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GLAM Karnataka

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GLAM Karnataka


State of GLAM in Karnataka


The number of museums in Karnataka is not known. It is expected to be between 30 and 40 (excluding galleries and aquariums and zoos). Bangalore has around 11 museums (yes we have 11!), Mysore has around 7-8 and there are around another 10 odd archaeological museums.

State of museums

  • There government, archaeological museums in Karnataka.
  • Most of these museums do not have a web page or a Wikipedia page.
  • There is comprehensive list of museums in Karnataka.
  • Museums are administrated by many different departments / bodies.
  • There is very little collaboration between museums.
  • Most Museums have limited audience excepting rare exceptions.
  • Museums have mostly status collections and very few have regular themed events.
  • Museums have very low use of new methods or technology.
  • Museums use primarily english and the local language.
  • Very few of the objects have elaborately defined narratives for the visitor.
  • Visitor data for most museums is not publicly available.





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  3. Subhashish Panigrahi



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