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Internet Relay Chats/Dec 17,2011

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Wikimedia India

Date and Time
Dec 17, 2011, 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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  1. Arunram
  2. Tinucherian
  3. MKar
  4. MikeLynch
  5. Noopur28
  6. Logicwiki
  7. Jairodz
  8. naveenpf
  9. Shijualex
  10. RadhaKrishna
  11. Odisha1
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  13. Omshivaprakash
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IRC session log.
=-= Topic for #wikimedia-in is “Channel for Wikimedia India related discussion.”
=-= Topic for #wikimedia-in was set by Theo10011!~Theo10011@wikimedia/Theo10011 on Friday, December 16, 2011 12:25:52 AM
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naveenpf hoi
Tanvir Hello Naveen.
naveenpf how is wmin new website design ?
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tinucherian naveenpf, send a reminder to IRC session to members and india list
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srikanthlogic tinucherian: ahoi !
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tinucherian hello srikanthlogic
srikanthlogic tinucherian: how are things ?
srikanthlogic any specific agenda for today ?
tinucherian naveenpf said something...
tinucherian he will join soon
tinucherian there is a power outage at his area
srikanthlogic something is better than nothing
srikanthlogic ah bad
tinucherian hopefully he joins back soon
-->| arunram (~arunram@ has joined #wikimedia-in
srikanthlogic i totally forgot, but since i always hang out here.. saw some activity and drop by
tinucherian Expecting X'MAS carols at home .. so i will be away for sometime
srikanthlogic arunram: hello saar!
jairodz Me too... Good evening all.
tinucherian nice to see #wikimedia-in getting active
jairodz I expect around 25 people here at 9.30
srikanthlogic also needs to cook dinner and finish it..
arunram good evening everyone
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tinucherian gud evening arunram
jairodz Good evening arunam
arunram good evening jairodz
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arunram good evening tinucherian
jairodz 10 here... and counting
arunram on a new IRC client on ubuntu...
srikanthlogic arunram: great!
arunram hello Beria welcome to the IRC chat
srikanthlogic runs to complete dinner and be back on time
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jairodz Hi Naveen
arunram hello naveenpf
naveenpf hi
naveenpf arun
arunram folks can you please sign up on,2011
naveenpf hi jaidodz
jairodz Okay
jairodz arunram: The page is protected
naveenpf no it is not protected
jairodz Then, maybe some prob since I've just created the account there
jairodz Right, I haven't confirmed my id
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naveenpf now you should be able to edit
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naveenpf hi
naveenpf welcome to Wikimedia India IRC
arjunaraoc_ Hi Naveen
naveenpf today topics are city/languages sigs
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arunram welcome arirudh
naveenpf welcome anirudh and noopur
arjunaraoc_ Is any one from the SIG Chairs on the call?
Noopur28 thanks Naveen~
srikanthlogic is back and waves hands to all
anirudh hi all
Noopur28 Are these only language SIGs?
-->| yuvipanda (~yuvipanda@ has joined #wikimedia-in
yuvipanda waves
Noopur28 It'd be great if that page had an intro
jairodz Yes.
srikanthlogic yuvipanda: welcome!
arjunaraoc_ Noopur28: There are city sigs as well.
tinucherian X'mas carol @ home .. i will brb
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arjunaraoc_ though we have not made much progress.
anirudh hi noopur, are you back in gandhinagar?
Noopur28 oh yaay! Someone should start a Delhi SIG too
-->| gkjohn (75e684c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
arjunaraoc_ bangalore is up, pune is up.
Noopur28 hey anirudh, yes for a month I m here, you?
srikanthlogic Noopur28: BE BOLD
anirudh I'm in Ahmedabad. Let's plan a meetup soon
Noopur28 haha, yes!After mailing lists imma attack SIGs
NKS I am in Agra
Noopur28 @anirudh sure tomorrow there's an open/free meet in ahmdbad
anirudh where at?
arunram folks can you please sign up on,2011
Noopur28 meeting some college LUG fellows and barcamp fellows will mail details.
arunram we have 18 people on, arjuunaraoc_ should we get started?
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arjunaraoc_ arunram: Yes
arjunaraoc_ Odisha1 is alias for Subhashish right?
NKS Is any one from Delhi
srikanthlogic arjunaraoc_: nope Srikant Kedia is Odisha1
-->| Subha (31c816b6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
arjunaraoc_ thx srikanthlogic
Noopur28 *raises hand for Delhi*
arjunaraoc_ hi Subha
Subha Hi all
arunram Folks we should get the IRC formally started
Subha Hi Arjuna
arunram arjunaraoc_ do you want to kick it off...
-->| Theo10011 (~Theo10011@wikimedia/Theo10011) has joined #wikimedia-in
Subha no probs
arjunaraoc_ Subha: the first topic is SIGs.
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arunram hey Theo10011 subha
arjunaraoc_ Since Subha is online, we can start with your feedback on Shiju's proposals and how they can apply to Odiya wikipedia
Subha Hi Arun,
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Subha sure, i got to few things to discuss abt Odia Wiki academy
arjunaraoc_ Subha: can you cover Shiju's proposals for reviving wikipedias and your thoughts
arjunaraoc_ also
Subha sure
arjunaraoc_ thx Subha
arunram hello
srikanthlogic feels we are missing theo who is pro in driving IRC hours
arunram Folks
arunram let me take the lead ...
-->| RadhaKrishna_ (75c052ec@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
arunram for starters let us discuss the SIGs and the plans for SIGs
Subha Hi RK
RadhaKrishna_ Hi Subhashish
Noopur28 +100 @arunram
arunram the intention of the SIGs is to form a volunteer task force
arunram that can plan for goals that can be set for the projects in those languages
Subha yes, and conduct more outreach campaigns
jairodz Could someone change the channel topic.
arunram SIGs are either city or language focussed
Noopur28 Sounds good. Is there some hierarchy there?
arunram for now we have SIG chairs who have volunteered for some languages and cities
Noopur28 ok
arunram we need to do two things
arunram get more SIGs boot strapped
arunram and get the current SIGS moving interms of goals and actions
arunram no it is not meant to be hierarchial but flat
arjunaraoc_ Hi RadhaKrishna_
arunram the SIG chair is only a lead for the task force for the SIG
RadhaKrishna_ Hi ArjunaRao
Noopur28 but u do expect these chairs to tell us all what their SIG is upto?
arunram would like to hear suggestions from all on how we can make SIGs effective
arjunaraoc_ thx arunram for the context setting.
arjunaraoc_ We have Radhakrishna, Bangalore SIG Chair on the chat.
RadhaKrishna_ I will breif some of my plans
arunram I have some suggestions to offer...
arjunaraoc_ Thx RadhaKrishna_
Subha Welcome RK,
RadhaKrishna_ I am Bangalore SIG chair
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arunram Each of the SIGS should look at a task force of volunteers passionate about that SIG
naveenpf hi noopur each sig has kept there priorities set in the SIG pages
Noopur28 IMHO it would be great if the SIG had diversity, like ppl who take up spl responsibilities.
RadhaKrishna_ I am planning to conduct wikiAcademy in corporate companies
arunram prefereable across geographies
arunram the task force can comeup with pans for that SIG
arunram specific goals, projects, initiaives
-->| ShijuAlex (3bb2dc4b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
arunram over to Radhakrishna
arjunaraoc_ RadhaKrishna_: just wait till arunram finishes the top level clarifications
RadhaKrishna_ yes
Subha Hi Shiju
naveenpf hi shiju
arjunaraoc_ RadhaKrishna_: you can go ahead now
RadhaKrishna_ I go now: I plan to start conducting wikiAcademy in corporate companies starting with my company Alcatel-Lucent
Subha yes, and SIG chairs can also concentrate on other languages apart from their languages
arunram Noopur28 the SIG are welcome to come up with ideas to carry out their activities
ShijuAlex hi all, good evening. carry on the discussions
[21:26] Subha yes, thats a good idea
[21:26] RadhaKrishna_ in Manyata Embassy Tech park, we have many companies. and around 1 lakh s/w engineers
[21:27] arunram go ahead Radhakrishna
[21:27] RadhaKrishna_ In my company I got a slot in January 2nd week
[21:27] arunram ok
[21:27] arjunaraoc_ RadhaKrishna_: that's great.hope it will be a good begining in reaching out to corporates
[21:27] RadhaKrishna_ also, planning to conduct a very brief talks in locall communities
[21:28] RadhaKrishna_ one such community is marathi mitra mandal
[21:28] arunram my request would be to expand the local volunteer base at bangalore
[21:28] RadhaKrishna_ it is a community of marathi speaking people living in bangalore
[21:28] Noopur28 do u guys have local SPICMACAY chapters?
[21:28] arunram it is now down to a few regualr people....
[21:28] Noopur28 they already have a filtered volunteer base
[21:28] Noopur28 might be useful to tap into
[21:28] Subha sorry to interrupt, @arunram and @arjunaraoc_ can we have a calender to update all the activities by SIG ?
[21:29] arunram not yet Subha
[21:29] arunram but that is a good suggestion
[21:29] RadhaKrishna_ may be we can have google group calendar
[21:29] Noopur28 +1
[21:29] Subha hmm
[21:29] srikanthlogic suggests more PR in media for monthly meetups
[21:29] naveenpf 23-Dec-2011 WikiAcademy @ OUCIP, Hyderabad
[21:29] arjunaraoc_ SIG pages can be used for advance planning. once finalised, they can move to main page of under events section
[21:29] naveenpf 30-Dec-2011 Wiki Academy @ P S R Rengasamy college of engineering for women
[21:29] srikanthlogic esp Bangalore ones
[21:29] naveenpf 05-Jan-2011 Wiki Academy @ Cochin University of Science and Technology
[21:29] Subha And it'll b easy to track places, events and language based initiatives
[21:29] naveenpf 11-Jan-2012 Wiki Academy @ SSN College of Engineering, Chennai .. we are having four wikiacademies upcoming in TN,KA,KL... we need to have wikiacademies in different parts of India....
[21:30] Subha yes, abt KA I need to add few things, let me know when will be the rite time
[21:30] arunram Bangalore has many language groups like the marathi group you are tapping
[21:31] arunram infact there is poentioal to run focus groups for at least 10 languages
[21:31] arunram the catch is we needmore volunteers for those languages like Odisha1
[21:31] Subha hmm yes
[21:31] arjunaraoc_ arunram: that's where language SIGs could help city SIGs
[21:31] arunram yes
[21:32] arunram suggest Radhakrishna to publish plans for Bangalore SIG along with other volunteers
[21:32] arunram any other city SIG folks on the IRC?
[21:32] Subha And language/city SIGs have to be in regular touch with active members of the community
[21:32] arunram anyone else wants to chime in on city SIGs
[21:32] naveenpf mikelynch
[21:33] arunram city SIG folks first please....
[21:33] Subha Odisha1
[21:33] arjunaraoc_ We only published Pune so far. they are busy with expo as of now.
[21:33] arunram what about Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad SIGs
[21:33] arunram any one we can tap into
[21:33] arunram to take the lead.....
[21:33] RadhaKrishna_ I have a friend who can volunteer hyderabad SIG
[21:33] arunram who would that be?
[21:33] arjunaraoc_ we have kolkata also finalised, i think SIG chair may not be on call.
[21:34] RadhaKrishna_ talked to him over phone. he is quite interested
[21:34] arunram infatc srikanthlogic is there tooo
[21:34] RadhaKrishna_ Chaitanya
[21:34] arunram srikanthlogic do you want to take the lead for Hyd initiaitves?
[21:34] RadhaKrishna_ ok
[21:34] srikanthlogic arunram: me prefers to reduce offline engagements ..
[21:34] arunram ok
[21:35] arunram can you support chaitanya to get this started?
[21:35] srikanthlogic arunram: sure
[21:35] arunram or maybe srikanthlogic you could assist for the first few months to get the hyd activies bootstrapped
[21:35] arunram please
[21:35] arunram what abt Mumbai?
[21:36] arjunaraoc_ naveenpf: We need to send bunch of mails based on city of residence inviting members to help form SIG/join SIG
[21:36] srikanthlogic arunram: will try best. rahim (telugu sig) is also here, so shouldnt be a problem..
[21:36] Subha thats great, Arjuna als suggested another active user from hyd?
[21:36] naveenpf ok
[21:36] arunram we should look at Jan endhaving SIGs for 5-6 cities going with at least 5 volunteers each by
[21:37] arjunaraoc_ We just had our first of the weekly calls for telugu wikipedia. Rahimanuddin joined that. He is busy with book exhibition and may not be able to make it for today.
[21:37] naveenpf Chennai sig should be bootstrapped tooo ..
[21:37] RadhaKrishna_ Rahim agreed to organize a wikiAcademy in an engineering college in Hyderabad. Thanks to Rahimuddin
[21:37] Subha btw i had a suggestion, not sure how it fits in, apart from the city/language SIG chair, do we need subchairs?
[21:37] naveenpf wikiacademy requests are coming from chennai too
[21:37] arunram jan end would be a good goal to set for these SIGs to get going
[21:37] ShijuAlex I suggest while doing programs in Bangalore, give some focus to Kannada also. Kannada wiki community strength is going down. Since most of us are based in bangalore can we have some special plans for Kannada?
[21:37] srikanthlogic naveenpf: few months, sodabottle moving to chennai. about time it will be done.
[21:38] arunram what does eviery one thnk?
[21:38] naveenpf we need make wikiacademy more effective also
[21:38] Subha sometimes if one persons gets busy there would be bunch of others to help
[21:38] naveenpf a draft timeline has been put in @
[21:38] arunram sure shijualex, kannad needs focus
[21:38] MikeLynch-sgrao i strongly agree with shiju..
[21:39] arunram what does everyone think of a jan end goal to have 5-6 city sigs going with 5-6 volunteers each
[21:39] naveenpf omshivprakash has volunteered as Kannada sig chair...
[21:39] MikeLynch-sgrao should be gettable..
[21:39] arunram fols please chime in....
[21:39] arjunaraoc_ Subha: each SIG can decide on Dy Chairs and identify them as they grow.
[21:40] naveenpf we should help him to bootstrap kannada wikimedia activites
[21:40] Subha thats a good idea
[21:40] tinucherian back
[21:40] Subha welcome back Tinu
[21:40] srikanthlogic arunram: 5-6 sig with 5-6 might be tough imo. 5-6 with 2-3 is possible
[21:40] Subha And abt kannada Wiki academy i have a good news
[21:40] arjunaraoc_ Omshivprakash has participated in the Kannada wiki academy for Dept of Public libraries.
[21:40] Subha i have communicated with my engg college, they have agreed for a kannada academy
[21:41] arunram to amke sigs successful we need at least 5 active volunteers
[21:41] Subha and I'd like to ask any Kannada WP active user to lead it
[21:41] arunram otherwise things fall apart when a few get busy with other commitments
[21:41] arjunaraoc_ He has deep interest towards Kannada computing and wikipedia. I am hoping Kannada will become more active in future
[21:41] arunram can we agree on the city sig we will take up to bootstrap/
[21:41] ShijuAlex there are 2 more moderately active Kannada wikipedians in Bangalore. We shall connect them together and do some programs together
[21:42] arjunaraoc_ Subha: I will talk to Omshivaprakash and will update about your proposal.
[21:42] Subha that'd be good
[21:42] arunram may I propose chennai, mumbai, kolkata, delhi, hyderabad, kochi
[21:42] ShijuAlex while doing language wiki academey represetation from respective community will add more value and resuts
[21:43] arunram bangalore is already running as is mumbai
[21:43] Subha yes, conducting language academies in native languages is a must
[21:43] Noopur28 Delhi should have something too. I am in.
[21:43] arunram shijualex what is your view on Kochi
[21:43] arunram thanks Noopur28
[21:44] tinucherian 2 more moderately active Kannada wikipedians in Bangalore ?
[21:44] ShijuAlex Kochi should work. there are active members from kochi. Use them
[21:44] tinucherian can you name them
[21:44] tinucherian ?
[21:44] ShijuAlex Tejus and Hareesh
[21:44] arunram folks your comments on the city sig to get going - chennai, mumbai, kolkata, delhi, hyderabad, kochi - please comment
[21:44] naveenpf tejas jain
[21:44] tinucherian but are they are in Bangalore?
[21:44] ShijuAlex I already connected them with Subha
[21:44] ShijuAlex they are in Bangalore
[21:44] MikeLynch-sgrao Harish is in Blore..
[21:44] tinucherian Tejas Jain and MG Harish?
[21:44] tinucherian ok
[21:45] arunram folks your comments on the city sig to get going - chennai, mumbai, kolkata, delhi, hyderabad, kochi - please comment
[21:45] Subha wow, then it'd be good. I am trying for a meeting, the insti head is very happy with the proposal for a Kannada academy
[21:45] arunram shujualex can you please comment on Kochi, is that the city we need to shoot for...
[21:45] srikanthlogic arunram: let a group in the sig gets formed first.. as such it 1-2 people everywhere. lets not attach a date now
[21:45] Noopur28 JNU is a good place to start in Delhi
[21:46] tinucherian +1 to Noopur28
[21:46] Noopur28 great bunches of concentrated students in diffnt disciplines
[21:46] Noopur28 plus IIT is nearby
[21:46] naveenpf +1
[21:46] Noopur28 however we should start with meetups first
[21:46] anirudh noopur28, and you're already connected to some of the students there through himanshu and others
[21:46] Noopur28 who all are there in Delhi anyway?
[21:46] arunram srikantlogic just feel have a high level set of goals we all agree has a way of focssing us all... just a thought
[21:46] ShijuAlex JNU is a good place. lot of interested people. last week I conducted a small workshop for Sanskrit there
[21:47] Noopur28 Cool!
[21:47] Noopur28 I passed Sumana some contacts for her meet as well
[21:47] anirudh noopur28, is sumana in new delhi?
[21:47] Subha that's great, and u get a lot of academicians when it's a place like DU/JNU
[21:47] arunram for delhi, one of the wikiconf participants offered his school as a venue with wifi
[21:48] Noopur28 ohgreat
[21:48] arunram incase other venues dont work out
[21:48] Noopur28 @anirudh i think she s doing things all over
[21:48] naveenpf Rohini is also there in delhi
[21:48] arunram noopur28 we can catch up offlist and i can connect you to this person
[21:48] Noopur28 i am noting these names down, will take details late
[21:48] Noopur28 yes
[21:48] Noopur28 thank you
[21:49] Subha @ShijuAlex, pls connectme to the Kannada Wikipedians
[21:49] arjunaraoc_ arunram: a mail to all members about the focus on SIGs will be helpful. Adding their names against the relevant page also will be helpful.
[21:49] -->| Teju2friends (7aac2323@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:50] ShijuAlex I do not think space or infrastrucre is an issue in Delhi. The issue is interested participants. In JNU it worked because the target was specific language students who are working exclusively on that language (Sanskrit)
[21:50] arjunaraoc_ arunram: hope some script can help do that
[21:50] arunram the challenges for city sigs may be the following - gettting 5 core volunteers, a free venue, a plan and regular meetups going
[21:50] Noopur28 @shijualex that is true
[21:50] ShijuAlex See Tejus from Kannada wiki joined us
[21:50] Noopur28 there are more such language and region based communities in JNU
[21:50] arunram bangalore wikipedians can share experiences of what works and doesnt on getting meetuos going
[21:50] Noopur28 i can connect u to all of them
[21:50] naveenpf hi tejas
[21:50] arunram maybe we can create a wiki page for this.
[21:50] Noopur28 except i d need ur guidance
[21:51] |<-- Subha has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[21:51] arunram @arjunaraoc_ agree an email will help
[21:51] -->| subha_ (31c816b6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:52] subha_ Sorry, DC
[21:52] arjunaraoc_ we have about ten minutes.
[21:52] tinucherian Note Teju2friends = Tejas from
[21:52] arunram @noopur28 there is adequate help you can get as needed.
[21:52] Teju2friends Hi all..
[21:53] arunram hello Teju2friends
[21:53] -->| Srikant (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:53] subha_ hi Teju2friends, Srikant
[21:53] subha_ @Teju2friends, I'd like to ask ur participation to lead a Kannada Wiki Academy in Sapthagiri college of engg
[21:53] ShijuAlex Tejus, we need your support for programs related to Kannada wiki in Banglore.
[21:54] arjunaraoc_ if we are through with city sig, can we devote few minutes language sig
[21:54] =-= Srikant is now known as Odisha1_
[21:54] arjunaraoc_ As subha_ is on call, can we talk responses from Odiya to Shiju's thoughts or proposals
[21:54] arunram ok the same needs to be done for language SIGS
[21:54] Teju2friends I will b free nxt week end..
[21:55] Odisha1_ hello subha..
[21:55] subha_ Hi Srikant
[21:55] srikanthlogic anything else apart from SIG on agenda ?
[21:55] arjunaraoc_ Teju2friends: i will be in touch with you Omshivaprakash. please send me an email
[21:55] -->| techfiz (~androirc@ has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:56] arunram yes we have a lot to talk about
[21:56] subha_ great Tejus, pls send me ur contact details at
[21:56] -->| harish_ (7aac2323@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:56] -->| Gyan (0e608657@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:56] subha_ I'll connect u to the college head aft arjuna's talk with the principal
[21:56] techfiz Hi all, omshivaprakash here..
[21:56] subha_ hi gyan, harish
[21:56] arjunaraoc_ hi techfiz
[21:57] Gyan hello everybody
[21:57] subha_ Hi omshivaprakash
[21:57] ShijuAlex hi shiva
[21:57] naveenpf hi omshivaprakash
[21:57] jairodz 25...
[21:57] arunram it would be nice of people can use their wiki names as nicks on irc. just makes it easier
[21:57] Teju2friends harish = harisgmg of
[21:58] arunram Folks good to see some kannada wikipedians on the Irc
[21:58] tinucherian HarishMG
[21:58] ShijuAlex I suggest since we have 3 kannada wikipedians here who are ready to help us, Arjuna/Arun/Subha couold you please cordinate with them regarding this.
[21:58] techfiz I'm on from my mobile...:) travelling hope some one can capture the minutes
[21:58] harish_ hi
[21:58] -->| subha (0ec276d1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:59] arunram we should @shijualex
[21:59] subha Sorry, again
[21:59] subha can we discuss abt Odia Wiki academy plans
[21:59] subha ?
[21:59] arunram we have 26 on the IRC which is good.
[21:59] arunram go ahead subha
[21:59] arjunaraoc_ subha: pl go ahead
[22:00] subha 6 Dec - Indian Institute of Mass communications, Dhenkanal, Confirmed
[22:00] arjunaraoc_ i have to signoff in 5 to 10 minutes
[22:00] Gyan subha bhai any task for us regarding odia wiki ?
[22:01] subha Sure Gyan, planing for one meetup in Secondary board high school, Cuttack in a weekdays, to be lead by u, @Odisha1 and Ashutosh Kar
[22:01] arunram great @subha
[22:01] naveenpf + 1 Subha
[22:01] |<-- subha_ has left freenode (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[22:02] subha And Mrutyunjay Kar has suggested for an academy in Nalconagar on 7th Jan
[22:02] subha i can personally attend both
[22:02] subha as Dhenkanal and nalconagar are nearby.
[22:02] tinucherian @subha , 6 Dec already done or ?
[22:02] subha venue to be fised for Nalconagar
[22:02] arunram @subha is there a odia association in bangalore?
[22:02] subha sorry, 6 Jan*
[22:02] tinucherian ok
[22:03] subha
[22:03] subha So 6 Jan (Friday), 7 jan (Sat) in Dhenkanal, na
[22:03] Gyan besides meet up any plan in chage or modification in anything?
[22:03] subha Nalconagar
[22:04] subha and one to be fixed in Cuttack
[22:04] subha 3 in total for Jan in Odisha
[22:04] arjunaraoc_ subha: Thx for the update. Any other points from Odiya that could be useful to the audience on this chat.
[22:04] subha @Gyan, 1 fixed, 2 to be fix soon
[22:04] arunram that is great @subha
[22:05] Odisha1_ gyan, we r planning for 24 dec, Cuttack meetup
[22:05] MKar Nalconagar venue will be finalised on monday
[22:05] arunram what else @subha
[22:05] subha well nothing more from Odia from my end
[22:05] arunram ok thanks @subha @MKar @Gyan
[22:05] Gyan welcome
[22:06] arjunaraoc_ subha: hope odiya will discuss shiju's thoughts in depth and will share keypoints in a future IRC session
[22:06] arunram we need help on membership
[22:06] subha abt kn wp, arjuna will be having a meeting with the insti head
[22:06] subha Sure Arjuna, will have a IRC with ShijuAlex soon
[22:06] arunram can we request all on the IRC to reach out to others in the community to signup please...
[22:06] arjunaraoc_ thx subha
[22:07] subha yes, will communicate this to the community and active members.
[22:07] |<-- naveenpf has left freenode (Read error: Operation timed out)
[22:07] subha my pleasure Arjuna
[22:07] arjunaraoc_ arunram: as we have only three and half months for the current membership year, atleast we can prepare them for the next membership year
[22:07] arunram @noopur28 signed up recently! welome
[22:08] Noopur28 yes i did finally
[22:08] Noopur28 Alsp
[22:08] arunram we need members to please start volunteer for some of the taskforces....
[22:08] arjunaraoc_ Noopur28: will be more an exception.
[22:08] arunram SIGS, GLAM are a few
[22:08] arunram maybe @naveenpf can share about the taskforces....
[22:08] Noopur28 to update you all, there is a WM Argentina conference coming up
[22:08] subha well, IMO SIG should lead for inviting community members for chapter membership
[22:09] -->| drno_ (75c70066@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:09] Noopur28 they are doing an exclusive Gender gap event plus something with women and wikipedia in general
[22:09] Noopur28 I request you all to update your respective women wikipedian friends
[22:09] arunram maybe @Noopur28 we can have a sig to focus on getting more lady wikipedian volunteers
[22:10] subha Thats an nice idea Noopur
[22:10] Noopur28 I was wondering if there should be a Gender gap initiative in the chapter as well
[22:10] subha +1 arunram
[22:10] srikanthlogic runs away
[22:10] arunram we have quite a few prolific lady wikipedians. we know 3-4 active wikipedina
[22:10] Gyan great
[22:10] Noopur28 I remember meeting Netha from Malayalam wp and i thought ppl like her should go
[22:10] <--| NKS has left #wikimedia-in
[22:10] Noopur28 @srikanthlogic now they have removed their no men policy
[22:10] |<-- Odisha1 has left freenode (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[22:10] tinucherian Naveenpf lost his internet connection.. will try to join back soon
[22:11] subha And bishakha would be interested for more outreach and communications
[22:11] Noopur28 @subha i already told her
[22:11] subha thats good
[22:11] Noopur28 just telling u guys cos this is on some private list
[22:11] srikanthlogic Noopur28: better, but i prefer to keep quiet / run away when someone talks gendergap
[22:11] subha the idea of a separate SIG sounds good
[22:11] Noopur28 SIGs should have a woman member too
[22:11] Noopur28 that makes it more approachable
[22:12] |<-- Odisha1_ has left freenode (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[22:12] Noopur28 i dont favor pitying women or givine spl places but its less intimidating this way
[22:12] subha well, SIG nomincations include the active participation
[22:12] arunram ok
[22:12] |<-- drno_ has left freenode (Client Quit)
[22:12] arjunaraoc_ Thx everyone, need to sign off, will catch up on the discussions later. Bye
[22:12] subha if any woman wikipedian is active, one would nominate for her
[22:12] -->| Nitin (dfe75093@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:12] jairodz Bye.
[22:13] Noopur28 sure
[22:13] arunram we have a few
[22:13] subha i think Assamese could have a woman SIG
[22:13] |<-- arjunaraoc_ has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[22:13] arunram before people pel off
[22:13] srikanthlogic tinucherian: you there ?
[22:13] arunram before people leave...
[22:13] arunram how often would you folks like these IRC chat
[22:13] arunram they help with good coordination and communication
[22:13] srikanthlogic arunram: fortnightly will be better
[22:13] arunram ok @srikanthlogic
[22:14] ShijuAlex I suggest for time being keep it fornightly
[22:14] arunram at day, time?
[22:14] tinucherian raises hand ...yes @srikanthlogic
[22:14] subha yes, it's quite diverse and frequently needed
[22:14] subha +1
[22:14] srikanthlogic tinucherian: you are following up on fundraiser any chance ?
[22:14] arunram is everyone ok with a fornightly?
[22:14] tinucherian yes , expecting an article on ET soon
[22:14] Noopur28 +1
[22:14] arunram ok great
[22:14] srikanthlogic tinucherian: wait.. first they have to enable
[22:14] arunram thats nice
[22:15] arunram folks let us agree on a day of week and time
[22:15] arunram 9 OM Sat?
[22:15] srikanthlogic i dont know why they have taken down fundraising for 2 weeks
[22:15] srikanthlogic arunram: +1
[22:15] tinucherian i have asked for India specific data - number of donors , amount etc from India
[22:15] arunram 9 Pm sat ok with all? kindly comment.....
[22:15] subha sat/sunday fine for me
[22:15] subha yes, time is goof
[22:15] subha good*
[22:15] arunram goof
[22:15] arunram ?
[22:15] RadhaKrishna_ yes, ok
[22:15] arunram LL
[22:16] arunram LOL
[22:16] Gyan yah sure
[22:16] srikanthlogic tinucherian: they have taken down the banner since dec 3
[22:16] srikanthlogic for india
[22:16] -->| shrini_ (75cab32d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:16] srikanthlogic so numbers will be much low
[22:16] tinucherian @srikanthlogic " wait.. first they have to enable " ?
[22:16] arunram folks alternate weeks 9 Pm sat. ok with all?
[22:16] ShijuAlex might have achieved target from India
[22:16] arunram hello......
[22:16] subha yes, +1
[22:16] shrini_ hello all
[22:16] srikanthlogic arunram: ok saar
[22:16] RadhaKrishna_ +1
[22:16] srikanthlogic ShijuAlex: lol.. not really
[22:16] shrini_ sorry for late joining
[22:16] subha
[22:16] srikanthlogic they want to add debit cards
[22:17] shrini_ hope will get the logs somewhere
[22:17] tinucherian oh , any idea why? i was thinking it was not displaying because i can clicked close once
[22:17] -->| anil (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:17] arunram the next one falls on Dec 31st
[22:17] arunram that may not be a good idea
[22:17] tinucherian @logic , are you sure that they are not displaying banners for India ?
[22:17] subha @Shrini, yes they will be documented at,2011
[22:17] arunram what say everyone?
[22:17] srikanthlogic tinucherian: last i heard it will be up by thursday, its already sat
[22:17] ShijuAlex many people asked for debit card/net banking support
[22:17] subha Arun, can u pls create a calender?
[22:17] tinucherian oh ok
[22:18] srikanthlogic tinucherian: can you push harder thru wmf folks ?
[22:18] <--| Nitin has left #wikimedia-in
[22:18] =-= anil is now known as anilankv
[22:18] srikanthlogic 2 weeks is too long to go without any banner
[22:18] tinucherian will try ... i am still a volunteer
[22:18] srikanthlogic they could have atleast put only credit cards
[22:18] srikanthlogic tinucherian: some context and replies
[22:18] subha yes, agree with logic
[22:18] arunram folks can we agree on next IRC meeting first - Jan 7th ok? since Dec 31st may not work for all....
[22:19] arunram Jan 7th 9 PM ok with all?
[22:19] Gyan ok
[22:19] Noopur28 fine by me. Gtg. See you all!
[22:19] tinucherian Jan 7 is thursday?
[22:19] subha yes, 7this fine, but i might be in a location with no/less connectivity.
[22:19] srikanthlogic will try hard to make it.. but has alumni meet same day
[22:19] Gyan that would be nice
[22:19] subha no sat
[22:19] srikanthlogic tinucherian: jan 7 sat
[22:19] tinucherian i thought somebody said sat needed
[22:19] arunram thanks @Noopur28
[22:19] subha yes tinu
[22:19] |<-- Noopur28 has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[22:20] tinucherian ok.. sorry.. forgot to change year
[22:20] arunram ok we seem too be ok as a team with jan 7th 9 PM
[22:20] srikanthlogic tinucherian: appreciate if you could pursue on fundraising.. i keep trying without luck
[22:20] subha i said sat is good, but wont b able to attend the next irc
[22:20] arunram ok
[22:20] MKar ok
[22:21] arunram Folks we should formally close the IRC since it is 20 mins past the planned time
[22:21] arunram is that ok with all?
[22:21] subha
[22:21] srikanthlogic arunram: yes
[22:21] tinucherian raises hand
[22:21] Gyan
[22:21] arunram folks are welcome to contine the chats as needed
[22:21] Gyan ok
[22:21] srikanthlogic shouts to people to visit here more often
[22:21] arunram but the chapter IRC chat is now formally closed.
[22:22] subha +1 srikanthlogic
[22:22] yuvipanda adds it to autojoin
[22:22] arunram We thank everyone for their active participation. 26 people participated
[22:22] shrini_ ok
[22:22] subha Arun, we need a calender with links to the IRC and academies
[22:22] arunram we think it was a good chat and interaction, thanks all. over and out.
[22:23] subha and the link to this calender should b there in main page
[22:23] subha
[22:23] arunram ok
[22:23] tinucherian Shall i copy the chat log to the page ?
[22:23] arunram the IRC is now formally closed thank you!
[22:23] subha we can still continue the chat li'l longer "OFF the record" ?
[22:23] RadhaKrishna_ that is good idea Tinu
[22:23] arunram Happy new year and Merry Christmas everyone!
[22:24] tinucherian thanks you all... merry Xmas and happy new year to all
[22:24] arunram sure @subha
[22:24] anirudh tinucherian, in the future we should inform the participants that the chat will be publicly logged, or atleast logged on the members wiki
[22:24] tinucherian ok..
[22:24] tinucherian this time, if i may ask, is anybody not logging the chat this time?
[22:25] arunram as in @tinucherian
[22:25] arunram ?
[22:25] tinucherian anybody not agreeing to log this time ?
[22:25] tinucherian feel free to say
[22:25] RadhaKrishna_ agree to log
[22:25] |<-- yuvipanda has left freenode (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:25] <--| RadhaKrishna_ has left #wikimedia-in
[22:26] -->| yuvipanda (~yuvipanda@ has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:26] arunram how does one log who all attended on IRC?
[22:26] arunram some didnt say anything....
[22:27] Gyan sorry I dont get that
[22:27] tinucherian Thanks anirudh .. We may have to mention that the the chat will be logged in future
[22:27] arunram he guys we didnt get to chat abiut GLAM
[22:27] subha well, in that case those who participated in active discussion only to be listed
[22:27] arunram looking for volunteers
[22:27] arunram and folks interested....
[22:27] anirudh I think it's generally alright if we log and post it on a non-public wiki (, but best to inform next time.
[22:27] subha yes, arjuna shared his view in WMBL40
[22:27] subha +1 arun
[22:28] tinucherian or unless nobody objects this time ?
[22:28] subha sorry anirudh*
[22:28] techfiz I will be active on irc from next meet ppl. It's hard to type from mobile
[22:28] arunram it was great that you joined @techfiz
[22:29] arunram any IRC gurus here
[22:29] arunram how does one change the IRC topic ona channel in Xchat ?
[22:29] arunram anyone familiar with this client?
[22:29] tinucherian @arunram , left and join notices , may help
[22:29] tinucherian i am using chatzilla
[22:29] subha can we create a google calender and send to a list of people @arun. @tinu ?
[22:30] anirudh arunram, you have to be a chanop. I used to be one, but now I don't seem to have the rights here.
[22:30] anirudh pings bernard_x
[22:30] anirudh hi bernard_x, can you transfer chanop access to em
[22:30] anirudh ?
[22:30] arunram to me too...
[22:30] arunram helps set focus on conversatios
[22:31] -->| Gyan_ (0e608657@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:31] <--| anirudh has left #wikimedia-in
[22:31] |<-- Gyan has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[22:31] tinucherian waits to see if anybody has objections logging the this chat session
[22:31] Gyan_ no objection
[22:32] arunram ok @subha
[22:32] arunram who is bernard_x
[22:32] arunram does anyone know?
[22:32] Gyan_ no
[22:34] |<-- Gyan_ has left freenode (Client Quit)
[22:34] Teju2friends good night all.. meet u all on nxt IRC...
[22:34] arunram that is 7th jan!
[22:35] -->| Gyan (0e608657@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:35] |<-- ShijuAlex has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[22:35] |<-- Teju2friends has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[22:36] arunram looks like the conversation has died down
[22:37] subha
[22:37] Gyan how many people are active ?
[22:38] subha good night everyone, thanks for joining, Next IRC on 7 Jan. Merry Cristmas and happy Near in advance
[22:38] Gyan can I know what was the talk about membership?
[22:38] Gyan goodnight
[22:39] arunram @Gyan we just request people to request others to join chapter membership
[22:39] arunram @Gyan goodnight
[22:39] Gyan chapter membership !! can I know lil detail ?
[22:40] Gyan I'm here I just said goodnight to subha
[22:40] subha @Gyan I will gove u the details
[22:40] |<-- MikeLynch-sgrao has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[22:40] tinucherian @gyan
[22:40] subha abt membership
[22:40] arunram
[22:41] Gyan thank you
[22:42] Gyan I'm a new member so dont know all excuse me if any redundancy in question
[22:42] MKar @Gyan, will you attend the Dhenkanal/ Nalconagar WA
[22:43] Gyan sorry cant go there but can be with you at cuttack
[22:43] MKar ok
[22:44] tinucherian since nobody raised objection , me thinks it was ok to keep a transcript of the chat log .. but will check with few others and post it ..
[22:44] tinucherian Foundation IRCs are also logged
[22:45] subha @gyan and MKar, pls join the Facebook chat
[22:45] MKar ok
[22:46] Gyan ok
[22:46] MKar good night everyone... HNY & MC
[22:46] |<-- MKar has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[22:47] |<-- techfiz has left freenode (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:47] -->| techfiz (~androirc@ has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:50] -->| subha_ (0ec31870@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:50] |<-- Gyan has left freenode (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[22:51] tinucherian ok.. the previous IRC sessions are also logged
[22:52] |<-- subha has left freenode (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)


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