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WikiConference India 2016 (WCI 2016) is an outcome of Indic Meetup held during Wikimania 2015. We had a collective dream to bid for Wikimania 2019 on behalf of India. If we need to run a Wikimania successfully, it is time that the Wikimedia community in India reboots itself and works together towards that. Conducting a WikiConference India first will be a good start towards achieving that goal. This will help us assess our strengths and plan accordingly for Wikimania 2018. This is our bet to prove our unity in diversity :)



Conference will be an open; registered only conference just like any other conference on the lines of Wikimania. Thus, similar to Wikimania, WCI will host variety of mini workshops for the benefit of attendees and then to the Wikimedia movement in India.


Target readership


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Measures of success

Though it won't be easy to define the measure of success at the early stage, following are the few things that are sure to be achieved from the conference. This measure of success is not from the word WikiConference in itself, but because of the list of activities we have planned for, along with various other factors like media attention and so on.

  • Wikimedia movement in India, over the years has lost many senior Wikipedians as some got burn out with too much of activities in past and some due to personal and professional commitments and most of them never came back to the movement. Getting them back to the Wikimedia movement actively would be a big achievement, thus gearing up for more quantitative activities.
  • Not to forget, the current fresh active of the movement will get chances to learn how from people coming from various parts with various experiences.
  • Wiki edit counts, as like any conference, will be more during the conference however, we would surely like to play with wiki-metrics and find out the impact post the conference. It is comparatively hard to find this impact as compared to any other community in other parts of the world; with so much of diversity in terms of languages and projects Wiki is offered, used and created.
    • Here, we won't be able to forecast the graph in terms of number of edit counts of volunteers, but activity in Indic-Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects is something which will be watched.
    • Metrics might not always demonstrate quantity itself in India. ex: Creating an article in Tamil Wikipedia is isn't that easy as compared to English Wikipedia. Script is different in itself. Same applies to Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Odissa, and any other Indic Wikipedias or other Wikimedia projects.


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