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Grants/Gujarati Wikisource 1st Anniversary

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This Wikimedia India grant was funded in the fiscal year 2012-13. Project report is available.
Grant contact name
Dhaval Vyas, Sushant Savla
Grant contact username or email
dsvyas [at] gmail [dot] com; sushant_savla [at] rediffmail [dot] com
Grant contact title (position)
Sysops on
Project lead name
Dhaval Vyas
Project lead username or email
dsvyas [at] gmail [dot] com
Project lead title (position), if any
Sysop - gu:ws & gu:wp
Full project name
Gujarati Wikisource 1st Anniversary
Amount requested (in INR)
Provisional target start date
30 March 2013
Provisional completion date
31 March 2013

Budget breakdown

  • T-Shirts (50x200): INR 10,000
  • Snacks, decorations, banner, etc. : INR 4,000
  • Cake: INR 1,500
  • Trophy/Certificates: 1,000

Project scope

Wikisource's first anniversary is planned for celebration. Renowned organisation called Rupayatan has agreed to host the event. Rupayatan is a big name among the literary scholars in Gujarat as it is the organisation that hosts annual event for prestigious Narsinh Mehta Award. It is a residential primary school based on Gandhian Thoughts. As the organisation is already devoted to cater for the literature, it is very much suitable for celebration of Gujarati Wikisource's first anniversary. Moreover, we have second highest concentration of volunteers based in and around Junagadh (town where Rupayatan is located) out of Ahmedabad. Organisation will be inviting few of its affiliated scholars for the event, which is our targeted audience. We have a photo-walk and heritage, walk planned around the event as well.

Funding requested is only to cover the cost of t-shirts, snacks/drinks, cake, banner and trophy for Guajarati wikilibrarians/wikipedians.

Project goal

This event is planned as the key event among the other events being planned around the dates and will give Gujarati wiki projects highest boost by due media coverage because of its prominent host. It will boost enthusiasm of other users as this will be first major event for Gujarati and will help recruiting more contributors. Possible tie-up with Rupayatan is also envisaged.

Non-financial requirements

  • Permission to use Wikimedia Logos on letters, or supply of printed letters with wikimedia and wikisource/wikipedia logos for invitations to various colleges/schools.
  • Permission to use wiki logos on banners, banner will be used for other future events as well.
  • Contacts for t-shirts (if available) as chapter might be doing t-shirts every now and then and might have contract for competitive rates.
  • Communication team's assistance in publicizing the event before and after.
  • Leaflets other advertising materials (if any available)
  • Well wishes for the event :)

Fit to strategy

Anniversary celebration will bring together users, contributors and enthusiasts under a single roof, which will enable mutual sharing of knowledge and help foster co-operation among themselves. We are having constant influx of more users joining the movement. Wikisource anniversary celebration will increases the reach as well as participation.

Other benefits

  • The event will attract some positive media attention for Gujarati wiki projects.
  • Organisation hosting the event is associated with literary scholars, which may help us getting easy access to other literature sources.
  • Area chosen for the event is fast developing town/city in Gujarat and with more traditional values, which will give us higher possibilities to gain more (serious) contributors recruitment.

Measures of success

  • Number of wikimedians and members of public attending the event
  • Estimate of materials distributed (handouts, t-shirts etc.)
  • New contributors to Gujarati projects

"We will consider this project a success if it gets enough coverage in media, which may lead to avenues of getting more freely available literature for wikisource and new editors on wikipedia"

Team members (optional)

  1. Dhaval Vyas
  2. Sushant Savla
  3. Nilesh Bandhiya
  4. Ashok Modhvadia
  5. Vyom
  6. Jitendrasinh
  7. Satishchandra