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Grants/Participation: Wikipedia Women Workshop, Mumbai

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This Wikimedia India grant was funded in the fiscal year 2012-13. Please provide a report when the project has been completed. Use this sample report as a template
Grant contact name
Netha Hussain
Grant contact username or email
User: Netha Hussain (
Grant contact title (position)
Volunteer at en, ml Wikipedia and meta
Project lead name
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Full project name
Participation at Wikipedia Women Workshop in Mumbai
Amount requested (in INR)
8329 INR
Provisional target start date
4th November 2012 (date of the event)
Provisional completion date

Budget breakdown

  • Airfare : CCJ to BOM and back (Flight nos. AI 952/AI 657) : 6464 INR as of 18/10/2012 (subject to increase as booking delays)
  • Accommodation : At Hotel Milan International : 1665 INR
  • Local travel in Mumbai : 200 INR
  • Food, local travel in Kozhikode : 0 INR (will be borne by me)


  1. Direct flights from Mumbai to Kozhikode are not available after the end of the workshop. Staying for a night at Mumbai and returning on the next day is cheaper than traveling to Kozhikode from Mumbai on multiple flights on the same day.
  2. In booking the hotel and the flight together, some money can be saved.
  3. Local travel in Mumbai, as much as possible, will be on train to reduce expenses.

Project scope

The potential of Indian women editors is largely untapped. The Wikipedia Women Workshop will look into the possibility of bridging the gender gap in Wikipedia by training women to edit Wikipedia and its sister projects. I will be able to bring in my experiences with participating in two international conferences and international projects aimed at increasing the participation of women in Wikiprojects.

Project goal

  • Share my experiences in working as a volunteer in Wikiprojects.
  • Help the new women editors get hands-on experience in editing Wikipedia.
  • Give a brief introduction to global activities undertaken by Wikimedia women.
  • Provide continued online support to the participants for at least 2 months after the program by monitoring their edits and giving them useful tips.
  • Develop lasting relationships with interested participants by helping them to join WikiWomen's Collaborative, online edit-a-thons, and other activities aimed specifically at women editors.

Non-financial requirements

Other benefits

Measures of success

Team members (optional)

  1. (your name)
  2. (that other person)
  3. etc...