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Internet Relay Chats/April 8, 2015

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Wikimedia India

Date and Time
April 8, 2015, 9:00 pm

How to connect ?
IRC Channel at #wikimedia-in connect

Status and growth of Indian language Wiktionaries


  • Touching base with the community
  • Discussing status, proposed activities, exchange of best practices and formation of pan-Indian working group for the growth of Wiktionaries.

Registered Attendees

  1. ravidreams
  2. Bodhisattwa
  3. Yohannvt
  4. Info-farmer
  5. Odisha1
  6. Omshivaprakash 15:06, 7 April 2015 (IST)
  7. Gullapalli Nageswara Rao --Nrgullapalli 16:24, 7 April 2015 (IST)

Actual Attendees

  1. Ravidreams
  2. Bodhisattwa
  3. Info-farmer
  4. Omshivaprakash
  5. Shanmugam


As archived at

[15:31:21] <Bodhisattwa>	 Hello everyobody
[15:32:42] <Bodhisattwa>	 Hello ravi, welcome
[15:32:43] <ravidreams>	 Hi
[15:33:39] <Bodhisattwa>	 I hope we can start todays dscussion
[15:33:54] <ravidreams>	 I am checking if few others who signed up are available
[15:34:00] <ravidreams>	 Yes, we can start
[15:34:37] <info-farmer>	 Hope you are well
[15:34:55] <Bodhisattwa>	 Hi Loganathan Sir
[15:35:01] <Bodhisattwa>	 How r u?
[15:35:32] <info-farmer>	 no sir Doctor! call me farmer, please
[15:35:32] <techfiz>	 hi all, how is everyone doing?
[15:35:39] * techfiz Omshivaprakash from kn:wiki
[15:35:59] <Bodhisattwa>	 Hi Omshivaprakash, great to see u here
[15:36:30] <techfiz>	 :) Bodhisattwa nice to meet you too
[15:36:40] <info-farmer>	 Happy to meet. Omshivaprakash
[15:38:39] <Bodhisattwa>	 Ok, can we start?
[15:39:27] <info-farmer>	 I would like to begin SIG for Wiktionary. furnish your opinion, please
[15:40:57] <info-farmer>	 Special interest group (SIG) in Wikimedia.india
[15:41:11] <Bodhisattwa>	 It would be great
[15:42:08] <Bodhisattwa>	 Can you please explain in details about your plan to start a SIG
[15:42:13] <Bodhisattwa>	 ?
[15:42:26] <techfiz>	 info-farmer: Isn't it better to reach out to the existing language SIGs to understand the Wiktionary community first?
[15:43:11] <techfiz>	 Also encourage them to bring both communities together or slowly start building the collaboration
[15:44:00] <info-farmer>	  Ravi! Will you explain more about SIG?
[15:44:49] <Bodhisattwa>	 I think Ravi has left may be for a few minutes.
[15:45:11] <info-farmer>	 ok
[15:45:39] <Bodhisattwa>	 Ok, he has joined again
[15:46:04] <info-farmer>	  Bodhi! you please our collaboration to Omshivaprakash
[15:46:04] <Ravidreams>	 I Apologies. Facing connection issues.
[15:46:25] <Bodhisattwa>	 Info-farmer has a request to Ravi if he can explain more about SIG
[15:47:45] <Bodhisattwa>	 Om, Bengali wiktionary community is now collaborating with Tamil Wikt community
[15:48:35] <info-farmer>	 Om! Please visit ta.wikt embassy page
[15:49:13] <Bodhisattwa>	 We are developing simple templates, which will help create words automatically after manually retreiving data from PD online dictionaries
[15:50:37] <Bodhisattwa>	 Bengali Wikt has a target to reach more than 1 lakh words margin from todays 1000 words situation in a year or two
[15:51:27] <info-farmer>	 thank you. Bodhi.
[15:51:58] <techfiz>	 info-farmer: Bodhisattwa good to hear about the collaboration between bn and ta. I will look into the embassy page to learn more about it.
[15:52:03] <Bodhisattwa>	 Very simple templates, which can also be utilised by other Wikt communities
[15:52:09] <ravidreams_>	 I am followig the log at
[15:52:50] <ravidreams_>	 Sure, I will explain my ideas about growing wiktionaries in Indian languages and how a SIG can help
[15:52:55] <techfiz>	 Kannada Wiktionary has got more than 2 lakh words but I haven't been active there as we have a community taking care of it.
[15:52:58] <ravidreams_>	 towards the end of this session
[15:52:58] <info-farmer>	 Like sa.wikt also in our collaboration
[15:53:38] <info-farmer>	  When i look Kn.wikt, i found that  there is no category for English entries, Why?
[15:53:39] <techfiz>	 between, please excuse me as I have to run out for sometime. I will follow the discussion here once I'm back.
[15:53:58] <Bodhisattwa>	 ok
[15:54:29] <techfiz>	 info-farmer: as I mentioned earlier, I have to bring those community members online to collaborate with you all. I think I had seen one of your conversation with Kiran Ravikumar.
[15:54:38] <info-farmer>	 Will you please introduce kn.wikt contributors
[15:54:39] * techfiz getting late brb!
[15:54:49] <techfiz>	 will do
[15:55:19] <ravidreams_>	 info-farmer: I will try to connect at least one member from each wiktionary
[15:55:35] <Bodhisattwa>	 info-farmer, how is the collaboration with sa.wikt going on?
[15:56:10] <ravidreams_>	 I was expecting Shitikantha Dash from Odia Wiktionary to join us. He has added 1000s of words in the last few months through a bot
[15:56:44] <Bodhisattwa>	  we want to learn from his experience also
[15:56:51] <Bodhisattwa>	 it would be great
[15:56:59] <info-farmer>	 slow not much like you people
[15:57:51] <info-farmer>	 Only one person. He is learning about AWb
[15:58:06] <ravidreams_>	 info-farmer: I am planning to visit Samskrit Bharathi soon. Will see how we can get their wiktionary more active
[15:58:46] <info-farmer>	 Due to slow internet connection, we unable to learn much
[15:59:39] <ravidreams_>	 info-farmer: Who is that person? Is he working in Samskrit Bharathi?
[16:00:17] <ravidreams_>	 May be we can have a short trip for you arranged to Samskrit Bharathi and kickstart the collaboration?
[16:00:48] <info-farmer>	 nehal !
[16:00:58] <ravidreams_>	 My inference is that for every 10 Wikipedians we may have 1 Wiktionarian active in the languages
[16:01:23] <ravidreams_>	 So, most of the Indian Wiktionaries hardly hav one or two active Wiktionarians
[16:03:11] <ravidreams_>	 If we hav clear focus like , we can easily hav some activity in all languages
[16:03:12] <Bodhisattwa>	 yeah, thats correct
[16:03:50] <info-farmer>	 I am ready to all indian wikt . If you have a plan, pls inform me.
[16:04:02] <ravidreams_>	 creating words using templates like can help
[16:04:27] <ravidreams_>	 Bodhisattwa: Did you find any increased activity after creating this template in bn wikt?
[16:05:02] <Bodhisattwa>	 We are using this templates
[16:05:28] <Bodhisattwa>	 Telling new users to use it also
[16:05:37] <info-farmer>	 In ml.wikt,  they translated the 1000words
[16:06:19] <ravidreams_>	 Bodhisattwa: Please have it added to the sitenotice
[16:06:36] <ravidreams_>	 also, explain this page creation box in bn wiki village pump
[16:06:40] <info-farmer>	 Now i am adding audio files from commons to ml.wikt
[16:06:42] <ravidreams_>	 and social media channels
[16:07:07] <Bodhisattwa>	 We are also working in bn.wikt about the translation of 1000words
[16:07:14] <ravidreams_>	 info-farmer: what kind of audio files? don't we have them in commons already?
[16:07:30] <info-farmer>	 1000 BasicEnglish+UK
[16:07:33] <ravidreams_>	 info-farmer: what kind of audio files? don't we have them in commons already?
[16:07:50] <info-farmer>	 Uk
[16:07:54] <ravidreams_>	 I have seen my uncle who never bothers about wiki using an unofficial app for tamil wiktionary
[16:08:07] <ravidreams_>	 until then, I didn't know that such an app existed !
[16:08:10] <info-farmer>	 UK+US+AUS to BE words
[16:08:23] <ravidreams_>	 So, may people can benefit from having basic words explained in their language
[16:08:24] <ravidreams_>	 Many use dictionary every day than wikipedia
[16:09:28] <ravidreams_>	 info-farmer: oh ok, I thought we have those files only in ta wikt. Missed that you said they are available in commons
[16:09:29] <Bodhisattwa>	 we are also planning for adding bn audio files.
[16:10:00] <info-farmer>	 yes i saw more than 1200 people visit ta.wikt
[16:11:01] <info-farmer>	 I checked and added more than 1500 files
[16:11:41] <ravidreams_> says we have 814 views per hour
[16:11:41] <ravidreams_>	 That is nic
[16:12:45] <info-farmer>	 Now i am trying to add both UK+US at a effort
[16:13:22] <ravidreams_>	 info-farmer: Instead of you doing all the work, see if you can guide someone from local community
[16:13:33] <ravidreams_>	 info-farmer: That way we can scale the work in all communities
[16:13:39] <info-farmer>	 yes
[16:13:46] <info-farmer>	 in te.wikt
[16:14:00] <info-farmer>	 one person joined with me
[16:14:05] <Bodhisattwa>	 Can the 1000 Basic English words translated in all Indic languages, be used in one spread sheet and used in all wikt projects?
[16:15:17] <info-farmer>	 in sa.wikt also like i started they are continuing..
[16:15:32] <Bodhisattwa>	 Can the 1000 Basic English words translated in all Indic languages, be used in one spread sheet and used in all wikt projects?
[16:17:56] <info-farmer>	 to  save time, we have to make entries
[16:17:57] <info-farmer>	 then only we can understand the particular tech need
[16:17:57] <Bodhisattwa>	 ok
[16:18:15] <Bodhisattwa>	 I think the translation section need special attention
[16:18:40] <info-farmer>	 now we are preparing to 1000
[16:24:14] <info-farmer>	 we extracted uk audio files 1500 + US 13000 files
[16:24:15] <info-farmer>	 How can we sort common words of both UK+US
[16:24:16] <info-farmer>	 If we sort, while we upload
[16:24:17] <Shanmugamp7>	 hey info-farmer and Ravidreams
[16:24:17] <Shanmugamp7>	 some meeting going on?
[16:24:17] <info-farmer>	 we can add both UK+US audio links
[16:24:18] <info-farmer>	 shanmugam! surprise!!
[16:24:19] <info-farmer>	 welcome!!!
[16:24:19] <Shanmugamp7>	 info-farmer:  i usually idle here :)
[16:24:19] <Shanmugamp7>	 what do we need for that audio files?
[16:24:19] <Shanmugamp7>	 info-farmer: ^
[16:24:19] <ravidreams_>	 Spread sheet can make it easy but I would prefer the work be done directly in Wiktionary so people can get credit
[16:24:19] <ravidreams_>	 we can use spreadsheets when automated work using scraped data is used
[16:24:33] <info-farmer>	 Bodhi! Shanmugam helped me to get the audio files in a shot time
[16:25:57] <ravidreams_>	 Shanmugamp7: That's great :)
[16:25:57] <Bodhisattwa>	 wow
[16:25:58] <Bodhisattwa>	 great
[16:26:19] <ravidreams_>	 Since, we are approaching the end of the session, may be I can share my views on a SIG for wiktionary
[16:26:37] <ravidreams_>	 Shanmugamp7: If you can document the hack, we can add them for more languages
[16:31:34] <Shanmugamp7>	 ravidreams_:  its a API call, document is available in
[16:31:34] <Bodhisattwa>	 yeah
[16:31:34] <info-farmer>	 I learning to do all my my work opensource only
[16:31:35] <Shanmugamp7>
[16:31:35] <info-farmer>	 finally! Onscreen key board is a must in all wiktionary
[16:31:36] <ravidreams_>	 Shanmugamp7: Thanks
[16:31:36] <Bodhisattwa>	 One question, how can the translation section of en.wikt can be created in other indic wikt? its really good
[16:31:36] <ravidreams_>	 One can learn more about SIGs at
[16:31:36] <ravidreams_>	 so far we have only language based and city based SIGs
[16:31:36] <Shanmugamp7>	 Bodhisattwa:  info-farmer  already checked with me for that, will try to get some script developer help to import that
[16:31:37] <info-farmer>	 yes i too thinking in your way Bodhi!
[16:31:37] <ravidreams_>	 and theme based SIGs like gendergap and GLAM
[16:31:38] <ravidreams_>	 Wiktionary can be our first Wikimedia projct based SIG
[16:32:04] <Bodhisattwa>	 Shanmugamp7, great
[16:32:08] <ravidreams_>	 Based on this experience, I hope we can form more SIGs for WikiSource, Mediawiki and Commons
[16:32:31] <ravidreams_>	 My hope for Wiktionary SIG is to have basic things done
[16:33:05] <info-farmer>	 ok Bodhi! in this week end. we will upload the 1000 words with relavant media files
[16:33:35] <Bodhisattwa>	 great
[16:33:42] <ravidreams_>	 1. Have Wiktionaries started or revived in all Indian languages having Wikipedias -
[16:34:14] <ravidreams_>	 2. Have at least 1 very active editor (making 100 edits a month) and 5 active users (making 5 edits a month) in all Wiktionaries
[16:34:31] <ravidreams_>	 3. Have 1000 basic english words created in all language Wiktionaries
[16:34:47] <ravidreams_>	 4. Identify and document all possible sources like DSLA for all languages
[16:36:16] <ravidreams_>	 5. Identify and gather free and public domain content that can get into Wiktionaries
[16:36:16] <ravidreams_>	 6. Connect interlanguage Wiktionarians to exchange best practices and tech talent
[16:36:16] <ravidreams_>	 Outside this SIG, I can also try to push for a user friendly Wiktionary app (either with a India focus or the official app)
[16:36:16] <info-farmer>	 In a year, we will increase the wikt.production
[16:36:16] <ravidreams_>	 We need an app that works offline
[16:36:45] <ravidreams_>	 These can be the objectives of the Wiktionary SIG
[16:36:50] <info-farmer>	 Ravi! one question
[16:36:52] <ravidreams_>	 Please feel free  to add more and improve our focus
[16:37:44] <ravidreams_>	 To give a basic understanding about SIG, so far it has been running like Wikiprojects only. But, we hope to revive the SIG model and make it more autonomous including a dedicated budget
[16:42:38] <ravidreams_>	 info-farmer: Yes, please tell
[16:42:39] <info-farmer>	 how can implement the pop-up facility of oriya.wikt to ta.wikt?
[16:42:39] <info-farmer>
[16:42:40] <info-farmer>	 OK Bodhi! Shall we close our discussion?
[16:42:40] <Shanmugamp7>	 info-farmer:  which pop-up facility?
[16:43:58] <info-farmer>	 r u in oriya.wikt page. Shanmugam!
[16:44:11] <info-farmer>	 if yes,
[16:44:13] <Shanmugamp7>	 yes
[16:44:50] <info-farmer>	 place your mouse on a bliue link
[16:45:44] <Shanmugamp7>	 ok
[16:45:58] <info-farmer>	 that will show info ( the inside of the link)
[16:46:24] <Shanmugamp7>	 ok that is a script, i think we have that for tamil wiki also
[16:47:22] <Shanmugamp7>	 or can u give me a screenshot info-farmer
[16:47:25] <ravidreams>	 info-farmer: OK, Bodhi is also not seen
[16:47:26] <info-farmer>	 you mean we have to activate?
[16:47:51] <Shanmugamp7>	 there is a software feature also
[16:47:52] <ravidreams>	 once we figure out this pop=-up thing, we can close the discussion officially
[16:47:57] <ravidreams>	 feel free to continue chatting after that
[16:48:18] <info-farmer>	 he always facing conect-problem
[16:49:13] <info-farmer>	 Shall we leave?
[16:49:38] <info-farmer>	 ok !bye for now!!
[16:50:03] <Shanmugamp7>	 i think you are talking about
[16:50:09] <Shanmugamp7>	 info-farmer: or ravidreams ^
[16:51:40] <ravidreams>	 Ya
[16:51:40] <ravidreams>	 bye for today :)
[16:51:45] <Shanmugamp7>	 ok
[16:51:52] <Shanmugamp7>	 its available in all wikis
[16:51:58] <Shanmugamp7>	 just we have to enable them
[16:51:59] <Shanmugamp7>
[16:52:00] <info-farmer>	 thank you Shan!
[16:52:31] <info-farmer>	 bye for now all of you
[16:52:41] <Shanmugamp7>	 bye