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Internet Relay Chats/February 11, 2013

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Wikimedia India

Date and Time
February 11, 2013, 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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  • Program Plan for FY 2013-14


[21:00] <pradx> hello Karthikndr
[21:00] <yannf> is there an agenda for this meeting?
[21:00] <pradx> Long time since I've been on an IRC
[21:00] <arjunaraoc> hello Karthikndr and all
[21:04] <Karthikndr_> sorry... was facing some problem
[21:04] <kondi> where be freakofmimzy?
[21:04] <Karthikndr_> hello arjunaoc
[21:05] <pradx> can we begin, please?
[21:05] <Karthikndr_> sure...
[21:06] == subha [~chatzilla@] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:06] <Karthikndr_> yannf: Wikimedia India Chapter wants to know if the community is planning something fir the upcoming FY..
[21:06] == zeekzack [~Thunderbi@] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:06] <Karthikndr_> for*
[21:06] <kondi> pradx: I take it that Karthikndr_ is doing this first time, let's be patient :)
[21:06] <subha> Hi everyone, sorry I am slightly late!
[21:07] <pradx> kondi: I repeated in case he missed it the last time as he was pinged out :)
[21:07] == Nikita_ [73f1a028@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:07] <Karthikndr_> pradx: wanted to know the exact venue inside IITB for the CC workshop.....
[21:08] == ViswaP [75fdb87b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:08] <Karthikndr_> hello Nikita_ and ViswaP
[21:08] <ViswaP> Hi All, Here is ViswaPrabha [21:08] <subha> Hi Viswa and Nikita!
[21:08] <pradx> Karthikndr_: Rm. 21 [2nd floor], VMCC, IIT Bombay, Powai.
[21:09] <Nikita_> Hi All
[21:09] <Karthikndr_> Hi subha
[21:09] <Karthikndr_> you are not late.. :)
[21:09] <subha> Hi Karthikndr and hi all, ah, am saved ;)
[21:09] <pradx> Thank God for IST :)
[21:09] <subha> Could someone please update the Delhi CC Day page on chapter wiki?
[21:10] == anirudh [~PH@wikimedia/Sir-Nicholas-de-Mimsy-Porpington] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:10] <Karthikndr_> subha: we are still figuring out the timeline for the Delhi event...
[21:10] <anirudh> hiya
[21:10] == mumba [7aa7d59c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:10] <subha> Oh ok, I had talked to Nasscom earlier and they had agreed
[21:10] == zeekzack [~Thunderbi@] has left #wikimedia-in []
[21:10] <subha> Shall I talk and confirm?
[21:11] == yannf [~yann@wikipedia/yannf] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[21:11] <subha> Hi anirudh
[21:11] == zeekzack [~Thunderbi@] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:11] <anirudh> hi subha
[21:11] <Karthikndr_> subha: I guess you would need to talk to Savithri Singh...
[21:12] <Karthikndr_> hi anirudh
[21:12] <subha> could you please send a mail keeping her in cc?
[21:12] <Karthikndr_> subha: sure... I shall do that!
[21:12] <subha> thanks Karthikndr
[21:13] <mumba> Whatz d agenda
[21:13] <Karthikndr_> so yes, for everyone, Wikimedia India, along with Creative Commons is hosting workshops across 4 cities in India... (Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi)
[21:13] <pradx> Wikimedia India Chapter wants to know if the community is planning something for the upcoming FY..
[21:14] <Karthikndr_> pradx: can you please elaborate on this to all present here...
[21:14] <pradx> well, CC was visiting India and were in touch with a few people. They got in touch with us since we were their largest user of their license
[21:14] <Karthikndr_> anirudh: missing WMIN?
[21:15] <anirudh> Yep, organizing meetups on WMIN's behalf in Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh. ;)
[21:15] == TS_Sowmyan [7aa7f3cc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:16] <pradx> so, basically, we are helping by putting them in touch with people who could provide some space to host their event. Our involvement is minimal.
[21:16] <subha> (Y) Kudos for the great work for Khmer WP anirudh
[21:16] == sankarshan [sankarshan@fedora/sankarshan] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:16] <Nikita_> Anirudh: Superb
[21:16] <Karthikndr_> so all, we have our first employee of WMIN here; TS_Sowmyan
[21:16] == Abhijeet [75c34a71@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:16] <Karthikndr_> so welcome him :)
[21:17] <TS_Sowmyan> Thank you guys!
[21:17] <anirudh> thanks, subha, nikita_
[21:17] <anirudh> hi sowmyan
[21:17] == Dr_Abhijeet [75c35990@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[21:17] <subha> Hi TS_Sowmyan and Sankarshan!
[21:17] <TS_Sowmyan> hi
[21:17] <Karthikndr_> Anirudh: awesome :) would be great if you can lead Wiki Loves Monuments there ;)
[21:17] <pradx> hello TS_Sowmyan , hope you're enjoying the company - and thanks for the great help in the Bengaluru end with the CC trip too
[21:17] <TS_Sowmyan> I don't see many lines above.
[21:18] == AbhiSuryawanshi [75c3101a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:18] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Hi Everyone!
[21:18] <Karthikndr_> hi AbhiSuryawanshi
[21:18] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Good to see many members online..
[21:18] <subha> Hi AbhiSuryawanshi
[21:18] <mumba> Welcome Sowmyan
[21:18] <TS_Sowmyan> hi
[21:19] <Karthikndr_> I saw some mail regarding another WCI in the mailing list some days ago... what is your opinions on that?
[21:19] == RK [7c28f4c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:20] <TS_Sowmyan> Bangalore would be happy to host it
[21:20] <AbhiSuryawanshi> What is agenda for the day?
[21:20] <pradx> Agenda: Wikimedia India Chapter wants to know if the community is planning something fir the upcoming FY..
[21:20] <Nikita_> That would be really great.. WCI II
[21:20] <Karthikndr_> AbhiSuryawanshi: WMIN wants to plan programs for the year 2013-14
[21:20] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Good to know! And regarding Fundraiser, How much money chapter needs?
[21:21] <kondi> WCI, hmm
[21:21] <Karthikndr_> TS_Sowmyan: wanted to know if there is any discusison going on this in the Bangalore community?
[21:21] <kondi> Karthikndr_: what's the update on the Chapter office?
[21:21] <AbhiSuryawanshi> And How much money chapter is already having the account?
[21:22] <TS_Sowmyan> There was a discussion during the 12th anniversary. Right now we are focused on the CC event and another with Wikispeed RK is organizing
[21:22] <TS_Sowmyan> After that we want to form a active group to focus. We may have to plan meticulously
[21:22] <RK> right
[21:22] <Karthikndr_> hello RK
[21:23] <RK> hi karthik
[21:23] <subha> I think financial matter could be kept aside and we should discuss about further plans
[21:23] <Karthikndr_> kondi: you are asking about the planned office premises for WMIN?
[21:23] <TS_Sowmyan> I guess there is a need for variety.
[21:24] <kondi> Karthikndr_: yes sir
[21:24] <TS_Sowmyan> People may become bored with routine stuff
[21:24] == hohoho [29ce2c12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[21:24] <pradx> We need a nice mix of techy, pics, audio, video and good plain old editing related events.
[21:24] <mumba> what routine stuff
[21:24] <AbhiSuryawanshi> @Subha : Future plans will dependent on finance, right?
[21:24] <TS_Sowmyan> We need to create a different kind of experience?
[21:24] <Karthikndr_> it would be worth to have bid system like Wikimania... so that it excites people
[21:24] == harshkothari [~harshkoth@] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:24] == anirudh has changed nick to freakofmimsy
[21:25] <TS_Sowmyan> How do you all think we can do that.?
[21:25] <Karthikndr_> harshkothari: hello :)
[21:25] <harshkothari> hello Karthikndr_
[21:25] <AbhiSuryawanshi> and WCI 2 will be interesting.. (Like)
[21:25] <TS_Sowmyan> Can people who attended events elsewhere share how it was done?
[21:26] <TS_Sowmyan> What was exciting about it?
[21:26] <TS_Sowmyan> What is worth emulating?
[21:26] <TS_Sowmyan> What can be done differently?
[21:26] <pradx> certain events have been done in certain places more than other, sharing would help spread ideas
[21:26] <pradx> however, different places have different vibes - so each city would naturally gravitiate towards certain events
[21:26] <subha> AbhiSuryawanshi, first the events need to be planned and budget could be allocated based on requirements, anyway
[21:27] <AbhiSuryawanshi> True, Agreed completely :-) However, Fundraiser is on, so lets work on it?
[21:27] <Karthikndr_> I agree with subha: we should focus on plans...
[21:27] == arjunaraoc [3b5c87fe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[21:28] <subha> and I guess today's agenda is on planning for various events, not Fundraiser ;)
[21:28] <AbhiSuryawanshi> What plans we have for next one year? :)
[21:28] <Karthikndr_> WMIN wants to become self sufficient like quite a number of Chapters... and hence we are doing our first fundraiser...
[21:29] <subha> That's a great initiative, it should be more highlighted in the media as well
[21:29] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Its good, at same time there are serious mails on mailing list. Which are creating confusions...
[21:29] <Karthikndr_> we should be creating FAQs soon.. I'm sure that would answer all
[21:30] <pradx> back to the agenda?
[21:30] <harshkothari> +1 Karthikndr_
[21:30] <TS_Sowmyan> Let me highlight a few things I thought were different and interesting.
[21:30] <Karthikndr_> any other community is willing to take up or bid for WCI 2???
[21:30] == Theo10011 [~Theo10011@wikimedia/Theo10011] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:30] == arjunaraoc [3b5c87fe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:30] <AbhiSuryawanshi> And CIS is already paying for Chapter Flight Tickets for AGM, so its helpful I guess :-)
[21:30] == mode/#wikimedia-in [+o Theo10011] by ChanServ
[21:30] <Karthikndr_> hello Theo10011 :)
[21:30] <TS_Sowmyan> In kerala Viswaprabha organized a visit to a forest area and have a event
[21:30] <@Theo10011> hello kids
[21:30] <Karthikndr_> sure pradx
[21:30] == yannf [~yann@wikipedia/yannf] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:31] <subha> Hello Theo10011 uncle :D
[21:31] <@Theo10011> Hiya subha
[21:31] <@Theo10011> hoi yannf
[21:31] <freakofmimsy> hi theo uncle
[21:31] <TS_Sowmyan> Can viswa say about that?
[21:31] <@Theo10011> yannf still in India?
[21:31] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Also What about planning Wikipedia Summit at National level to promote Spoken Wikipedia...
[21:31] <Karthikndr_> India would again take part in WLM, after a successfull one previous year
[21:31] <@Theo10011> hi freaky
[21:31] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Hi Theo! :-)
[21:31] <@Theo10011> hiya abhi
[21:31] <ViswaP> My propositions for the chapter on the long run is to engage more into mid-term and long term projects delivering visible outputs to wikimedia projects as well as to grow a much wider userbase.
[21:32] == AshLin [75c22034@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:32] <@Theo10011> ahoi ashlin
[21:32] <subha> Hi AshLin
[21:32] <freakofmimsy> hi ashwin uncle
[21:32] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Hi Ashwin :)
[21:32] <@Theo10011> long time no see
[21:32] <AshLin> hi all
[21:32] <@Theo10011> now why am I op'd here
[21:32] <Karthikndr_> yay... AshLin is here \m/
[21:32] <AshLin> yeah
[21:32] <pradx> hi AshLin !
[21:32] <subha> How Kolkata is treating you AshLin: ?
[21:32] == mode/#wikimedia-in [-o Theo10011] by ChanServ
[21:33] <kondi> oh Theo10011 please write emails on my behalf ;-)
[21:33] <ViswaP> At kanyakumari District, I had a sampling interaction with several agencies and users (both new and old) and have identified certain areas where WMIN and associates could work in tandem.
[21:33] <AshLin> kolkata i love this place
[21:33] <Theo10011> kondi huh ;)
[21:33] <AshLin> hi pradx
[21:33] <Theo10011> been a while since I heard for you ashlin. how's everything these days?
[21:34] == zeekzack [~Thunderbi@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:34] <ViswaP> Hi Aswin & Theo and others who just got in
[21:34] <freakofmimsy> OK, let's please stick to the agenda for now... we'll have time for social business later.
[21:34] <AshLin> too busy just got back from office far too little time wikipeding
[21:34] <TS_Sowmyan> Rather than do many half day workshops we should have programs that are follwed up periodically to make a greater number to get adequately trained
[21:34] <AshLin> wassup
[21:35] <Karthikndr_> TS_Sowmyan: something like Summer camps would be awesome
[21:35] <AbhiSuryawanshi> How about simplifying membership process? Online system to get membership?
[21:35] <Karthikndr_> especially that can be done among college and school students in vacations..
[21:35] <freakofmimsy> abhisuryawanshi, let's stick to the topic please
[21:35] <harshkothari> AbhiSuryawanshi: +1
[21:35] <ViswaP> Some of the projects the chapter can initiate, drive and promote are:
[21:36] <subha> +1 for the summer camps, more no of workshops, esp more hands-on training sessions and follow-up sessions [21:36] <yannf> Theo10011, yes, of course
[21:36] <arjunaraoc> TS_Sowmyan: Each program would have its niche audience and purpose. Continue with current and increase the variety
[21:36] <AbhiSuryawanshi> +1 for Summer Camp
[21:36] <ViswaP> 1. A media personnel interaction / training camp on WP projects per community per city or per region
[21:36] <harshkothari> subha: Follow up is most important and +1 for summer camp
[21:36] <yannf> sorry, I was on the phone
[21:36] <TS_Sowmyan> Editathons where a bunch of people converge to focus on a geography would be great. People may form teams, plan and annual vacation together and spend a week in a place of interest to edit articles
[21:37] <Karthikndr_> agree: Follow up is most important
[21:37] <AbhiSuryawanshi> freakofmimsy, Membership is fundamental right? It should be easy thats what I think..I mean simple online form and process...
[21:37] <freakofmimsy> abhisuryawanshi, we can talk about that later, once the topic of discussion has concluded [21:37] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Sure :-)
[21:37] <Karthikndr_> Women's History Month is also coming next month... so there can be some activities related to that...
[21:38] <ViswaP> 2. Geocoding, QRCoding, Book (Library) cataloging and digitizing getting done through educational institute volunteers
[21:38] <Theo10011> yannf: nice to hear.
[21:38] <pradx> Karthikndr_: that would be in this financial year. FY begins in April :)
[21:38] <AbhiSuryawanshi> 8th March - we are planning workshop in Pune... WikiWomenDay II
[21:38] <Karthikndr_> oops... apologies pradx :P
[21:38] <Theo10011> so who is moderating this meeting?
[21:38] == mode/#wikimedia-in [+o freakofmimsy] by ChanServ
[21:39] == sudhanwa [~sudhanwa@] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:39] <Karthikndr_> Theo10011: I'm saving chats too ;)
[21:39] -ChanServ- You have been opped on #wikimedia-in by Theo10011
[21:39] == mode/#wikimedia-in [+o Karthikndr_] by ChanServ
[21:39] <pradx> ViswaP: I think before those activities can be thought of, community building needs to happen. It has not happened in many places, IMO. Without fundamentals, these will just crumble
[21:39] <ViswaP> 3. Availability of India's transportation data and info through WP will be of great interest to common people who have just got into the internet media. Although there are many sites on this, the local language data is barely available.
[21:40] <TS_Sowmyan> Karthik, we need to perhaps have a topic by topic coverage. There are so many lines criss crossing, it is perhaps difficult to follow
[21:40] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Summer Camp will be helpful to have activies on better scale, collaborative editing sessions can scale up Indic/Indian Language Wikipedia content.
[21:40] <kondi> TS_Sowmyan seconded
[21:40] == zeekzack [~Thunderbi@] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:40] <@Karthikndr_> can we focus on Summer Camp?
[21:40] <Theo10011> I gave ops to Karthikndr_ and freakofmimsy, if needed, they can silence or kick anyone from the room. They are the official chapter contacts as far as I know.
[21:41] <ViswaP> Pradx:Very true. Just as we need a huge community user base, we also need to build up a greater chapter body. However, all these things are mutually dependent.
[21:41] <TS_Sowmyan> Can every one agree on what they eman by a summer camp? [21:41] <TS_Sowmyan> mean
[21:41] <@Karthikndr_> thanks Theo10011
[21:41] <Theo10011> np :)
[21:42] <pradx> Summer Camp - people get together - talk Wiki and do Wiki - and build community?
[21:42] <TS_Sowmyan> Summer camps are held during the vacation when most families tend to have a holiday
[21:42] <TS_Sowmyan> It may be a great time to collect photographs
[21:42] <subha> +1
[21:42] <TS_Sowmyan> We can have a phot competition
[21:43] <subha> a competition sounds so awesome for a student, great idea
[21:43] <AbhiSuryawanshi> +1 fpr Photo Competition, What about Wikipedia Takes India? ALL Cities will be having Takes the city on same day?
[21:43] <@Karthikndr_> but I don't see everyone enjoying their holidays in vacation...
[21:43] == rahmanuddin [~home@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[21:43] <TS_Sowmyan> Rather go alone on a vacation can a few people with similar editing interests for a group and meet together?
[21:43] <@Karthikndr_> you will still find many still in their own town and just trying to kill time..
[21:44] <subha> we could plan out well,make a list of potential schools in each city and start reaching out one by one [21:44] <TS_Sowmyan> No schools are going to be open in summer?
[21:45] <AbhiSuryawanshi> One day 'national' photography event, where all interested cities and colleges will participate and donate photos.
[21:45] <subha> Students of 8-9 grade would be ideal as 10 th grade students get busy after exams
[21:45] <@Karthikndr_> I have also seen many Summer Camps... we might even consider collaborating with them..
[21:45] <pradx> I think everyone's idea of summer camp is skewing now. Can we agree on bare minimums? A common minimum programme for a summer camp?
[21:45] <@Karthikndr_> yes pradx...
[21:45] <kondi> pradx seconded
[21:46] <TS_Sowmyan> Should we go around the list prompting people?
[21:46] <@Karthikndr_> +1 TS_Sowmyan
[21:46] <TS_Sowmyan> Every one can say what they think is a summer camp
[21:46] <@Karthikndr_> we can spread this in mailing lists...
[21:46] <subha> ideally a project page with the basic info and a "SIgn Up" link would be good before a public announcement
[21:47] <AshLin> an intro lecture, fundas of WP ethos, cool things to do with WP & some competiotions, maybe some freebies? also
[21:47] <@Karthikndr_> and we would get to know which all city would actually take interest on this...
[21:47] <AbhiSuryawanshi> +!
[21:47] <AbhiSuryawanshi> +1
[21:47] <AshLin> thats in response to pradx CMP
[21:47] <TS_Sowmyan> Do we suggest we should surprise some cities by descending on them?
[21:47] <@Karthikndr_> AshLin: you mean to say that we should adopt/select some schools.. and have an intro lecture there?
[21:48] <subha> could be the best place to find wikipedians who would reach out locally
[21:48] == tuxophilia [783a8fe7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:48] <pradx> AshLin: sounds fun :)
[21:48] <@Karthikndr_> we could also take this to city based mailing lists
[21:48] <AshLin> I have no opinion on that, I only suggested Common Minimum Program
[21:48] <subha> Hi tuxophilia
[21:48] <TS_Sowmyan> How about going to cities that are perhaps no so crowded with wikipedians??
[21:49] <subha> Karthikndr_ agree
[21:49] <pradx> no, it can be anywhere - school grounds, camping grounds, beach, hill stations, parks,
[21:49] <TS_Sowmyan> like a flash mob?
[21:49] <@Karthikndr_> and we can leave it on to the local organising team to decide how and when
[21:49] <subha> TS_Sowmyan: In that case there would not be anyone to support the new editors
[21:50] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Its good to start base in new coty, +1 to Sowmyan...
[21:50] <pradx> TS_Sowmyan: that would be too extreme :)
[21:50] <harshkothari> hi tuxophilia
[21:50] <@Karthikndr_> subha: +1 but we need to figure out something for that!
[21:50] <pradx> thinking about a wikiflashmob - every one comes to a railway station and starts editing wikipedia from there? [21:50] <subha> :D
[21:50] <subha> using mobile phones?
[21:51] <AbhiSuryawanshi> WikiFlashMob - Superb! ;)
[21:51] <@Karthikndr_> pradx: that's awesome... but talking to railway authorities would be time consuming...
[21:51] <pradx> back to summer camp, please.
[21:51] <subha> Police will come with "Danda" and edit wikipedia's history!
[21:52] <TS_Sowmyan> How do these chats work? Do we define some thing in detail here, or after some consensus such as "summer camp is good, define offline and meet again", move to select another concept?
[21:52] <pradx> subha: we've already done that at WCI :)
[21:52] <tuxophilia> Hey harsh
[21:52] <@Karthikndr_> LOLing on Subha;s comment...
[21:52] <sudhanwa> If we can get Aakash to do all these wonderful things!!!
[21:52] <subha> ;)
[21:52] <@Karthikndr_> I guess we should move to next, as we have very less time remaining...
[21:53] <@freakofmimsy> TS_Sowmyan, yes we take note of the stuff over which we have general consensus and then mention it more formally as a plan later on - over the members list and the india list.
[21:53] == Deepon [75c2d778@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:53] <subha> The invite will be like, "Come with a Aakash tab/(smartphone which displays Indic languages) and take part in WikiFlashMob ?
[21:54] <AbhiSuryawanshi> .......Represent our city,culture and history on world's biggest encyclopeda"
[21:54] <pradx> subha: Aakash tab, seriously?
[21:54] <sudhanwa> a few wifi hotsposts can be created thru mobile phone and the mob will be on WP using Aakash tabs.
[21:54] == tuxophilia [783a8fe7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:54] <@Karthikndr_> I gave my name to receive Aakash tables from the college one year back... and I'm still receiving it...................
[21:55] <@Karthikndr_> I have not even seen them in any one's hands either
[21:55] <sudhanwa> pradx: Lets see how things can be worked out in GNUnify about Aakash. We are in touch with senior guys from that project.
[21:55] <subha> pradx: I just wrote Sudhanwa's comment, but practically I doubt how many people would have i
[21:56] <pradx> so, are we done with summer camp. I am sorry for derailing it with the wikiflashmob.
[21:56] <sudhanwa> Karthikndr_: will try to get for free for some WP projecct.
[21:56] <kondi> we have 4 minutes
[21:56] <TS_Sowmyan> Another theme is to focus and saturate. can we pick a topic and say in a week that would get a big boost! We can keep sharing every titbit on that topic and flood the social media.
[21:56] <sudhanwa> if we can show some offline WP or some other tools using aakash, we are sure to get them.
[21:56] <TS_Sowmyan> I think every one who can do some stuff on akash tablet can drive wikipedia to it.
[21:57] <Deepon> Karthik: true, infact we were on the list to receive the tabs as a participating institute with IIT, but the tabs ran into issues which everyone knows..
[21:57] <sudhanwa> 2 days back, we met a key person from aakash project. will take up further discussions with him in gnunify.
[21:57] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Having offline Wikipedia in Aakash (by default) might be helpful...
[21:58] * arjunaraoc Nice to see Aakash gaining some traction in WP
[21:58] <sudhanwa> AbhiSuryawanshi: people are already working on it.
[21:58] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Great to know :-)
[21:58] <sudhanwa> btw, they have a competition for apps development. anyone can participate.
[21:59] <sudhanwa> and prizes are good.
[21:59] <subha> btw who are up for meeting face-to-face in Pune during GNUnify? We could have a WikiMeetup and discuss about WikiFlashMob, Aakash and Summer Camp and Photo Competition?
[21:59] <kondi> sudhanwa link? post this on list
[21:59] <TS_Sowmyan> Should some thing be only akash driven. It can be generally tablet driven
[21:59] <@Karthikndr_> I may join for GNUify....
[21:59] <sudhanwa> arjunaraoc: aakash canrun linux too!! I saw ubuntu on it. default is android.
[21:59] <pradx> subha: you should have a wikiflashmob during GNUnify
[21:59] <@Karthikndr_> subha: you would be there?
[22:00] <AbhiSuryawanshi> GNUnify Meet-up : Count me in :)
[22:00] <subha> yes Karthiknadr, i wil be
[22:00] <subha> pradx: sure man :)
[22:00] <Abhijeet> Count me in too! :)
[22:00] <sudhanwa> i got a banl penta tab recently. pretty cheap. WP wrks on it well.
[22:00] <TS_Sowmyan> be sure to tell the press about the flash mob though
[22:00] <sudhanwa> bsnl*
[22:00] <arjunaraoc> sudhanwa: Thx for the update.
[22:00] <pradx> subha: I mean really have one and not just discuss it :) sudhanwa might consider keeping you out :)
[22:01] <pradx> TS_Sowmyan: flash mob are supposed to surprise :)
[22:01] <TS_Sowmyan> not to the pres?
[22:01] <subha> pradx: Then we need to plan for it properly, lets start a thread in India mailing list
[22:01] <TS_Sowmyan> invite the pressguy also for the flash mob
[22:01] <subha> but people should know that it is happening also :
[22:01] <sudhanwa> there is huge potential about aakash. find out apps and ways to use it, we will get it to the community.
[22:01] <@Karthikndr_> hope to meet you subha :)
[22:01] == nick [7aa777c7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:02] <subha> Sure karthikndr_
[22:02] == dsvyas [5284d422@wikimedia/Dsvyas] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[22:02] <TS_Sowmyan> if we have enough akash to show, we can flash akash
[22:02] <subha> :)
[22:02] <@Karthikndr_> yes... we should start a thread on this
[22:02] == nick has changed nick to Guest79027
[22:02] <@Karthikndr_> we should also figure out if we need any core team to work out things with other cities
[22:02] == Nikita_ [73f1a028@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[22:02] <sudhanwa> during gnunify, i can possibly get some 50 devices :-)
[22:02] <subha> (Y) Sudhanwa
[22:02] == kondi has changed nick to kondi_got_shot
[22:03] <subha> I think we are crossing time limit, someone wrap up with everything we discussed
[22:03] <Abhijeet> :)
[22:03] <pradx> 3 minutes overshot
[22:03] <AbhiSuryawanshi> (Like) Sudanwa :)
[22:03] == Guest79027 [7aa777c7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[22:03] == angulimala [65ddaa24@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:04] == pradx [3bb8a213@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:04] <AshLin> thanks guys, great to be back
[22:04] <TS_Sowmyan> bye every one
[22:04] <@Karthikndr_> bubyee all...
[22:04] <Theo10011> BTW guys this is your room, if anyone ever wants to just hang around here and keep talking about anything
[22:05] <Theo10011> please feel free to do so
[22:05] <@Karthikndr_> lastly: it would be great if we can have IRC at-least twice in a month
[22:05] <sudhanwa> Theo10011: sure. i do come here once in a while.
[22:05] <subha> Goodnight, peace!
[22:05] <@Karthikndr_> sure Theo10011
[22:05] <kondi_got_shot> Karthikndr_ agreed
[22:05] <arjunaraoc> Bye..
[22:05] == arjunaraoc [3b5c87fe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #wikimedia-in []
[22:05] <angulimala> GN
[22:05] == AshLin [75c22034@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:06] <subha> +1 Karthikndr_ , hope you have taken a log
[22:06] <@freakofmimsy> abhisuryawanshi, you were asking about electronic membership
[22:06] <AbhiSuryawanshi> Yes :)
[22:06] <@freakofmimsy> when I was in the EC, we did discuss this
[22:06] <angulimala> yeah share the log, I missed the whole discussion
[22:06] <@Karthikndr_> bubyee arjunaoc:
[22:06] <@Karthikndr_> good night all and very thanks :)
[22:06] <@freakofmimsy> however, the karnataka societies act does not permit this, and the registrar does not recognize this practice is what we found out
[22:07] <@Karthikndr_> sure thing angulimala
[22:07] <angulimala> thanxx