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Grants/Wiki Academy at IIT Kharagpur/Report

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Springfest Association, IIT Kharagpur and the Wikimedia India Chapter jointly organized a Wiki Academy during the Springfest 2013 at IIT Kharagpur on 26 January 2013. The Wiki Academy was held at the S.N. Bose Auditorium from 2 pm to 5 pm. The event was chaired and co-ordinated by myself. After a brief introduction to Wikipedia by myself, Partha Sarathi Banerjee spoke about the state of other Wikimedia projects. Jayanta Nath spoke about the state of Bengali Wikipedia. Rangan Datta demonstrated the hands on session, by entirely developing an article from scratch. Sucheta Ghosal spoke about the MediaWiki software and how to contribute into it. After the event, certificates were distributed to the attendees. Additionally, a photo contest based on the theme Wiki Loves Food was also organized.


Measures of Success

  • The Wiki Academy was attended by 65 students, mostly from IIT Kharagpur, KIIT Bhubaneshwar, BIT Sindri, BCET Durgapur and many other colleges. This exceeded the our initial expectation of around 20-30 students.
  • There were only 15 entries in the photo contest. Unfortunately, all the entries were invalid, either due to copyright or watermark. We considered the extension of the contest for another two weeks, but eventually it didn't happen.

Lessons learnt

The photo contest was organized without proper planning. The fact that a Wikimedia Commons photo contest is fundamentally different from any other photo contest perhaps was not conveyed properly to the contestants. This gap led to submission of copyrighted images. Further, the period of the contest itself was too short, which led to very small number of entries.

List of participants

The Springfest volunteers noted down the names, colleges and mobile nos. of the participants. Neither their email IDs nor Wikimedia User IDs were recorded. However, many people signed up for the event. The email IDs nor Wikimedia User IDs of the persons who signed up and actually participated in the event shall be available though.

Nevertheless, the list of participants are given below.

Name Email ID Wikimedia User ID
Parakrant Sarkar
Manjunath K.E.
Gurunath Reddy M.
Ashutosh Singh
Yogesh Lakhotia
Anubhav Goyal
Neeraj Kumar Verma
Mukul Kumar
Dhrubajyoti Samanta
Sudharshan Vyas
Shreya Sagar
Aagush Shrut
Saurabh Sharma
Ratnesh Kumar Rai
Dipak Sarkar
N. Jithendra Raju
Ashish Koche
Rutwik Rao
Aastha Dhingra
Gopikrishnan M.
Takshasheel Bouddha
Joseph D. Theknes
Sourya Sarkar
Swami Nishant R.
Shikha Mishra
Deepali Srivastava
Tanya Sinha
Ashok Prakash
Balachandar K.
Karthikesan N.
Saurabh Kumar
Nitesh Kumar
Umang Shilbyal
Utkarsh Diwakar
Prashant Tak
K. Vamsi Krishna
Kodali Srinath Chowdary
Kaustuv Pokhriyal
Vaibhav Konnur
Parshva Jain
Maran Mehta
Pritha Ghosh
Proloy Das
Rahul Agarwal
N. Sudhir
Vishal Lilhare
Anindita Aguan
Sourav Bose
Arijit Aich
Oliva Maity
Rahul Kar
Rahul Dasgupta
Debarun Das
Devender Bindal
Nadeem Anjum
Shounak Devbhuti
Souvic Maity
Debasmita Barat
Jawahar B.
Biren Nayak
Elango S.
Narum R. D.
Priya Dudhani


The requested grant was for INR 5,000. The total expenses were INR 3,507. The bills have been submitted and the claim has been reimbursed. The details of the expenses are given below.

Item Expenses
Railway fare (HWH - KGP) 1520
Railway fare (KGP - HWH) 1520
Food 467
Total 3507