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Grants/Wikitrack at SMC12 Year Celebrations

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Grant contact name
Manoj K (User:Manojk)
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
Wikitrack Coordinator
Project lead name
Swathanthra Malayalam Computing
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Event Organisor
Full project name
Wikitrack at Swathanthra Malayalam Computing 12 Year Celebrations
Amount requested (in INR)
69800 44800
Provisional target start date
Provisional completion date

Project scope

2013 marks the 12th year of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing's existence. - we grew up right along side the growth of digital Malayalam , from the first unsure steps to the current confident stride. For the first time, we are going to hold a large scale celebration that will honor free software, its developers, digital malayalam ecosystem, Free Content, and our beloved mother tongue. October 14,15 will see the kickoff, at Kerala Sahithya Academy Hall, Thrissur. We are planning 12th Year celebrations as an year long series of events with developer workshops, Localisation camp, user trainings and conferences. The 12th anniversary celebrations will kick start with a 2 day conference on October 14-15, in Kerala Sahitya Academy, Thrissur.

This 12 year Celebration Inaugural conference is planned as a 2 day public event to to recognize FOSS developers contributed to the Malayalam computing efforts, discuss challenges and to generate more Interest of public and academia in the language computing domain. The first day of the event will have inauguration, recognizing contributors, presenting new student contributions under Google Summer of Code 2013 and 2 panel discussions. Second day of the conference will feature various panels discussing the Technologies, way forward and challenges in front of Language Computing . There will be a parellel wiki track on october 14th featuring a panel on "Wikipedia and Knowledge Literature" and a discussion on Free Licensing works. It will be followed by a Wikimedia Volunteers Meetup. Malayalam WikiSource Volunteers is preparing an offline CD of its content to be released on this program. The event will also have an exhibition highlighting achievements in Malayalam computing ecosystem (and Wikipedia), Freedom toaster, etc apart from the conference tracks. Many Literary Figures, Linguists, Media Persons, Students , Language Technology Developers and general public will attend this event.

This Grant request and sumitted Budget is only for various wikimedia related activities in the conference, Copy Production expense for Wikisource Offline CD 2.0 and Travel and accomodation support for some wikimedian's to attend this important Malayalam language technology event.

Project goal

  • Increase the visibility of Malayalam Wikimedia projects among potential audience
  • Increase the understandings on Free Content Licenses & Wikimedia Projects among Literary Circles
  • Releasing Wikisource Offline CD 2.0
  • Increase the understanding of language computing developments among wikimedians
  • Conducting a meetup of Wikimedia Volunteers

Budget breakdown

Wikitrack at Swathanthra Malayalam Computing 12 Year Celebrations
Budget Estimate
Item Date Item Rate Qty. Amount Notes
1. Pre-event expenses
1.1 Press / Media 1500 1 1500 Press Conference and Press Releases
1.2 Printing of display banners 500 2 1000 Displayed in the Hall and outside
1.3 Stickers 2 1000 2000 Stickers of Wikipedia & Wiki globe logo with caption "Wikipedia" in Malayalam and Wikisource Logo with Caption Wiki grandhasala in malayalam. To be distributed to participants in the program. Any remaining stock will be used for future programs.
2. Program Expence
2.1 14/10/2013
Hall Rent (One Hall) 1000 1 1000
2.2 Snacks & Beverages 30 60 1800
2.3 Mic & Sound + Projector 1500+2000 1 3500
2.4 Honorarium+Travel for Literary Figures (Guest speakers) 2000 5 10000
2.5 Wikipedians Travel+Accomodation support 1200 20 24000 Travel Support for Wikimedians to attend 12th year celebrations of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing
Wikisource Offline CD
3.1 CD + Cover Printing 50 500 25000
Total Estimated expenses(Rs.) 69800 44800

Non-financial requirements

We are planning to support 20 malayalam wikipedian's to attend this major language event by providing travel and stay support. It will be good if Chapter and Swathanthra Malayalam Computing can announce it as a Joint program activity .

We plans to circlate wikipedia and Wikisource Another item intended to be supplied is small stickers of 5cm x 5cm, printed with a Wikipedia & Wikisource logo and the word "Wikipedia" and "wiki grandhasala" in Malayalam . We are printing this locally in large numbers and supplying them to any potential Wikipedia & Wikisource user. They can use this sticker on mobile phones, laptops, Bags and other such materials. It is expected to arouse interest and curiosity among common public.

If any portions of the funds that may be allocated to us are unused, we also intend to use the same for producing stickers in more quantity. We request the chapter that this may be allowed automatically.

We also request any official permission that may be required to use the logo and trade name for the above purpose without any commercial or competitive intentions.

Fit to strategy

This project will support the key organizational objectives of,

  • increasing reach (more people being able to access or contribute to Wikipedia or our other projects),
  • participation (more people actually contributing),
  • quality by getting more potential contributers to free license their projects(more useful content or higher quality existing content),
  • Collaboration Organisational Maturity and credibility by hosting events with other digital malayalam eco system

Measures of success

  • Number and quality of participants in the events.
  • Reflections and waves of the event in mass media reports and other channels of outreach
  • Enhanced number of active users (both readers and editors)
  • Reflections from the participants by way of blog posts and other social networks
  • More Free Licensed Works

About Swathanthra Malayalam Computing

Swathanthra Malayalam Computing(SMC), is a registered Indian non-profit free software collective engaged in development, localization, standardization and popularization of various Free and Open Source Software’s in Indian Languages with a special emphasis on Malayalam. On last 12 years SMC has been working to provide Malayalam language tools that work on all layers of computing including and not limited to rendering fixes, fonts, input mechanisms, translations (localization), text-to-speech engines, dictionaries, spell checkers hyphenation modules and other indic script based language computing specific tools across operating systems. We are the upstream for 12+ packages for popular GNU/Linux based operating systems such as Fedora and Debian. We also maintain localizations for popular Free Software Desktops (GNOME/KDE), popular applications like Firefox.

Team members

  1. Manoj K
  2. User:Hrishikesh.kb
  3. User:Bipinkdas
  4. User:Balasankarc
  5. Anivar Aravind
  6. User:Arkarjun1
  7. User:Alfasst
  8. User:Sivavkm

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