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Grant Helpdesk

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Wikimedia Chapter, India (WMIN) has a mandate to support Wikimedia projects in 22 Indian languages. WMIN believes that for a community to grow, the community needs to motivate itself intrinsically. Communities that support itself tend to grow in a more sustainable way. Keeping that in mind, when communities apply to Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) for grants like PEG or IEG, they face difficulties trying to describing their Projects or sometimes they may face challenges trying to make the project more impactful.

The Intention of WMIN for creating this helpdesk is to provide a platform wherein all Indic communities can take the help of WMIN in any aspect of Grant making Procedure. WMIN shall help by providing inputs for the grants, help with program design,maximize impact in a measurable way.

Past Successes

Wikimedia India believes that for each community to grow independently, the community should regularly organize meetups, workshops and different events. While applying to organizations for grants to WMF, there is a perception that the structure for applying is very difficult. This is where Wikimedia India can help the community. In the recent past, Wikimedia India has helped community members to apply for grants. Some of them include

Grant applications

Grant applications

If you want our help to improve your grant application or help more in quantifying its impact, please apply below

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