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Grants/Kannada Wikipedia 9th Anniversary

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This Wikimedia India grant was funded in the fiscal year 2012-13. Please provide a report when the project has been completed. Use this sample report as a template
Grant contact name
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
Project lead name
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Full project name
Kannada Wikipedia 9th Anniversary Celabration
Amount requested (in INR)
Provisional target start date
Provisional completion date

Budget breakdown

Intended utilization of WMIN grant
No Item Amount (INR)
1 Kannada wikipedia specific Tee Shirts (80 x 200) 16000
2 Food, Snacks & Beverages() 2500
Total 18,500

Project scope

  • Celebrating Kannada Wikipedia's 9th Anniversary in Bangalore at CIS, Indiranagar on the 17th June 2012.
  • The event would not only serve as a meetup for existing editors but will also serve as a major outreach program for general public that will aim to boost the growth and size of Kannada Wikipedia editor base.
  • Recruiting new editors and volunteers of all forms into movement with increased awareness.
  • Organising series of Wikipedia introductory workshops at different institutes to create more awareness about Kannada Wikipedia. Two sessions have already been confirmed.
  • Publicizing Kannada Wikipedia's 9th Anniversary celebrations.
  • Encouraging joint, collaborative projects for showcasing at the meetup.

Project goal

  • Reach out to more people to increase their understanding of how Wikimedia projects work, and enable them to pass this knowledge on to others.
  • Improving and building upon contributions to Kannada Wikipedia.
  • Increasing the visibility, reach and access of Kannada Wikipedia in India.

Non-financial requirements

  • Local Volunteer support
  • We believe we can get some positive media attention for these events which will encourage more Kannada speakers to become editors. Any help would be much appreciated.

Other benefits

  • These activities and efforts will hopefully help in increasing awareness of Wikipedia amongst general public, to get more people contributing to the various Wikiprojects with definite focus on Kannada Wikipedia.
  • A strong, diverse and engaged community.
  • Growth in editorship and readership in Kannada Wikipedia.

Measures of success

We will consider this project a success if the funds are used for this purpose. We will be able to report on:

  • Footfall at the Kannada Wikipedia 9th Anniversary Celebrations
  • Number of successful Wikipedia workshops we are able to organise
  • Estimate of materials distributed (handouts, t-shirts etc.)
  • Any distinct follow-up initiatives with the attendees as a direct result of these events
  • New contributors to Kannada Wikipedia
  • There are, of course, things that cannot be tangibly measured, such as the impact of the larger participation of Kannada Wikipedia community in the dissemination of the free culture and access to knowledge via Wikipedia/Wikimedia.

Team members (optional)

  1. Omshivaprakash
  2. Harish M G
  3. Tejas