenpf> just came back from office ...
<arjunaraoc> Hi all, I am serving as president of Wikimedia India. My primary wp is telugu. thx
<arunram> ok I am next
<sudhanwa> arunram: go ahead please
<arunram> folks I am an wikipedian and EC member basedin blore.
<arunram> i support the GLAM taskforce and have ideas on how that taskfroce can
<arunram> collborate with city an lang sigs
<arunram> assocuated with banglore, english, sanskrit sigs
<arunram> thanks
<sudhanwa> AshLin: you can also start off
<AshLin> Hi friends, I'm Ashwin, user:AshLin from English Wikipedia
<AshLin> I'm volunteer for the En:WP SIG
<AshLin> Foor those who are wondering, yes, En is an Indian language for our purposes
<AshLin> and we consider the subset of WikiProject India articles and editors of these, Indians or
otherwise as members pof this community
<AshLin> bcos my eye test mu spelling bad, plz forgive
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<sudhanwa> Harish_: JAYANTA, MikeLynch-srao please start
<AshLin> okay, in en:WP our worldview is that having max resources in the articles in form of
content, images, refs etc, we need to be a source of already chosen material to help
others should they want it
<AshLin> we are looking to collaborate across both city & language SIGs
<JAYANTA> I have been invovled in organizing and participating in events Kolkata meetups and
events. (Jayanta Nath, Bengali Wikipedia admin, Wikimedia India member),
<JAYANTA> My primary Wikipedia is Bnwiki
<AshLin> we are in the process of rejuvenating WikiProject India
<AshLin> we have already started the mailing list
<Harish_> I'm a staying in Bengaluru.. I mainly contribute to Kannada wikipedia
<JAYANTA> Me Kalyan,Biswarup organizing the latest photowalk in Kolkata - Wikipedia takes
Kolkata, and next Sunday 8 Jan We have again organized the same at different part of
the Kolkata city.
<AshLin> we have started the monthly collaboration
<JAYANTA> I am Bengali SIG
<AshLin> we have started an offline wikipedia for schools project
<AshLin> we are now starting this month a GA improvement of the month also
<JAYANTA> We are working for Kolkata Book fair 2012 stall for wikipedia:-)
<AshLin> pending tasks 1. preperation of material for outreach, am planning to help Nitika for this
<AshLin> pending tasks 2. To setup a cleanup task force
<AshLin> pending task 3. help city SIGs in their En:WP related activities
<AshLin> thats all from me at the moment
<kalyan> i am a contributor to english wikipedia
<kalyan> at present, as jayanta da said, we are working on the following
<kalyan> 1. Arrange a stall at Kolkata Book Fair 2012 for promotional purpose
<kalyan> 2. Oragnize Wikipedia Takes Kolkata (we had one already on 18 Dec, we'll have next on
8 Jan)
<kalyan> 3. Organize monthly meetups and workshops (we have 11th anniversary event on 15 Jan)
<sudhanwa> others, please start your intros.
<techfiz> Hi all, I'm Omshivaprakash from Bengalooru. I have been on en:wp and kn:wp as
User:Omshivaprakash. Have been spreading the word about wikipedia than editing.
Volunteering for Kannada SIG and have started working as a editor as well on Kn:WP
on some of my interesting subjects (FOSS, Photography, Science & Technology).
<techfiz> Have been working around localization, translation, FOSS activities around Kannada. I
was around Wikimedia India Chapter back in 2009, 2010 and was absconding for a
while. thanks to arjunaraoc for bringing me back in loop for action.
<techfiz> Working around building a a strong community around Kannada Wiki. Recently worked
with arjunaraoc at Central Library of Karnataka in Cubbon Park for the first Kannada
Wiki Academy.
<kalyan> Apart from that we have planned to revive WikiProject:West Bengal and
<RadhaKrishna> Hi, i am RadhaKrishna, user:Arkrishna. volunteering for Bangalore SIG.
<techfiz> Have plans to create different interesting projects around Kannada wikipedia to attract
the old, existing and new wikipedians to continue contributing to Kannada Wikipedia in
a great way. Shiju alex has been helping me tirelessly to kick start the activities around
<sudhanwa> I am ECmember and co-ordinate the SIG activities. I am from Pune and actively
involved with primarily outreach activities. Associated with Pune, Marathi and English
SIGs here. all those SIGchairs happen to be from Pune.
<arjunaraoc> thx techfiz I am confident that Kannada will start a new phase of growth with SIG
<MikeLynch-srao> I'm Swaroop from Bangalore, also known as MikeLynch. I'm from the Sanskrit SIG, and
I'm active in Sanskrit and English projects, as well as the US Ambassador program and
<techfiz> Would love to start GLAM here in Bengaluru. Please involve me in such efforts. Shall
help in connecting people and try my best to be available for the event in person
<AshLin> Mandar Kulkarni Pune SIG coordinator unable to make it here tongiht
<sudhanwa> mahitgar and mandar are likely to be abscent. they might drop in later on.
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<JAYANTA> Sorry ashwin for overlapping with me
<arjunaraoc> Rahimanuddin, Telugu SIG Chair is unable to join today. He is planning few events in
Vijayawada, Hyderabad in the next couple of weeks.
<AshLin> no issue, better this way
<techfiz> sudhanwa: Planning KN:WP SIG on 12th Evening ...
<sudhanwa> Noopur is doing something in Delhi
<JAYANTA> Noopur, Kundan,Mandar,Subha is not joined
<techfiz> planning to call the first Kannada Wikipedian to join us that day
<sudhanwa> techfiz: cool. he started the kannada wipi?
<techfiz> We found that he made the 4th edit on Kn:WP
<techfiz> earlier 3 wiki edits were from some ip's
<naveenpf> he he ...
<techfiz> wish we had some one on those three lucky numbers
<AshLin> Pune not yet finalised but two events taking place - Pune Wikipedians club launch &
Marathi Wikiacademy for the 250 visitors of CDMA expo who asked for more
<sudhanwa> AshLin, mandar, mahitgar, myself and abhishek will be having a meeting tomorrow to
discuss about the same.
<AshLin> I'm making a corss-language request
<sudhanwa> MikeLynch-srao: may be you can also join the event and do something for sanskrit wp.
techfiz, Is it ok
<AshLin> please develop article Makar Sankrant or your regional festival (Thai Pongal, Bihu etc)
beforethe 15th
<arunram> folks....
<techfiz> sudhanwa: MikeLynch-srao: that would be great
<MikeLynch-srao> I would really love to, but I regret to say that I have exams till the 18th
<sudhanwa> arunram: yes please
<arunram> i have some suggestions for you consideration please...
<sudhanwa> MikeLynch-srao: may be yo can get some more sanskrit people there to join the event.
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<MikeLynch-srao> yes, I can try for that...
<arjunaraoc> AshLin: Telugu wp has an article on Pongal, which was featured in 2009. We are also
trying to have relevant articles as the weekly feature on Telugu
<AshLin> arjunaraoc : thanks, great to know
<arunram> Put a draft set of thoughts for city SIGS: http://members.wikimedia.
<techfiz> Is it possible to feature a special article for this event on KN:WP too?
<AshLin> do we have an assamese SIG as yet? or Manipuri?
<arunram> kindly consider this for your sigs....
<arunram> projects are a great way to get action going
<arunram> but I do think that building a volunteer base and setting some exciting goals bring out the
best in volunteers
<arunram> for a city sig to work well, there may be many activites they could consider
<arunram> geting volunteers to join "volunteer groups" would give new volunteers some area of
interest to choose and run with it
<arunram> you all may havemore ideas and can add to this....
<sudhanwa> kalyan, JAYANTA: are you doing your activities together or those are seperate activities?
<arunram> folks any comments on
<sudhanwa> JAYANTA: i assume there will be many wikipedians in many other places other than
kolkata. need to get them together.
<AshLin> Makar Sankrant has no bengali article, can Bn:WP oblige?
<yuvipanda> is the channel 'naturally' active or did I accidentally stumble on a meetup?
<arunram> you stumbled inot a SIG chair meetup
<AshLin> welcome regardless of ongoing meetup
<MikeLynch-srao> its a meeting..!
<yuvipanda> ah, apologies
<arunram> you are welcome, this is an open discussion
<JAYANTA> Oh! Sudhanwa: we are working together Kolkata/Bengali
<naveenpf> feel free give yuvi
<naveenpf> *comments
<AshLin> JAYANTA: can Bn:WP oblige with Makar Sankrant article by 15th?
<naveenpf> framework looks good arun
<yuvipanda> ofcourse, I will. If I have something intelligent to say
<arunram> any comments from SIG leaders please...
<AshLin> Yes, please create a cross-cultural resource request exchange
<RadhaKrishna> Arun : Looks good for me . RK Bangalore SIG
<AshLin> cross-SIG
<naveenpf> rk and kalyan please give the feedback as both are volunteering as city sigs..
<techfiz> arunram: second those pointers.. we are moving in those directions.. for kn:wp
<techfiz> creating projects of people's interest is the key to make projects successful
<naveenpf> we need to bring similar things in Langauge sig too .. en. mr has already put up
<naveenpf> the plan
<sudhanwa> arunram: In Pune, we are closely working together for pune/marathi/english activities
and participating in various events together. we also have a monthly meetup.
<arunram> great to hear techfiz
<JAYANTA> Ashwin :Makar Sankrant already have
<AshLin> not inter-wikid yet. I see, can you sort that out?
<AshLin> JAYANTA: thanks for pointing out did the needful
<arunram> thanks sudhanwa techfiz
<sudhanwa> Pune/Marathi wikiacademy cming up on 8th.
<arunram> how are we doing on vlunteers for each of the Sigs
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  1. wikimedia-in
<naveenpf> City Members
<naveenpf> Bangalore 10
<naveenpf> Delhi 2
<naveenpf> Mumbai 3
<naveenpf> Pune 6
<naveenpf> Kolkata 2
<naveenpf> Language Special Interest Groups
<naveenpf> Language Volunteers
<naveenpf> Bengali 1
<naveenpf> English 15
<naveenpf> Hindi 1
<naveenpf> Kannada 3
<naveenpf> Marathi 4
<naveenpf> Malayalam 8
<naveenpf> Nepali 1
<naveenpf> Odia 3
<naveenpf> Sanskrit 2
<naveenpf> Telugu 3
<arunram> are vounteers an issue
<arunram> why does pune have onky 6 and mumbai 3
<naveenpf> english and bangalore has 10 or 10+ volunteers
<AshLin> probably people not aware of signing up here
<arunram> can the sig chairs please help local volunteers signup on the sig page
<pradx> hi arunram
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<arunram> hi pradx
<techfiz> arunram: sure will be spreading the word
initiated by Sucheta
<arunram> jayanta can you please volunteers to sign up on bengali sig page
<arunram> it would be a great help if sig chairs can make the sig page the focal point for interction
with volunteers
<arjunaraoc> arunram: only members have access to members wiki. SIG chairs should reach out to
members and potential community volunteers who have not become members.
<naveenpf> rk and om has already doing that .
<sudhanwa> arunram: there may not be people in the volunteer list. but we can ask users on village
pumps to join.
<arunram> i think we should request all active community members to consider becoming chapter
<AshLin> On English Wikipedia, India Noticeboard is de facto the happening place, though we are
rying to bring life to mailing list too
<JAYANTA> Arunmam: Here u can find more people
distribution_of_Indian_Wikipedians, I shall tell them in next meetup
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<naveenpf> hoi logic
<sudhanwa> arjunaraoc: current SIGchairs can add names of volunteers. If they are member, nothing
like it. but there is no harm in getting non-member volunteers.
<sudhanwa> srikanthlogic: hi
<pradx> sudhanwa: members should add their nams themselves if they're interested
<JAYANTA> Many wikipedian from kolkata want to be a member of chapter, but they want to pay
cash in hand as like WCI2011
<pradx> sudhanwa: they should not be forced or names added just because they come from a
particular city
<JAYANTA> plz think about kolkata
<srikanthlogic> some meeting is on ?
<pradx> srikanthlogic: SIG
<srikanthlogic> naveenpf: sudhanwa Hello
<arjunaraoc> sure sudhanwa but volunteers may not know if their information is on members wiki
srikanthlogic opened chat window just like that
<RadhaKrishna> I had to leave...Bye
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<sudhanwa> pradx: yes. nobody is forcing volunteers to add their names. but if they are not members,
their names can be added with their consent on the language/city pages.
<sudhanwa> pradx: respective SIGchair will dothat.
<pradx> sudhanwa: I am sure the members can add their names themselves...
<sudhanwa> pradx: yes. absolutely. I am talking about volunteers who are not members.
<naveenpf> my pov .. that is little illogical ... sudhanwa
<pradx> sudhanwa: such volunteers do not have access to the wiki
<naveenpf> let the members volunteer for sigs
<pradx> sudhanwa: so does not make sense for their names to be there
<sudhanwa> then we have to increase members. convert volunteers to members.
<pradx> sudhanwa: yes, do request people to become members.
<naveenpf> sig co-ordination page is page is for discussion bring new plans for that particular sig
<sudhanwa> and then the activities become only for members. which is not true.
<AshLin> not necessarily for community interaction
<naveenpf> yes
<arunram> folks,patience please
<arunram> we are bootstrapping many things at the same time
<arunram> sigs, memberships etc
<arunram> we have 190 members
<arunram> but only a few signed up for sigs
<arunram> membership is very inexpensively priced to mske it easy for all to join
<arunram> only 100 rs!
<sudhanwa> arunram: but the process is complex.
<arunram> please suggest how to simplify it sir
<arunram> many people are joining without much issue now
<arunram> it takes only 5 mins
<pradx> arunram: Jayanta had asked a question in this regard about cash membership above.
<pradx> arunram: for reference: JAYANTA: Many wikipedian from kolkata want to be a member
of chapter, but they want to pay cash in hand as like WCI2011
<arunram> do people hve issues doing a neft transfer?
<arunram> will request naveepf t comment on jayantas request
<arunram> we want to avoid cash handling, that was the ideas
<arunram> sudhanwa.....
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<arunram> over to you sir
<arunram> hello hisham
<sudhanwa> arunram: there are hardly any people joined other than wci
<hisham> hi arun
<arunram> good evening
<arunram> a SIG irc is on now.... aan open orc
<sudhanwa> initial 25-30 people were from Pune. we got cash and paid comon cheque for them.
<arunram> irc
<sudhanwa> in the CMDA expo, some people wanted to give cash donations. We could not answer
them properly.
<arunram> dontions are always welcome
<sudhanwa> anyways. lets get back to SIG activities. will talk about other topics later on.
<naveenpf> 61 people in today's WikiAcademy in CUSAT
<sudhanwa> naveenpf: good
<srikanthlogic> unrelated.. 15 people at my workplace for an "intro" session
<sudhanwa> hisham: hi.
<srikanthlogic> happened today..
<arunram> srikantlogic: cool
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<hisham> hi sudhanwa
<naveenpf> yes
<sudhanwa> srikanthlogic: nice. may be you can ask the company for donations to chapter. CSR will
be in full swing for many companies in this quarter.
<arunram> sudhanwa: how long is the IRC formally open?
<srikanthlogic> sudhanwa: well my org doesnt support donations to communities AFAIK (hard fact :|)
they plant trees etc..
<sudhanwa> if any SIGs need some assistance for the event, there is some possibility.
<AshLin> naveenpf: what's CUSAT?
<pradx> I think there's too much stress on signing up on the wiki page, perhaps a degree of
freedom must be given on how each SIG is doing his work...?
<pradx> especially since we're only starting out
<pradx> frankly, I don't visit the chapter wiki at all - I work from 7 to 7 and whatever little time I
have is spent contributing to Wikipedia (if I have time)
<AshLin> naveenpf: thx, btw bahut khoosat abreviation hai (pj)
<techfiz> pradx: we faced problems while signing up during Central Library Wiki Academy in
Bangalore.. I think we need to take precautions before going ahead with mass signups
from a single ip at such events
techfiz oops! looks like I pointed out wrong info
<srikanthlogic> techfiz: you are talking way way off
<AshLin> I thought that Phillipe Beaudette (was it him) asked for an email before the event to
empower just this?
<techfiz> srikanthlogic: got it thanks /me correcting myself
<arunram> mass member signups dont really help
<arunram> unless there is interest
<techfiz> right
<arunram> no point in having 400 members if only 40 will be engaged
<techfiz> people, I'm heading out from IRC now.. nice to catch up with all SIG's will catch up with
any more updates on list. cyo, Shubaratri
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<srikanthlogic> arunram: something i remember pointing in different words on India list
<sudhanwa> should we close this meeting formally? anyone wants to say something further specific
to SIGs?
<arunram> when is the next SIG catch up?
<arjunaraoc> sudhanwa: You brought up the topic of assistance. Suggest SIG chairs to get in touch
with you regarding the same.
<sudhanwa> arjunaraoc: i think a monthly irc meetup will be fine. by that time, people will have
something to report/discuss.
<AshLin> right, and please feel free to contact me for any help needed from en:WP side
<arunram> people seem to like irc
<arunram> why not every fortnight
<arunram> we should share experiences and help each other
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<srikanthlogic> *ideally*
<AshLin> more real than email/post except perhaps for voice chat or skype
<arunram> yup
<arjunaraoc> Thx guys. Good night
<naveenpf> yes .. logic it will take a while to make that ... what it was three years back
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<sudhanwa> AshLin: voice chat requires more attention. here it is not.
<naveenpf> will upload the photos of WikiAcademy to fb
<sudhanwa> Anyways, there is no response related to SIG activities. Let me formally close this IRC
meeting. Thanks all for joining. We can still continue informally in the chat session.
<AshLin> thanks all, great to meet you
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