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Grants/Wikiwomen's Edit-a-thon & Wikisource Digitization Contest, 2014

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This Wikimedia India grant application was not funded. Reasons have been communicated with the grant submitter in private (pre-2011) or on the Discussion page (starting 2011).
Grant contact name
Manoj K (User:Manojk)
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
General Convener, WSDC2014
Project lead name
Malayalam Wikisource
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Event Organisor
Full project name
Wikiwomen's Edit-a-thon & Wikisource Digitization Contest, 2014
Amount requested (in INR)
Provisional target start date
Provisional completion date

Project scope

The Malayalam Wikimedia community organized a Wikisource Digitization Contest and International Women's Day edit-a-thon each lasting for one month. The organizers of both the events, the top contributors of both the events, school students who participated in the digitization contest, well-wishers and the general public are gathering in Trissur, Kerala to evaluate the event, felicitate the top contributors and conduct a wikimedia workshop for the participants. This funding request is to cover the logistics of the one-day event.

Project goals

  • Distribution of prizes for the Wikisource Digitization Contest held in January, 2014
  • Conduct a Wikipedia workshop for the general public attending the event
  • Increase the visibility of Malayalam Wikimedia projects among potential audience
  • Conduct a panel discussion/keynote about the gender gap on Malayalam Wikimedia with eminent scholars
  • Distributing Wikisource Offline CD 2.0

Budget breakdown

Common Expences
Item Date Item Rate Qty. Amount Notes
1. Pre-event expenses
1.1 Press / Media 2000 1 2000 Press Conference and Press Releases
1.2 19-04-2014 (Saturday) Hall Rent 1000 1 1000
1.3 Mic & Sound + Projector + others 4000 1 4000
1.4 Stickers 2 1000 2000 Stickers of Wikipedia & Wiki globe logo with caption "Wikipedia" in Malayalam and Wikisource Logo with Caption Wiki grandhasala in malayalam. To be distributed to participants in the program. Any remaining stock will be used for future programs.
1.5 Other Expense 2000 1 2000
2. Wikiwomen's_Edit-a-thon
2.1 19-04-2014 (Morning) Banner 500 2 1000
2.2 Snacks & Beverages 30 60 1800
2.3 Honorarium (Guest speakers) 1500 5 7500
2.4 Stationery (pen, papers etc) 1000 1 1000
3.1 19-04-2014 (AfterNoon) Banner 500 2 1000
3.2 Snacks & Beverages 30 100 3000
3.3 Honorarium (Guest speakers) 1500 5 7500
3.4 Offline CD 50 400 20000
3.5 Courier charge 20 300 6000
Total Estimated expenses(Rs.) 59800

Non-financial requirements

  • Participation of members of Wikimedia India Chapter in their capacity as volunteers
  • Permission to use the Wikimedia logo

Fit to strategy

This event is for spreading the word about the two marathon events conducted by the Malayalam Wikimedia community. The aim is to get more participants for the same events during the coming years. The felicitations at this event will motivate the existing participants to contribute further during the coming years. The event will serve as a meetup for the organizers to analyse the event, and share their learning and experiences.

Measures of success

  • Attendance of participants, organisers and well-wishers of the two online events
  • Outreach of the event via press release and social media
  • Wikimedia CDs and other goodies distributed

About the events

Wikisource Digitization Contest

Wikisource project, a project of Wikimedia foundation is celebrating its tenth anniversary. As a part of the decennary celebrations, the Wikisource projects in various languages all over the world are conducting competitions that enrich their contents, including but not limited to proof-reading and digitization. Being a part of it, Wikisource's Malayalam version - Wiki Grandhasala community, a voluntary unit engaged in collecting and digitizing valuable Malayalam books of yesteryear, is organizing a digitization (Typing & Proofreading) competition, along with various Government as well as Non-Government establishments and other voluntary organisations with similar interests like Kerala Sahithya Academy, IT@ school Project, Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and Center for Internet and Society (CIS-A2K) under the banner of Malayalam Wiki community.. This digitisation competition is being conducted as a part of an effort that collects Malayalam Books whose copyright date has expired in digital form (in unicode format) preserving the content and making them more accessible and popular. The competition lasts for a month, starting on January 1, 2014 and ending on Jan 31, 2014. The competition focuses especially individuals and schools and includes some attractive prizes including E-book readers, Tablets and selected books for those who lead the scoreboard. In this competition, books that was recently released by Kerala Sahithya Academy to its public collection will be digitised.

Output of this event;

Total No. of Pages Digitized: 12000
No. Of Days : 46
Participation : 235 Users + 135 Schools (1200 Students) Offline
Edit Count's =November: 3138, December:2816, January:25292, February:15685

more statics in

Scoreboard of Online Proof reading Contest

Details of the competition

There are two specific competitions:

Competition for individuals:- This competition is for the general public. It includes typing and proofreading of selected books. The main aim is to attract people who are active in social media into Wiki Grandhasala activities. Those who wish to participate in this competition should register before January 31st 2014. Here are the pages which are to be typed in as part of this competition.

Competition for schools:- Presently many student groups, through the IT Cell of their respective schools, participate actively in the Wiki Grandhasala effort. This version of the competition aims to increase the participation of such student groups. The idea is to inculcate more love for their mother tongue among the students. The process also aims at providing awareness out about such collaborative activities, getting them interested in computer related areas, specifically Language Computing. Scanned copies of books that are in public domain will be made available to the respective schools. Under the supervision of IT@school coordinators of each school, students have to type them and proof read, which will be added to Wiki Grandhasala.

The prizes (like E-book readers, Portable scanners) are sponsored by Center for Internet and Society, Kerala Sahithya Academy and Swathanthra Malayalam Computing. Also, certificates will be awarded to all students who participate in the school level competition and IT@school coordinators, for their coordination activities.

International Women's Day Edit-a-thon

The Malayalam Wikimedia community organized a month-long online edit-a-thon to increase the participation of women in Wikipedia and to increase the number and quality of articles related to women. The duration of the edit-a-thon is from March 1-30, 2014. This is for the second year in a row that the Malayalam Wikimedia community is conducting an edit-a-thon themed for women.This first edit-a-thon, conducted in March 2013, brought over 100 new articles to Malayalam Wikipedia. As of now, over 120 new articles have been created as a part of the edit-a-thon this year. 30 users have signed up on the event page as participants. An offline Wikipedia workshop was also conducted on 4th March, 2013 along with the 'Womoz' festival, which attracted female participants to the online event. A statboard for displaying the real-time progress of the event is hosted on An evaluation report touching upon the learning from the event will be prepared at the end of the event, which will serve as a case study for conducting similar events in future.

Team members

  1. Manoj K
  2. User:Netha Hussain
  3. User:Sreejithkoiloth
  4. Anivar Aravind
  5. User:Fotokannan
  6. User:Tonynirappathu
  7. User:Hrishikesh.kb
  8. User:Balasankarc
  9. User:Arkarjun1
  10. User:Manuspanicker
  11. User:Sugeesh

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