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Internet Relay Chats/April 5, 2015

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Wikimedia India

Date and Time
April 05, 2015, 04:30 PM (IST)

How to connect ?
IRC Channel at #wikimedia-in connect

Wiki Loves Food planning.


  • Touching base with the WLF volunteers
  • Discussing decisions on rules, prizes, jury and dates for launching Wiki Loves Food.


  1. Yohannvt
  2. Sailesh Patnaik
  3. Santosh Singare
  4. Tahera Barmal
  5. Sujay Chandra


[16:32:41] <yohannvt>	 Hello everyone
[16:33:07] <yohannvt>	 as we wait for others to join, lets have introductions.
[16:33:20] <yohannvt>	 I see Sujay & anivar
[16:34:39] <anivar>	 yohannvt,  whats the agenda . I am usual in the channel . I am not aware about what is happening now
[16:34:51] <anivar>	 yohannvt,  it will be good if you can enlighten
[16:34:55] <yohannvt>	 Hi anivar
[16:35:05] <yohannvt>	 yes i will tell the agenda
[16:35:18] <yohannvt>
[16:35:33] <Sailesh>	 any discussion going on?
[16:35:49] <yohannvt>	 @Sailesh we just started
[16:36:00] <Sailesh>	 accidentally i joined the IRC :P
[16:36:10] <cherishsantosh>	 Hello from mumbai
[16:36:12] <cherishsantosh>	 :D
[16:36:38] <yohannvt>	 Hi cherishsantosh
[16:36:46] <cherishsantosh>	 hello yohan
[16:37:28] <Sailesh>	 Jay Jagannath All :)
[16:37:52] <yohannvt>	 Anivar, eventhough you have not signed up as a volunteer, your inputs are always valued
[16:38:06] <yohannvt>	 Jay Jagannath, Sailesh
[16:38:10] <yohannvt>	 :D
[16:38:33] <Tahera>	 Hi guys
[16:38:34] <anivar>	 yohannvt,  Thanks
[16:38:56] <yohannvt>	 Hi Tahera
[16:40:16] <yohannvt>	 So we are currently waitting for some more Volunteers to join
[16:40:25] <Sailesh>	 i have one query , can we please postpone the event dates ?
[16:40:32] <yohannvt>	 22:15, I will start
[16:40:45] <cherishsantosh>	 whhy sailesh?
[16:41:47] <Tahera>	 What dates have been decided?
[16:42:29] <Sailesh>	 We are going so hurriedly, Our aim was to enrich Commons with quality photographs but now the time is limited
[16:43:03] <yohannvt>	 As of now, we have  put up Proespective dates for phase 1: April 15 - May 15
[16:43:13] <yohannvt>	 Hi Sailesh
[16:43:38] <Tahera>	 That does seem a little early
[16:43:48] <yohannvt>	 I will just take out some lines from our page of WLF
[16:43:56] <Sailesh>	 yeah
[16:44:11] <yohannvt>	 "This will be a pilot to understand the dynamics of Commons community before the contest is launched for the wider Wikimedia India community."
[16:44:48] <yohannvt>	 So what we are doing is to launch phase 1 , which will be a pilot
[16:45:11] <yohannvt>	 after that only, we will have the original competition
[16:45:16] <Sailesh>	 (y)
[16:45:31] <Sujay25>	 I think this will be trial run.- right?
[16:45:41] <yohannvt>	 yes, sujay25
[16:46:13] <yohannvt>	 we will just try it from April15-May 15, after which we will have a full fledged competition
[16:47:06] <yohannvt>	 so even if we make mistakes in phase 1, we will learn from it & Implement it when the real competition starts, ie in June
[16:47:39] <cherishsantosh>	 I think its first event where we are involving all indic language
[16:48:02] <Sailesh>	 then the early phase winners will not get any prizes?
[16:48:09] <yohannvt>	 I wanted this IRC to happen, so that i am able to solve if not all but some queries
[16:48:16] <cherishsantosh>	 so we are checking responses
[16:48:29] <cherishsantosh>	 hahahahha sailesh no price
[16:48:56] <Sailesh>	 :P
[16:48:57] <yohannvt>	 Sailesh, we will have prizes, but not as big as when the real competition starts
[16:49:43] <yohannvt>	 so phase 1 will have small prizes to motivate the participants & phase 2 will be having a bigger Prizes.
[16:50:03] <cherishsantosh>	 yehhhh
[16:50:27] <Sujay25>	 nice
[16:50:37] <Sailesh>	 The eveny is completely community based ?
[16:51:16] <yohannvt>	 It should be pointed out here that a food themed competition has happened earlier in the Wikimedia Community
[16:51:54] <yohannvt>	 Wiki Loves Africa - 2014 was a similar competition
[16:51:58] <cherishsantosh>	 yohan can you explain in brief about event
[16:52:09] <yohannvt>
[16:52:14] <cherishsantosh>	 then we will sort queries
[16:52:33] <yohannvt>	 cherishsantosh , are you talking about WLA ??
[16:53:14] <cherishsantosh>	 yehh
[16:53:23] <yohannvt>	 answering Sailesh's question, Phase 1 will be a community based competition
[16:53:45] <yohannvt>	 Phase 2 can be spread to outsiders too
[16:54:24] <yohannvt>	 Its not that Phase 1 will be banned for outsiders, it is only that for phase 1, we will not target the normal people
[16:54:28] <Sailesh>	 santosh you aren't allowed for the event because you haven't uploaded all the pics of ttt :D
[16:55:24] <yohannvt>	 Explaining about WLA, it is a commons based photography competition for the whole Continent of Africa
[16:55:40] <cherishsantosh>	 hahahahha
[16:55:50] <cherishsantosh>	 but event about food
[16:55:59] <cherishsantosh>	 so I have lots of images :D
[16:56:12] <yohannvt>	 it has a very interesting concept where in different countries have their set of Volunteers
[16:57:11] <yohannvt>	 regarding food theme of WLA, you will find lots of similarities of different rules and regulations with proposed WLF rules
[16:57:24] <Sailesh>	 Okay Yohan explain what we people have to. do?
[16:57:49] <Sailesh>	 except uploading photographs
[16:57:54] <Sailesh>	 :D
[16:57:58] <yohannvt>	 I will go step by step
[16:58:04] <cherishsantosh>	 :D
[16:58:22] <yohannvt>	 firstly i will give a background about the involvement of WMIN with WLF
[16:59:26] <Sailesh>	 (y)
[16:59:36] <yohannvt>	 WMIN has recieved a extension of grant for the period of April to June 2015
[17:00:02] <yohannvt>	 so if we are having WLF, it should finish by June 2015
[17:00:22] <yohannvt>	 please see our grant proposal , which is approved by WMF
[17:00:23] <yohannvt>
[17:00:54] <yohannvt>	 so we should finish phase 2 by latest mid June
[17:01:51] <yohannvt>	 So that solves everyones doubt about why i am fast-tracking the planning for WLF
[17:02:30] <yohannvt>	 Next step is Planning of WLF
[17:02:55] <yohannvt>	 This is a community run event with WMIN as its backbone
[17:03:06] <yohannvt>	 This is our planning page
[17:03:18] <yohannvt>	 this is a sub-page of WLF
[17:03:35] <yohannvt>
[17:04:40] <yohannvt>	 On this page, we will be having discussion on Rules,Jury,Prizes and dates
[17:05:00] <yohannvt>	 as of now , first priority is dates finalization
[17:05:38] <yohannvt>	 I invite suggestions for finalizing dates
[17:05:48] <yohannvt>	 Phase 1 & Phase 2
[17:07:02] <yohannvt>	 I suggest we have Phase 1 from April 15th-April 30th
[17:07:48] <yohannvt>	 Phase 2 can commence from after that
[17:08:23] <yohannvt>	 Sujay25 , cherishsantosh , suggestions ??
[17:10:23] <SaSailesh>	 okay /
[17:10:32] <yohannvt>	 So phase 2 can be a 45 day competition
[17:10:46] <yohannvt>	 becuase it will be a bigges competition !!!
[17:10:54] <yohannvt>	 *bigger
[17:10:55] <Sujay25>	 connecting other community without volunteers will be a challenge.
[17:11:39] <yohannvt>	 I am currently connecting with as many community members as possible
[17:11:56] <yohannvt>	 Sujay25, yes it will be an issue!!
[17:12:43] <yohannvt>	 but you should see here that this type of competition has never been attempted in the Indian community ever
[17:13:16] <yohannvt>	 so even if we make mistakes, I see it as a learning
[17:13:48] <Sujay25>	 ok
[17:14:08] <yohannvt>	 So we can make it official then
[17:14:14] <yohannvt>	 Phase 1 - 15 days
[17:14:19] <yohannvt>	 Phase 2 - 45 days
[17:14:20] <SaSailesh>	 please post on village pump of every indic community before an IRC so we can get large participants
[17:14:45] <SaSailesh>	 Cool (y)
[17:14:46] <yohannvt>	 Yes Sasailesh, will ensure that happens next time
[17:15:22] <yohannvt>	 April 15th - 30th Phase 1
[17:15:24] <Sujay25>	 Yes
[17:15:33] <SaSailesh>	 Okay Yohan :)
[17:16:06] <cherishsantosh>	 sorry netwwork prob
[17:16:16] <yohannvt>	 Thank you , i shall update the page accordingly
[17:16:31] <yohannvt>	 next is Jury
[17:16:44] <yohannvt>	 I suggest we have 3 Judges on the Jury
[17:17:31] <cherishsantosh>	 okey
[17:17:33] <SaSailesh>	 and please select them randomly :)
[17:17:42] <yohannvt>	 One an expert in food, another in Photograhy & third will be a senior WIkimedian form the Commons community
[17:17:50] <cherishsantosh>	 :)
[17:18:12] <yohannvt>	 I think , this will cover all the major focus areas for WLF
[17:18:21] <SaSailesh>	 because in these months am seeing WMIN is promoting certain community :/
[17:18:46] <SaSailesh>	 Okay
[17:19:25] <yohannvt>	 We will ensure that we wil have adequate represntation from the whole of India
[17:20:09] <yohannvt>	 No focus will be on a specific community
[17:20:20] <yohannvt>	 I will ensure that :)
[17:20:44] <SaSailesh>	 Good :)
[17:21:06] <yohannvt>	 I will put up on the Jury page, the suggestion of 3 judges
[17:21:10] <cherishsantosh>	 yeshhh
[17:21:18] <yohannvt>	 I welcome suggestions in the field
[17:21:22] <yohannvt>	 *this
[17:22:07] <yohannvt>	 so , now that we have an idea about the Jury
[17:22:23] <yohannvt>	 In the next IRC, we can finalize the Judges
[17:22:56] <cherishsantosh>	 okey
[17:22:56] <yohannvt>	 Next agenda is Rules & Regulations
[17:23:15] <yohannvt>	 As seen in this page
[17:23:16] <yohannvt>
[17:23:37] <yohannvt>	 I have put up Proposed rules and regulations
[17:24:11] <yohannvt>	 User:Tito Dutta has given his input
[17:24:25] <yohannvt>	 I welcome suggestions of others
[17:25:31] <yohannvt>	 If noone has any more suggestions , i will finalize it
[17:26:20] <Tb__>	 Seems fine by me..
[17:26:46] <yohannvt>	 So, i will finalize that too !! :)
[17:27:35] <yohannvt>	 we can always revisit them , if other volunteers have any doubts!! but as of now, i will finalize them
[17:28:24] <yohannvt>	 Next agenda is Prizes
[17:28:25] <Tb__>	 Shouldn't we add something about photo graphs not being watermarked etc?
[17:29:09] <yohannvt>	 @TB_ that becomes clear, when users upload the pics under CC by SA 4.0
[17:29:25] <yohannvt>	 but, since you have picked it up, i will add it to the rules
[17:29:53] <yohannvt>	 This can come under the "Not Eligible" topic
[17:30:09] <yohannvt>	 thank you TB__ :)
[17:30:25] <Tb__>	 If it's obvious, then we can avoid it.. Or maybe add a subsection with the cc by SA 4.0 rules?
[17:31:16] <yohannvt>	 we can add it to "Not Eligible" topic, for those who don't know
[17:31:23] <Tb__>	 So as to make rules clearrer.
[17:31:31] <Tb__>	 Okay
[17:31:52] <yohannvt>	 :)
[17:32:08] <yohannvt>	 so now next agenda is Prizes
[17:32:12] <Tb__>	 Okay, coming back to prizes...
[17:32:19] <yohannvt>	 this needs a lot of discussion
[17:32:27] <Tb__>	 Yes! Were giving top three?
[17:32:40] <yohannvt>	 we have an adequate budget for prizes
[17:32:43] <Tb__>	 Or how many?
[17:32:47] <yohannvt>	 enough for phase 1 and 2
[17:33:03] <yohannvt>	 This is where i need inputs
[17:33:10] <Tb__>	 Adequate budget each for phase 1 and 2 or overall?
[17:33:16] <yohannvt>	 yes
[17:34:00] <yohannvt>	 you can always check the exact budget allocated under WLF, on this link
[17:34:04] <yohannvt>
[17:34:14] <Tb__>	 Let's give top three and then maybe participation to all.. Specially for phase 1
[17:35:11] <yohannvt>	 Budget wise, that might not be feasible to give all the participants
[17:36:09] <yohannvt>	 We can give Top 3 & maybe a community award
[17:36:14] <yohannvt>	 for phase 1
[17:36:40] <Sujay25>	 ok
[17:36:46] <Tb__>	 What do you mean by community award?
[17:37:03] <yohannvt>	 Again community award idea has been adapted from WLA
[17:37:52] <yohannvt>	 It ensures that the community is involved, even for giving awards
[17:38:21] <yohannvt>	 Please check this link
[17:38:23] <yohannvt>
[17:38:49] <Tb__>	 Okay, got it!
[17:38:51] <yohannvt>	 "The Community Prize of the photo contest was decided between the 17th till the 25th of February. Community members from Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and social media related to Wikimedia projects chose from the top 20 images favoured by the official jury (these 20 images of course did not include the top 3 winners that had already been selected by the official jury)."
[17:38:55] <Tb__>	 Sounds good!
[17:39:27] <Tb__>	 So we giver four prizes in total?
[17:39:42] <yohannvt>	 Phase 1 , yes
[17:39:55] <yohannvt>	 we can adapt the same thing for Phase 2
[17:40:07] <Tb__>	 Have we decided what the prizes are?
[17:40:14] <yohannvt>	 it will be obvious that winers of Phase 1 can't win in Phase 2 again
[17:40:43] <Tb__>	 But that might not we fair
[17:40:56] <Tb__>	 Then you should keep prizes consistent over both phased
[17:41:05] <Tb__>	 Phases*
[17:41:29] <yohannvt>	 For deciding prizes, this is where i need the help of all of you, the community!!
[17:41:37] <Tb__>	 Or participants maybe tempted to participate in the phase with better prizes
[17:41:52] <yohannvt>	 yesm that makes sense
[17:41:56] <yohannvt>	 *yes
[17:42:30] <Tb__>	 What do others think?
[17:43:05] <yohannvt>	 So , Tb__ , what you are saying is the level of prizes (monetary wise) should be the same for Phase 1 & Phase 2
[17:43:17] <yohannvt>	 am i correct?
[17:43:44] <Tb__>	 Yes!
[17:44:58] <yohannvt>	 So, i think we can put this up for discussion on WLF discussion page & take a cue from there
[17:45:47] <Tb__>	 M
[17:45:49] <Tb__>	 H
[17:45:57] <Tb__>	 Hmmm*
[17:46:05] <Tb__>	 Sure
[17:46:22] <yohannvt>	 So , we have decided that , we will have 4 prizes
[17:46:48] <yohannvt>	 Monetary wise , the prizes can be discussed on the discussion page
[17:47:16] <Tb__>	 Okay sir
[17:47:49] <yohannvt>	 so , to conclude we have discussed about Dates
[17:48:09] <yohannvt>	 Phase 1  date finalized - 15th APril to 30th APril
[17:49:04] <yohannvt>	 Jury will have 3 judges - one from photography domain, one from food domain & third will be a senior wikimedian from commons community
[17:50:05] <yohannvt>	 Prizes will be 4 of them - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize
[17:50:11] <yohannvt>	 & a community prize
[17:50:50] <yohannvt>	 Hi schwiki & Bodhisattwa
[17:51:34] <schwiki>	 hi all...
[17:52:02] <yohannvt>	 regarding Rules , as per the discussion , it looks like everyone is ok with proposed rules and regulations
[17:52:10] <Tb__>	 Hello!
[17:53:33] <Bodhisattwa>	 Sorry, I am late due to other reasons
[17:53:47] <yohannvt>	 no problem, appreciate it that you have made it
[17:55:04] <yohannvt>	 I suggest everyone to read the logs of this IRC!!
[17:55:55] <yohannvt>	 so for the new people who have joined, we have discussed on dates
[17:56:19] <Bodhisattwa>	 ok
[17:56:45] <yohannvt>	 Jury composition , prizes (not monentarily) & FInalization of rules
[17:57:24] <Bodhisattwa>	 Can u please provide the log here
[17:57:40] <yohannvt>	 So schwiki , Bodhisattwa and others who are present in the IRc, anything else to discuss
[17:58:21] <yohannvt>	 I think we had a fruitful discussion and again apologize for the short notice i gave you all before the IRC
[17:59:14] <yohannvt>	 I think , we can discuss next Sunday about finalization of Prizes, Judges and any other topic you all want to discuss
[17:59:35] <Bodhisattwa>	 Can u please provide the log here
[18:00:01] <yohannvt>	 yes, i will surely provide the log on the above said link
[18:00:49] <yohannvt>	 I repeat again , that i strongly suggest every volunteer should read the logs on the link as put up by Bodhisattwa
[18:01:30] <yohannvt>	 Thank you again for being part of this IRC
[18:02:02] <yohannvt>	 Thank you everyone !! :)