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Internet Relay Chats/Feb 26, 2015

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Wikimedia India

Date and Time
Feb 26, 2015, 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm

How to connect ?
IRC Channel at #wikimedia-in connect

WMIN Team and community chat


  • Touching base with the community
  • Discussing current activities and proposed plans from WMF


  1. Abhi
  2. Amrut
  3. jayanta
  4. Karthikndr
  5. kiranravikumar
  6. psubhashish1
  7. ravidreams
  8. techfiz
  9. Sanket
  10. Shanmugamp7
  11. shrinivasan
  12. Shweta
  13. tuxnani
  14. yohannvt

IRC session log.

[21:01] <ravidreams> Hi
[21:05] <Sp7|Away> hi ravidreams , having dinner :)
[21:06] <Amrut> Hii
[21:06] <ravidreams> Hi there
[21:07] <Abhi> Hello Everyone...
[21:07] <ravidreams> Hope, we shall get started with the chat as announced at
[21:15] <shrinivasan> hello all
[21:15] <Abhi> Hello
[21:15] <Amrut> Hello
[21:15] <shrinivasan> happy to meet the indian wikipedians
[21:16] <ravidreams> Hi Shrini, Amrut
[21:16] <Amrut> Hello Ravi
[21:17] <Amrut> Hi Abhi, Shweta
[21:17] <ravidreams> For all those who came here staright, may I request to have a look at
[21:17] <Abhi> Hi Amrut, Srini, Shweta and Ravi...
[21:17] <ravidreams> It explains WMIN's current activities and future plans. That will be a good point to start the discussion
[21:18] <shrinivasan> good lengthy page
[21:18] <shrinivasan> :-)
[21:18] <Abhi> Nice report. :)
[21:20] <Karthikndr> hello all
[21:20] <tuxnani> Hi everyone!
[21:20] <Amrut> Hello Karthik
[21:20] <ravidreams> Hey Karthik, rahim
[21:20] <ravidreams> How is TTT 2015 :)
[21:20] <shrinivasan> I love wiki love food
[21:21] <Abhi> Hi Tuxnani, Karthik..
[21:21] <shrinivasan> when can we plan for wiki loves food?
[21:21] <Karthikndr> it is going good
[21:21] <Karthikndr> :-)
[21:22] <ravidreams> We plan to launch it ASAP>
[21:22] <ravidreams> Karthik is the best person to explain the prep work it needs :)
[21:22] <ravidreams> Most of the programs should start rolling by March end.
[21:22] <Karthikndr> great to hear...but we need to make sure we dont feed Commons with spam
[21:22] <Abhi> Makes sense..
[21:23] <Karthikndr> we need to plan the program perfectly on the ines of WLM or WLE
[21:23] <shrinivasan> :-)
[21:23] <shrinivasan> we can bring recepe books with the images we get
[21:23] <Karthikndr> otherwise experience might be like Commons community will ask us to stay away just like ENWP and Simple WP Community
[21:23] <ravidreams> Of course :) Yohann will get in touch with you regarding this. We definitely need to implement the lessons learnt in WLM, WLE
[21:24] <Abhi> There were several discussions about Wiki Loves Food on facebook groups and few on mailing lists in past...
[21:24] <shrinivasan> oh
[21:24] <shrinivasan> please blog the learnings
[21:24] <shrinivasan> so that others can know the things behind
[21:24] <Karthikndr> yup,,,I think most of that are blogged somewhere
[21:24] <Karthikndr> will hunt them
[21:25] <shrinivasan> if contributing directly to commons has much issues, can we ask the photographers to upload in flickr?
[21:25] <shrinivasan> or can we have other platforms?
[21:25] <Shanmugamp7> shrinivasan:  it might be double work IMO
[21:26] <ravidreams> Some relevant links here -
[21:26] <shrinivasan> a team can check them and then we can upload the selected works to commons
[21:26] <Shanmugamp7> yeah
[21:26] <Karthikndr> I think commons is muvh better idea
[21:26] <shrinivasan> ok
[21:26] <Karthikndr> we will just have to aware the participants in proper way
[21:26] <Karthikndr> we did receive many personal images for WLM too :P
[21:26] <shrinivasan> we need better tools for uploading to commons
[21:27] <Karthikndr> which was little..but still postportem is not that easy
[21:27] <Abhi> May be dedicated app for WLF?
[21:27] <Karthikndr> maybe the tool like Commonist
[21:27] <shrinivasan> yes. commonist is not much user friendly
[21:27] <Karthikndr> we can also build mobile app like we did once for WLM...
[21:27] <shrinivasan> commons mobile app is there already
[21:27] <shrinivasan> that is good
[21:27] <Karthikndr> which was built by Yuvi..
[21:27] <shrinivasan> but is not there for ios
[21:28] <Karthikndr> yup
[21:28] <shrinivasan> they dropped the ios app
[21:28] <Karthikndr> it is not there for ios
[21:28] <ravidreams> Shrini, I also remember your tool
[21:28] <shrinivasan> we need a good desktop app
[21:28] <Abhi> We can plan hackathon for same..
[21:28] <Karthikndr> considering that most of the Indians now use android, we can settle up with Android
[21:28] <shrinivasan> for windows and linux
[21:28] <ravidreams> It was useful during the Tamil Wikimedia photo contest
[21:29] <Karthikndr> yu
[21:29] <Karthikndr> perect @shrinivasan
[21:29] <Shweta> Hello everyone. Happy to see you all :)
[21:30] <Amrut> Are there any plans for rural area, I would love to do outreach in Rural Maharashtra
[21:30] <ravidreams> Yes, many have remarked how uploading in Commons is not so user friendly. In fact, a friend of mine asked to develop a photo cms after which he assures to upload 1000s of pics from SriLanka
[21:30] <shrinivasan> i wrote a command line tool that works on linux
[21:30] <Shweta> Thumbs up for wiki love food.
[21:31] <shrinivasan> we meed a good tool for windows
[21:31] <Karthikndr> exactly
[21:31] <Karthikndr> we need good tools for sure
[21:31] <Karthikndr> I have around 100 photos ti upoad
[21:31] <ravidreams> HI Amrut, we do not have any plans yet for outreach focused on any specific region. Hindi Wikimedians are planning to conduct a conference and we intend to support it.
[21:32] <ravidreams> Hopefully, it will help spread the word in Hindi speaking regions
[21:32] <Karthikndr> :P
[21:32] <Amrut> Karthikndr will surely let you know once i get the info
[21:32] <Abhi> @Amrut : You take lead and plan outreach activites..
[21:32] <Amrut> ravidreams When...?
[21:32] <Karthikndr> Ravi, what are the agenda for today's IRC
[21:33] <Shanmugamp7> Karthikndr: don't tell me that you are waiting for good tool to upload :P maybe for newbies its difficult to upload wizard and commonist :)
[21:33] <Shanmugamp7> *to use
[21:33] <Karthikndr> and also, I have added some comments for grant request in chapter wiki... would request Ravi and EC to review and take it as a good practice to deal with grant requests
[21:33] <Amrut> Abhi have some plans, we need help from community
[21:34] <Karthikndr> Shanmugamp7: waiting for good time :P
[21:34] <ravidreams> Amrut, you can check for details regarding Hindi Wikimedia conference.
[21:34] <Shanmugamp7> oh okay :)
[21:35] <ravidreams> Karthik, noted your mail and comments. We will respond soon.
[21:35] <ravidreams> Personally, I findd Commons upload to be OK when I have a good internet connection like we have in Bengaluru. Only problem is with Video uploads.
[21:35] <Amrut> ravidreams thanks for the link
[21:35] <Karthikndr> Thanks...will also appreciate if requests can be brought to mailing list attention..thankfuly was checking around the site after long time in TTT, thus got time to add in
[21:35] <shrinivasan> Yercaud-elango is uploading images for plants
[21:35] <ravidreams> Larger videos have a problem in uploading.
[21:36] <shrinivasan>
[21:36] <shrinivasan> will be better if we can sponsor a good camera for him
[21:36] <Karthikndr> great Shrinivasan...
[21:36] <ravidreams> Karthik, notifying mailing lists is a bit tricky as it may be considered annoying by some. But, we have to find a way to keep the community more in touch.
[21:37] <shrinivasan> he is reaching 2000 photos
[21:37] <ravidreams> Shrini, his need for a better camera was communicated to me too.
[21:37] <shrinivasan> he is planning to go around tamilnadu and capture all the plants
[21:37] <shrinivasan> good
[21:37] <ravidreams> I am encouraging people to apply for our Infrastructure Scholarship
[21:38] <ravidreams>
[21:38] <shrinivasan> nice
[21:38] <Karthikndr> thats great Ravi...
[21:38] <Karthikndr> I need a standee... :P
[21:38] <shrinivasan> can I apply there on behalkf of him?
[21:39] <shrinivasan> or he has to apply himself?
[21:39] <Karthikndr> i might be better if he can apply himself..but that is the chapters call
[21:39] <ravidreams> Shrini, you can help him to write the application, but he will have to submit it in his own id with community consent
[21:39] <ravidreams> More instructions can be found in that page
[21:39] <shrinivasan> thats fine
[21:39] <shrinivasan> will update him on this
[21:40] <ravidreams> Great !
[21:40] <ravidreams> Karthik, what kind of standee? There are already some in Mumbai with another former member. You can pick it up from him
[21:40] <shrinivasan> on the upload tool, can anyone give specifications?
[21:40] <ravidreams> We can also reimburse such nominal expenses
[21:40] <Karthikndr> oops... tripod I mean..sorry
[21:40] <shrinivasan> with mockup images, so that we can call for developers?
[21:41] <Karthikndr> well.. I suggest to have an online hackthon to be held for all technical help we will require for commons..for WLM, WLF, and so on
[21:41] <Karthikndr> and also for commons for life timee
[21:41] <ravidreams> karthik, in principle, we will try to support all requests. But, at the moment our funds are limited. So, some may have to wait till next round if the expense is huge.
[21:42] <Karthikndr> obvoiusly I understand..thats why online hackathon
[21:42] <Karthikndr> just volunteer time
[21:42] <shrinivasan> can we call for donations for these grants from public?
[21:42] <Karthikndr> and some certification
[21:42] <Karthikndr> might be minimal prize
[21:42] <Karthikndr> sponsorships will be good
[21:43] <ravidreams> Shrini, we do have budget for an app design contest -
[21:43] <Karthikndr> maybe we can go to Google India or so asking if they can sponsor us
[21:43] <ravidreams> I thought of doing it for Wikisource / Wiktionary
[21:43] <ravidreams> But, if there is so much need for a Commons upload tool, we can see if that can also be the focus
[21:44] <shrinivasan> yes. we need a better tool for upload, so that the non-tech savy photographers can contribute easily
[21:45] <ravidreams> Engaging the tech talent in India aligns with our another plan regarding Wikipedia in Edcuation too
[21:45] <shrinivasan> if someone gives the better mockup/ui
[21:45] <shrinivasan> I can also contribut
[21:45] <ravidreams>
[21:45] <ravidreams> We will have set of students who will work exclusively on Mediawiki / language computing related needs
[21:45] <Karthikndr> Shri...I can share the burden..professionally, thats what I'm into as well :D
[21:46] <ravidreams> So, we can also engage them if some of us can mentor
[21:46] <ravidreams> We need connections from the real geeks ;)
[21:46] <shrinivasan> Karthikndr: thats nice
[21:46] <shrinivasan> good
[21:46] <shrinivasan> we need more tech hands
[21:46] <Karthikndr> so lets start...let us pull out core members
[21:47] <ravidreams> Hi sanket, Jayanta
[21:48] <Abhi> Hello Jayanta Da and Sanket...
[21:48] <jayanta> hi all
[21:48] <Sanket> *Sanket Joined* Hello everyone!
[21:49] <Amrut> Hello Sanket
[21:50] <Sanket> everyone please go through
[21:50] <shrinivasan> we had hackathon in chennai few years ago
[21:50] <ravidreams> Hi Sanket, we have been discussing that
[21:50] <shrinivasan> like that we have to conduct often
[21:50] <ravidreams> People are excited about Wiki Loves Food
[21:50] <ravidreams> and discussing how to improve participation through better upload tools
[21:52] <Abhi> FDA / Private Food outlet agencies might be interested in colloboration..
[21:52] <Shweta> yes, wiki loves food
[21:52] <Sanket> Kartikndr can help us from his experience from WLM..
[21:52] <shrinivasan> we all love food :-)
[21:52] <Abhi> They have lot of food images, and they can share/donate quality images...
[21:52] <bluerasberry> is there an on-wiki project page for Wiki Loves Food?
[21:52] <Shweta> We do have many bloggers from India, who have a very rich source of recipes
[21:53] <Abhi> WikiBooks - recepies can be improved..
[21:53] <Shweta> They share traditional ethnic recipies
[21:53] <Shweta> And also, they are very good with technology even.
[21:53] <ravidreams> Hi Bluerasberry, the project page will be launched soon.
[21:53] <Shweta> I think approaching them would be a good idea even
[21:54] <Abhi> And with traditional ethnic recipies, we can increase WikiWomen participation...
[21:54] <Shweta> I second Abhi
[21:54] <Abhi> There is Wiki Loves Food info and few posters on Wiki
[21:54] <Amrut> NIce idea Abhi
[21:55] <Abhi> as well as on facebook groups.
[21:55] == subhas has changed nick to subha
[21:55] <Shweta> Ok, I will try to share those posters via my blog even.
[21:55] <Shweta> and also would encourage my female friends to contribute.
[21:56] <Sanket> great..
[21:56] <shrinivasan> one question for ravidreams
[21:56] <Abhi> Here is initial 2013 pilot project poster of Wiki Loves Food. -
[21:56] <Shweta> Meanwhile, we are chanellizing our DC event, for Indic Wikipedia workshop
[21:56] <shrinivasan> we have around 500 public domain tamil books in
[21:56] <Sanket> we can also have contest to attract new editors/contributors
[21:57] <shrinivasan> can we port them all to tamil wiki source?
[21:57] <shrinivasan> there are many spelling errors
[21:57] == subha has changed nick to psubhashish
[21:57] <techfiz> Hi all /me User:omshivaprakash
[21:57] <techfiz> sorry it has been a busy day and I'm still working
[21:57] <shrinivasan> porting them to wiki source will help people to fix the errors themself
[21:58] <Shweta> Hi techfiz
[21:58] <Abhi> I would recommend to involve everyone involved with pilot project of Wiki Loves Food.
[21:58] <Sanket> Hi Omshivprakash and Subhashish..
[21:59] <Sanket> we are discussing about Wiki Loves Food
[21:59] <Abhi> Welcome Subha and Omshivprakash :)
[21:59] <shrinivasan> ravidreams: ^^^^
[21:59] <Shweta> I would like to take a lead and do outreach for Indic Language Wikipedia workshop for Washington(DC), US.
[22:00] <ravidreams> Give me a second
[22:00] <ravidreams> I am logging the first hour's chat
[22:00] <ravidreams> for the benefit of who joined now
[22:00] <Amrut> I second ravidreams
[22:00] <Sanket> how about the idea of collaborating with Zomato, Burp, Hungry Table?
[22:00] <Shweta> Username श्वेता कोकाटे
[22:01] <Karthikndr> sincerely worried about spam (copy vios)...we need a concrete plans Ravi and Shri
[22:03] <Abhi> @Sanket : Yes, nice idea. We can also work with 'Food & Drug Administration'
[22:03] <Amrut> Shweta Good to know US citizens are interested in improving Indic Language wikipedia
[22:04] <Sanket> Hi've been doing some amazing Wiki related activities in Umbergaon..
[22:04] <psubhashish1> Hi everyone, I'm little late for the show! Installing Pidgin is little pain for the first time!
[22:04] <Amrut> Thank you Sanket. Still need more help from the community
[22:04] <ravidreams> First hour chat log here -,_2015
[22:04] <Shanmugamp7> shrinivasan:  yes  you can, if they are in public domain
[22:04] <psubhashish1> Hi ravidreams, hi all. :)
[22:04] <techfiz> psubhashish1: you should keep web irc as a backup. thanks for giving me company :P
[22:04] <techfiz> ravidreams: thanks for that :)
[22:05] <Amrut> Rural India is having lot of potential
[22:05] <psubhashish1> techfiz, sure thing for next time. :)
[22:05] <ravidreams> Welcome :) helps to get out of the hello all and again everything from the beginning time loop :)
[22:05] <Abhi> +1 Amrut.
[22:05] <ravidreams> Shrini, yes you can port all those books. Spelling mistakes can be fixed later.
[22:06] <shrinivasan> Shanmugamp7: okey. then, will start copying books from project madurai to wiki source
[22:06] <ravidreams> Unless we publish, there is no way of fixing it
[22:06] <Amrut> Even panchayat and local authorities have shown interest for wiki related outreach
[22:06] <Karthikndr> Hi Om :-)
[22:06] <ravidreams> I only had a brief glance over ta wikisource and I am not sure if it follows good navigation structure
[22:06] <ravidreams> These things should be standardised so all wiki source projects can follow
[22:07] <techfiz> Karthikndr: yo! :)
[22:07] <Abhi> Amrut - Kindly document everything on meta, so everyone can learn about your work and efforts.
[22:08] <bluerasberry> yes I want better documentation. I have tried to list all "wiki loves" projects at but I see no project page for Wiki Loves Food
[22:08] <techfiz> I would request a walk through or a documentation for uploading out of copyright books to wiki source for further process.
[22:08] <ravidreams> Hi Amrut, are you associated with DC chapter or something?
[22:09] <Karthikndr> hey kiranravikumar
[22:09] <Amrut> ravidreams I work independently in Rural Maharashtra
[22:09] <kiranravikumar> Namasthe everyone .. :)
[22:09] <Shweta> Hello Ravidreams, I would like to introduce myself, Dr. Shweta Kokate, Username- श्वेता कोकाटे
[22:09] <Karthikndr> techfiz.. I think such documentation will help
[22:09] <Karthikndr> and let us keep that as a template for all langs
[22:09] <techfiz> We have been able to find a list of out-of-copyright books for Kannada on Osmania University as a part of a project (Samooha sanchaya).
[22:09] <ravidreams> Hi Bluerasberry, thanks for the link
[22:09] <techfiz> Right
[22:09] <Shweta> I am associated with the Washington (DC) chapter, for outreach program, Indic Wikipedia Workshop
[22:10] <ravidreams> We will make sure to link our there when we are open for participation
[22:10] <ravidreams> Hi Shweta, nice to know about you.
[22:10] <Abhi> We are also hosting Indian Language Wikipedia Workshop at Harvard Business School (Boston,USA). on 6th March 2015.
[22:10] <techfiz> kiranravikumar: I had followed you to mysore last week :P welcome back to bangalore
[22:10] <Shweta> Currently, we are chanellizing the workshop for Washington DC
[22:10] <Shweta> Any inputs, suggestions and support is welcome
[22:11] <ravidreams> Indian language Workshop at a B school in US is intriguing :) Will wait to know the impact it makes !
[22:11] <Amrut> Congrats Abhi
[22:11] <Abhi> Shweta - Thanks for taking lead in DC area for Indic Languages. :)
[22:11] <kiranravikumar> @Om: Ha ha, OK :P
[22:11] <Shweta> Yes, Abhi. I will be joining you for Indian Language Wikipedia Workshop at Harvard Business School (Boston,USA). on 6th March 2015.
[22:12] <techfiz> Shweta: I'm sure there are many people from Karnataka to join hands on (Kn:Wiki) do inform when you're (or if you have already ) setting up a Event page. I can help translating and push it through various groups and social media channels
[22:12] <Sanket> Shweta & Abhi - thats sounds interesting!
[22:12] <kiranravikumar> Sorry I missed the initial conversation, who had posted something related to Wiki loves food ?
[22:12] <Shweta> PLeasure is all mine Abhi :)
[22:12] <techfiz> kiranravikumar:,_2015 Previous log for your quick reference
[22:13] <psubhashish1> Shweta: All the best for your VIsa :p
[22:13] <ravidreams> Kiran, you can follow the first hour's chat at,_2015
[22:13] <Abhi> Sanket - Thanks.
[22:13] <Shweta> I will be representing Marathi Wikipedia both at the harvard conference and Washington DC woutreach.
[22:13] <Amrut> Do we need visa to attend the workshop
[22:14] <Shweta> Thank you Sanket. :)
[22:14] <kiranravikumar> @Om: Thank you ..
[22:14] <Amrut> @psubhashish1
[22:14] <Amrut> Do we need visa to attend the workshop
[22:14] <Shweta> psubhashish1 I am based in Washington DC. So, no worries :) I am a local resident.
[22:15] <Shweta> Thats the reason, I am willing to provide onground support :)
[22:15] <psubhashish1> Amrut are you going to DC to attend a Wikipedia workshop? Sweta, oh, good.
[22:15] <ravidreams> Hey, we will be winding up the session officially and close the log by 10.30
[22:15] <ravidreams> Any questions for WMIN?
[22:15] <ravidreams> For the last few months, we had some uncertainties with our funding situation.
[22:16] <ravidreams> Now WMF has approved our FDC period till June 2015
[22:16] <Amrut> I got confused for your post about visa. Sorry
[22:16] <ravidreams> So, you can expect more activities soon.
[22:16] <Abhi> Hi Yohan
[22:16] <psubhashish1> ravidreams, congratulations! really happy to hear
[22:16] <Amrut> Welcome Yohan
[22:16] <ravidreams> Thanks, Subha !
[22:16] <yohannvt> Hello everyone
[22:17] <kiranravikumar> Do we have any pages/discussions on WLF? apart from Facebook group link?
[22:17] <ravidreams> and thanks for Kiran, Rahim, Karthik and you for joining us here after a long day at TTT 2015
[22:17] <ravidreams> Yohann and I will come to TTT 2015 on Saturday
[22:17] <Abhi> Let me check, I am sure there was discussion about Wiki Loves Food...
[22:17] <psubhashish1> it is not complete yet ravidreams, when you join us day after please get some Mysore pak or something from B'luru. :)
[22:17] <ravidreams> Haha..
[22:17] <ravidreams> Sure
[22:18] <psubhashish1> vanakam!
[22:18] <Karthikndr> I gotta collect Mysorepak
[22:18] <Karthikndr> please let me know where I can grab them around TTT
[22:18] <kiranravikumar> @subha: Why none informed me on Mysore Pak? I would've got it ;)
[22:19] <Sanket> Wikimedia India is also going for 12A registration soon..
[22:19] <Shweta> Send some to Washington DC too. Oh god! I miss it
[22:19] <Abhi> Nice.
[22:19] <ravidreams> And who didn't hear it, WMIN would like to share some WikiLove for active Wikimedians -
[22:20] <ravidreams> We will be sending the shirts by March first week. So, please make sure you register now.
[22:20] <yohannvt> @pshubhashish1 Really excited to meet so many comunity members in Bangalore on Saturday
[22:20] <techfiz> kiranravikumar: Its my favorite! Don't forget to bring it next time straight from Mysuru :)
[22:20] <Abhi> Take photos of it for Wiki Loves Food ;)
[22:20] <Sanket> yeah..after all wiki loves food.. :P
[22:20] <ravidreams> And those who have applied for Wikimania and intend to submit presentations, Feb 28 is the last date for sending abstracts
[22:20] <techfiz> ravidreams: reminded me of your message :P will catch you tomm
[22:21] <kiranravikumar> @Om: Yea .. Guru sweets or mahalkshmi :P ??
[22:21] <Abhi> We are planning to host panel dicussion. If anyone wants to join Harvard Workshop via Google Hangout, Kindly let us know..
[22:21] <techfiz> kiranravikumar: I will contribute about it to wiki loves food :P then I shall collect the GeoIP and other info from you to add best place to buy :P
[22:22] <ravidreams> Anyone, who needs help with their Wikimania presentations can also ping us at
[22:22] <ravidreams>
[22:22] <Abhi> Nice initiative by WMIN. Good to see new faces.
[22:23] <ravidreams> Since this is  the first IRC after a long time, we are catching up and touching lot of issues.
[22:23] <Amrut> I would love to join the harvard hangout
[22:23] <ravidreams> If there is enough engagement, we plan to launch biweekly IRCs with focus on specific issues and communities
[22:23] <ravidreams> Please ping me for better ways to engage and take forward our misison
[22:23] <techfiz> ravidreams: Inputs given for Wikimania application submission process were very useful. Hope to see the impact :) Thanks for that.
[22:24] <Abhi> Google Hangout might be more interesting as compared to IRC.
[22:24] <techfiz> subha is helping with presentation drafting
[22:24] <techfiz> Abhi: +1
[22:24] <Sanket> some Mysore Pak for you all
[22:24] <Amrut> Abhi +1
[22:24] <ravidreams> You know what, your track record is awesome :) It inspired me to work more on my personal projects :)
[22:24] <techfiz> ravidreams: if someone can help or work with me on documenting the process to upload out of copyright books would be a great help
[22:25] <Sanket> abhi: keep us all posted
[22:25] <Sanket> All the best
[22:25] <ravidreams> Abhishek, even for our internal team chats, hangouts can be troublesome when the connectivity is not good
[22:25] <ravidreams> IRC can be asynchronous
[22:25] <Abhi> Thanks Sanket:-)
[22:26] <ravidreams> and suits for an open discussion
[22:26] <Abhi> It might be nice idea to have options. Those who have good connectivity can join hangout...otherwise I am assuming IRC will be there anyways...
[22:27] <Karthikndr> ravidreams...any open agenda left for the day??
[22:29] <ravidreams> Nothing else from my side
[22:29] <kiranravikumar> Just went through WLF , WLM & Karthik's suggestion ...
[22:29] <Abhi> Good to see mixed participation from experienced as well as new members..
[22:29] <ravidreams> techfix, will reach out to you regarding your requst
[22:29] <kiranravikumar> Like Karthik has mentioned, firstly we need better tool & we need to make sure commons won't be flooded like WLM
[22:30] <Shanmugamp7> ravidreams:  if you use first letter of the nick + tab the nick will get  pre filled
[22:30] <Abhi> Karthik is having more experience with such events, I am sure he knows practical issues associated with execution...
[22:30] <ravidreams> Shanmugamp7: testing ok :)
[22:31] <kiranravikumar> We literally had to flag 100s of images for copyright violation, not relevant, etc
[22:31] <Shanmugamp7> ravidreams: i think you are typing manually
[22:31] <ravidreams> Thanks for the tip :)
[22:31] <Shanmugamp7> yw :)
[22:32] <Karthikndr> agree with Kiran... Abhi, we are concerned about postmortem
[22:32] <Karthikndr> it killed me and Kiran
[22:32] <Karthikndr> tagging them for deletion and all
[22:33] <kiranravikumar> And also, being part of 2 WLM movements, we both know the postmortem saga .. so be prepared :)
[22:33] <Abhi> I agree with you Karthiknde - Geeting more images is easy, categorizing them is real task.
[22:33] <Abhi> *karthik
[22:33] <Karthikndr> +1 kiranravikumar
[22:34] <ravidreams> Looks like we have to engage commons community during the planning stage itself
[22:34] <Karthikndr> I'm still in hibernation after two WLMs :P
[22:34] <kiranravikumar> categorizing can be done just before the process, use one common category & then keep adding on later stage
[22:34] <Karthikndr> categorizing can be done as part of upload wizard
[22:34] <kiranravikumar> exactly ..
[22:35] <techfiz> Karthikndr: kiranravikumar please share any Commons related presentation that can be translated to Kn. The one I have translated is having some Non-free media and I'm having trouble uploading on commons.
[22:35] <kiranravikumar> I'm more worried of copyright violation in this case :(
[22:35] <Karthikndr> exactly.
[22:36] <Karthikndr> yup... techfiz, me and Kiran will work on something
[22:36] <Abhi> Possible Categories - City Based, Taste based...
[22:36] <kiranravikumar> techfiz: I shall share some when next week, probably by tuesday. I'll keep a reminder on this.
[22:36] * techfiz thanks in advance :)
[22:36] <Abhi> Yohan created list I guess. It might be available in archives..
[22:37] <Karthikndr> list of what?
[22:37] <ravidreams> Guys, I will have to leave home from office. Signing off from now. Will log until now. Feel free to log further discussion
[22:37] <Karthikndr> Food?
[22:37] <kiranravikumar> Abhi: This is where you need to be more careful, because here in India, we use slightly different names for same food at different locations.
[22:37] <Karthikndr> thats true Kiran
[22:37] <Karthikndr> thanks Ravi
[22:37] <yohannvt> Bye Ravidreams
[22:37] <shrinivasan> bye ravidreams
[22:37] <Shanmugamp7> bye ravidreams
[22:38] <Karthikndr> for such a great initiation...sure things will get in place as per projects are concerned hereon
[22:38] <kiranravikumar> Ravi - c ya
[22:39] <Sanket> bye ravidreams
[22:39] <Abhi> Here is mailing list discussions from 2013 -
[22:39] <techfiz> ravidreams: cya
[22:39] <Abhi> Bye ravidreams.
[22:40] <yohannvt> @abhi there was a long discusion on this topic. thanks for searching it out from the archives
[22:40] <Abhi> kiranravikumar - different name for same food product. Hmm, one of possible issue...
[22:41] <kiranravikumar> Abhi: yea, such small issues will create bigger headache at later stages :(
[22:42] <Abhi> True.
[22:43] <yohannvt> I think, we can do a good brainstorming on this topic for WLF in the next IRC