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Grants/WikiSangamotsavam 2012 Malayalam Wiki Conference 2012

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This Wikimedia India grant was funded in the fiscal year 2012-13. Please provide a report when the project has been completed. Use this sample report as a template
Grant contact name
Adv. T.K. Sujith
Grant contact username or email
tksujith at gmail dot com
Grant contact title (position)
Treasurer, WikiSangamotsavam 2012
Project lead name
Kannan Shanmugham
Project lead username or email
fotographerkannan at gmail dot com
Project lead title (position), if any
General Convener, WikiSangamotsavam Organizing Committee
Full project name
WikiSangamotsavam 2012 (Malayalam Wiki Annual Conference 2012)
Amount requested (in INR)
Provisional target start date
Provisional completion date

Budget breakdown

WikiSangamotsavam: Estimated Expenditure
No Item Amount (INR)
1 Pre- Conference Expenses 40000
2 Conference Infrastructure Expenses 2,21,000
3 Food and Accommodation Expenses 1,13,000
Total 3,74,000

See the details in Malayalam Wiki Page

Expected Source of Income
No Source Amount (INR) Remarks
1 Registration Fee 40000
2 From Govt. of Kerala 1,20,000 20,000 confirmed
3 Sponsorship of IT@School Project 70,000 not sanctioned
4 Local Sponsorship 50,000
5 Grant From Wkimedia India Chapter 94,000 1,00,000 sanctioned
Total 3,74,000
Intended utilization of WMIN grant
No Item Amount (INR)
1 WikiSangamotsavam Tee Shirts (200 x 200) 40000
2 Food, Snacks & Beverages(For Two days) 50000
4 Sound System & Other Technical Equipments 10000/30000
Total 1,00,000

Project scope

In 2012 April 28 and 29, we the Malayalam Wiki Community decided to held our Annual Conference of our Contributors and users and it named as WikiSangamotsavam 2012. WikiSangamotsavam means the "Wiki Festival of Union or get-together. " The local community at Kollam district in Kerala will host this Conference.

Wikisamgamotsavam is the annual meet-up of editors, users and software experts working with Wikimedia and other free software projects. The meet-up is intended to facilitate discussions among Wikimedians regarding the future programs of Malayalam Wikimedia. Those interested in Wiki-projects of Wikimedia Foundation, who are not registered users on Wikimedia are also encouraged to attend. Educationalists, researchers and free software activists are particularly encouraged to attend. The conference will also provide a platform for the public to discuss with Wikimedians, clarify their doubts and submit their suggestions.

To meet the expenses of this annual conference we need the support of Wiki Media Foundation and Wikimedia India Chapter. Detailed budget of the event is as shown above in the tables and it will come around Rs.3,74,000. In which Rs. 2,45,000/- a portion of the total expense may provide as grant from Wiki Media India Chapter through the Malayalam SIG.

Project goal

  • WikiSangamotsavam 2012 will cement the friendship between Malayalam Wkimedians and it will strengthen the community in many aspects
  • The widespread publicity of the WikiSangamotsavam through our website, social media and other mass media enlighten the people of Kerala about the scope of Malayalam Wikipedia and other projects.
  • Through this publicity people will more attracted into wikipedia and we hope a leap in the number of our contributers.
  • It is expected to taken place a detailed discussion and frame up of Novel projects which develop the scope of Malayalam Wikipedia in this event.
  • The presentations about various topics under the broad heads of "Community", "Knowledge", "Technology" and "Outreach" will improve the knowledge level of participants and community generally.

Non-financial requirements

Please spread the word of WIkiSangmaotsavam to all the Wikipeida language communities across India and encourage our fellow Wikimedians to participate into the WikiSangamotsavam 2012 (Malayalam Wiki Annual Conference 2012) as a guest or a speaker by submitting their papers in different parallel sessions as stated above.

Other benefits

The partners of the event such as I.T Mission Kerala, IT@ School and local free cultural organizations will much enthusiastic in the development of wikipedia and they will influenced by the Wikipeida Culture.

Measures of success

  • Increase the number of registered users
  • Increase the quality of articles
  • Novel projects by the community

Team members (optional)

  1. Adv. T.K Sujith
  2. Kannan Shanmukham
  3. Ramesh N.G
  4. Kiran Gopi
  5. Viswaprabha
  6. Sajeer Fazil
  7. Ditty Mathew
  8. Sivahari
  9. Prof. Johnson AJ
  10. Sreejith K

We are supported by Malayalam SIG, Malayalam Wiki Community, Wiki Community at Kollam and local level Organizing Committee.