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Grants/Kannada Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Celebrations

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This had been a submission to the Wikimedia India Microgrants, but was withdrawn or otherwise cancelled (not denied).
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SIG Chair
Project lead name
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Full project name
Kannada Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Celebrations
Amount requested (in INR)
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Provisional completion date

Budget breakdown

  • Mementos for the longtime and valuable contributors 25Nos * INR 285 = INR 7125
  • Standee = INR 1100
  • Banner = INR 211

Project scope

Kannada wikipedia completed 10 years in July 2013. As a part of its celebrations Kannada Wikipedia community is gathering for the 10th Anniversary celebrations on 17th November 2013, at Dr. H Narasimhaiah Memorial Hall, National College, Basavanagudi Bangalore 56004. We have decided to list down the contributors of the community and recognize them during this event. The guests of honour will be Dr. U R Ananthamurthy, Prof G Venkatasubbiah and Ravi Hegde.

More details can be found on the event page ವಿಕಿಪೀಡಿಯ:ಸಮ್ಮಿಲನ/ದಶಮಾನೋತ್ಸವ

Project goal

Encourage more editors to be active and effective around Kannada Wikipedia during 10th Anniversary celebrations.

Non-financial requirements

  • Standee and Banners of Wikimedia India Chapter (Both Kannada & English)
  • Brochures of Wikimedia India Chapter & Membership forms

Other benefits

Measures of success

We can ensure that more people get motivated through this annual event and contribute at large from various parts of Karnataka.

Team members (optional)

  1. Omshivaprakash 20:01, 10 November 2013 (IST)
  2. (that other person)
  3. etc...