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Grants/Wikipedia Residential Workshop for College Students 2014

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This had been a submission to the Wikimedia India Microgrants, but was withdrawn or otherwise cancelled (not denied).
Grant contact name
Maa. Thamizhpparithi
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
Member Wikimedia India chapter, Editor, overview for Tamil Wiki News, Volunteer Wikipedia Projects
Project lead name
Maa. Thamizhpparithi
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Full project name
Wikipedia Residential Workshop for College Students 2014
Amount requested (in INR)
Provisional target start date
January 5, 2015
Provisional completion date
January 8, 2015

Budget breakdown

  • Accommodation for participants  : INR 1,20,000

Room rent INR 600*50 participants

  • Food and refreshments  : INR 93,600

Food and refreshments expense INR 360/day*4 days+ 60 persons (participants+ 10 volunteers), this cost includes the 3 times food and 2 times Tea/Coffee/Biscuits

  • Resource person fee  : INR 8,000

Special lectures will be arranged in the areas of news editing, Photography, Open source software, Lexicography INR 2000*4 resource persons

  • Stationery  : INR 5,000

Stationery includes scribbling pads, Pens, Scissors, Charts, Markers, and White papers

  • Photo tour -travel cost  : INR 10,000

One Photo tour will be arranged to create Photographic interest among the participants. The amount mentioned is for vehicle rent.

  • TA for resource persons  : INR 8,000

Four resource persons will deliver specila lecture on Photography, Open source software, Lexicography INR 2000* 4 resource persons

  • Mementos, Certificates  : INR 2,000

This amount is for printing of appreciation/ participation and giving mementos for resources persons and volunteers

  • Banner  : INR 2,100

INR 700*3 banners

  • Invitation  : INR 1,000

Invitation printing charges

  • Logistic arrangements  : INR 10,000

LCD projector, and Sound equipments INR 2,500*4 days

  • Contingency  : INR 3,000

Water cane and other incidental charges

  • Postal Charges  : INR 2,000

To send communication to the Colleges and Universities

  • Resource person and Volunteer accommodation : INR 7,000

one day resource person accommodation INR 500*4 persons+ INR 500*10 volunteers

  • TA for Volunteers  : INR 12,000

INR 2000* 6 Volunteers

Fee Waived

  • Registration fee of Participants  : INR 1,00,000

Total Waived Fee  : INR 1,00,000

Project scope

We have imported training to above 1000 students in Periyar University Salem, Tamil Nadu. We would like impart intensive 4 day residential training to 50 students. The four day residential workshop will have one Photo tour and day workshop. We are having a plan to improve the student’s knowledge in the areas of Photography, news writing and reporting, lexicography and Open source software. We would like to arrange a Photo tour to increase the knowledge of news gathering and Photo documentation. The project goal aims to create intensive awareness among the student community to edit Wikipedia projects.

Project goal

  • To create awareness about open knowledge and sharing in particular with Wikipedia movement
  • To impart intensive training to the student community on participatory knowledge sharing
  • To impart area specific training to students viz. Wikimedia Commons editing, Wikipedia editing, Wiki news editing, Wiktionary editing.
  • To create awareness about community led media and sharing
  • To involve the students to form user groups and popularize Wikimedia movement
  • To create the culture of Open source and sharing

Wikisource under a free license the Yiddish Algmeine encyclopedia."

Non-financial requirements

  • 75 Wikimedia T-shirts
  • 100

Fit to strategy

  • The workshop plans to involve the student community in real time editing of Wikimedia projects.
  • The workshop duration will be 4 days, in that the First day is particularly for sensitization and sharing knowledge on Open knowledge, Wikimedia projects, Indic computing, Photography, News editing, Lexicography, Open source software.
  • The Photo to tour targets the students to create field level documentations and news reporting and writing and uploading of all kinds of media files.
  • Based on the intensive training and the interest of the students they will be divided in to four groups and four volunteers will take care of four groups and intern they will impart knowledge on Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wiktionary and Wiki News editing.
  • The workshops main strategy is to fully involve the students to drive open knowledge sharing culture.

Program schedule

First day -Introduction to Wikimedia projects -Importance of Tamil Computing -Special lecture on Open sources software -Special lecture on Photographic techniques -Special lecture on Lexicography Second day -Photo Tour Third day The students will be divided in to four groups Intensive training will be imparted to edit, Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wiktionary, Wiki News. The student community will start editing the concern Wiki project contents Fourth day The student community will start editing the concern Wiki project contents

Other benefits

  • Student led user groups will be started in the colleges
  • The culture of open knowledge and open source will be created among students
  • 50 Students will create account and edit Wikimedia Projects.

Example: "We believe we can get some positive media attention for this project, which may also persuade other content owners to free up their material."

Measures of success

  • The student participation in Wikimedia project can be observed
  • Enrollment with Wikimedia Chapter can be counted
  • The activity of user group may be observed
  • The quality of articles, media files, Wiki news can be observed

Team members (optional)

  1. Maa. Thamizhpparithi
  2. தகவலுழவன்
  3. Parvathisri
  4. Nandhinikandhasamy