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Krishna Chaitanya Velaga.jpg
Krishna Chaitanya Velaga
Krishna Chaitanya Velaga of Andhra Pradesh is a 19 year old English Wikimedian editing since December 2014. Being an NCC cadet and a defence aspirant, Chaitanya is predominantly interested in military affairs and started editing when he found a factual error in an article and referred to Youtube on how to fix it. Described by fellow wikimedian and military editor Srikar Kashyap as the leading defence article writer from India, Chaitanya has 4 Featured and A-class lists (FLs) and five Good Articles (GAs). His major works include Sam Manekshaw, K.M Cariappa and INS Vikrant. Chaitanya is the founder of the Indian military history work group and has won the coveted Military History Newcomer of the Year title for 2016. In addition, Chaitanya is a keen vandalism fighter and regularly reviews Good Article (GA) nominations.
DrCenjary .jpg
Kak Cenjary Ataullah Khan (DrCenjary)
Kak Cenjary Ataullah Khan also known as Dr Cenjary has been one of the most active contributors on Urdu Wikipedia.In just 2 years, he is now the 4th most active Urdu Wikipedian.A resident of Kozhikode & coming from the education field with 19 years experience under his belt, he got associated with Wikipedia just because he was curious. Dr Cenjury used to regularly observe that Wikipedia used to always come at the top of any search list on Google. After finding out, about how Wikipedia works, he took on the job of contributing to Wikipedia by editing in Urdu.

Dr Cenjury frankly says that he would prefer quality over quantity. He aims to improve all articles in Urdu Wikipedia & make them as informative as possible. He says that this is one way he can return something back to the Society & be part of a movement which is beyond religion, region, border & boundaries.

Bhojpuri word in devanagari script.jpg
User:SM7, the silent anonymous poster boy for Bhojpuri and Hindi Wikipedia has been working since 2011 with over 59,000 global edits without any recognition. He would have continued to be an unsung hero with his awesome work for the flourishment of Wikipedia for no one knows how long, if we would not have discovered his work recently. He is a sysop on Hindi and Bhojpuri Wikipedia where he is continuously working to bring new contributors and quality contents. User:SM7 is a teacher by profession based somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. Writing on region and geographical features are one of the favourite topics of User:SM7.

User:SM7 came to know about Wikipedia while searching something on Google, it was then he noticed that there is a link to Bhojpuri Wikipedia on the sidebar of the article page he was looking at on English Wikipedia. Like others, he was excited when he found Wikipedia on his native language and started contributing to it by creating & improving articles. Although he invests a lot of time for the growth of Wikipedia, he always prefers to stay anonymous, he says, "I wanted to be judged only by my contributions on wiki and the way I take part in discussions etc. NOT by information based on what I do in real life, or where I live, or what my educational qualifications are."
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J M Garg IMG 4284 1 .png
J.M. Garg is a Wikimedian who contributes on Wikimedia Commons. He is a nature photographer largely working on Indian flora and has more than 20,000 edits on Wikimedia Commons. Thousands of his images are used in Wikimedia projects and can be seen on Wikipedia and Wikispecies.

He is the owner of Efloraofindia,largest Google e-group in this field and also the largest nature related group in India devoted to creating awareness, helping in identification etc. along with discussion & documentation of Indian Flora. More than 11,000 species' pages of seed plants, alphabetically sized- Seed plants etc., ferns, fungi & others are available with details for those species which have already been discussed in effloraofindia e-group. It has the largest database on net on Indian Flora.He is also the author of 'A Photo guide to the birds of Kolkata & Common birds of India'.

He has also worked on 'Wikiproject Lepidoptera' & 'WikiProject Birds' & contributing to 'Tree of Life Wikiproject' of Wikipedia. Websites such as 'The Better India; have also done cover story on him.

Satpal dandiwal.jpeg
Satpal Singh is a wikimedian who largely edits on Punjabi Wikimedia projects with the user name Sony dandiwal. He has started editing since July 2015 at the age of 16 and is the second youngest pubjabi wikimedian. He has more than 8,000 edit counts on punjabi wikipedia and he also holds the rights of administrator, patroller and autopatroller on the punjabi wikipedia. His main areas of interest on wikipedia are cricket in sports, history in academics and biographies as inspiration.

Satpal belongs to a village Chotian in Mansa district of Punjab and edits on wikipedia through his mobile phone, having no access to a personal computer. Besides that, Satpal has made significant achievements, being ranked first on Article Improvement Edit-a-thon 2016 in April, having started Wikiproject Women and Wikiproject Cricket on punjabi wikipedia. He is also the Wikipedia Asian Month Ambassador.

Agastya Chandrakant
Agastya Chandrakant from Surat, Gujarat is an editor on English Wikinews under alias of Acagastya, currently studying in The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore.

He is 19-years-old and has been editing Wikimedia Projects since 2014, from his days in high school. He has more than 8,000 global edits and also holds the review rights on Wikinews. On Wikinews, every article has to pass the review before it is published. Agastya has written more than 200 news articles on Wikinews. He is amongst the very few Indian editors on Wikinews.

Calligraphy, reading, and photography are some of his hobbies, however, after academic commitments whatever time he gets for himself now, he devotes it to Wikinews.

Agastya believes there are lot of things happening around us in various fields -- from crime and law to science and technology. Some events affect a certain group of people. Some affects other groups. As a news reporter his tries to cover news for everyone, ranging from different subjects.

Agastya hopes more Indian community members to contribute quality photos from the events around the country on Wikimedia projects, and hopes they, as an Indian, make decisions and act so that secularism, freedom, and humanity can co-exist.

K Venkata Ramana.jpeg
Katakam Venkata Ramana
K. Venkata Ramana is one the most active editors from Telugu Wikipedia, under the alias Kvr.lohith. Venkata Ramana hails from the Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh, and by profession, is a Physical Science Assistant in a government school. Venkata Ramana joined Wikipedia in May 2012, and initially started off editing English Wikipedia. But soon he found his place in Telugu Wikipedia, and has regularly contributing since then. As of August 2017, his global edits count to 77,000. He is also an Administrator on Telugu Wikipedia.

Venkata Ramana loves to create biographies and science related articles on Wikipedia. He advocates that it is the duty of every Wikipedian to get familiar with the policies to Wikipedia and give good references to the articles. Apart from his work on articles, Venkata has created many templates that are helpful to many on Telugu Wikipedia. As said by his fellow editor, Pavan Santosh, Venkata Ramana is one of the few editors on Telugu Wikipedia striving hard develop the quality rather than the quantity.

Apart from Wikipedia, Venkata Ramana's penchant to spread knowledge made him start a blog titled Physical Science Forever for school children, which was visited by more than 3,00,000 times till date.

Wikipedian Swapnil Karambelkar.png
Swapnil Karambelkar
Swapnil Karambelkar is one of the most active Wikimedians from the Hindi community, under the alias Swapnil.Karambelkar. Swapnil hails from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, and by profession a Mechanical Engineering, who runs his own firm based on factory automation and education. Swapnil joined Wikipedia in August 2016, through "Wiki Loves Monuments". He initially started off with uploading images to Commons and then moved onto Hindi Wikipedia, contributing to culture and military topics. He also contributes to Hindi Wikibooks and Wikiversity.

Soon after, he got extensively involved in various outreach activities. He co-organized "Hindi Wiki Conference" in January 2017, at Bhopal. He delivered various lectures on Wikimedia movement in various institutions like Atal Bihari Hindi University, Sanskrit Sansthanam and NIT Bhopal. Along with Suyash Dwivedi, Swapnil co-organized the first ever regular GLAM project in India at National Museum of Natural Heritage, Bhopal. Swapnil is an account creator on Hindi Wikipedia and is an admin on the beta version on Wikiversity. Swapnil has been instrumental in establishing the first Indic language version of Wikiversity, the Hindi Wikiversity.

As asked regarding his motivation to contribute to the Wikimedia movement, Swapnil says, "It is the realization that though there is abundance of knowledge around us, but it is yet untapped and not documented".

Urdu Wikipedia logo.png
محمد شعیب (Muhammad Shuaib)
User:محمد شعیب (Muhammad Shuaib) is primarily an Urdu Wikipedia editor, who has been anonymously editing since August 2012. Though the user has been reading Wikipedia since 2005, only in 2012 he started editing when he found some factual errors in an Urdu article. He counts almost 40,000 global contributions along with being a bureaucrat and sysop of Urdu Wikipedia.

The user envisions to prosper and build a unique rich online source of free knowledge in Urdu, and feels that Wikipedia is the way for it. He also contributes to Wikidata, Arabic and English Wikipedia every now and then. He says that Wikidata is a great initiative, that if used to its full potential, make the lives of editors easy. His message to newcomers is; "I would welcome them to world of free knowledge, and tell them to continue your contributions, it would be pride for you and your generations as well".

J. Balaji
J. Balaji is one of the top contributors from the Tamil Wikimedia community. Though he started contributing since 2009, he was quite active after his participation in WikiConference India 2011. Initially he started contributing to Tamil Wikipedia, but was later attracted towards Tamil Wikisource, Tamil Wiktionary, and Wikidata. His global contributions count to whooping 2,50,000 edits. He is an admin on Tamil Wiktionary.

After his interaction with Mr. Loganathan (User:Info-farmer), Balaji was very much motivated to contribute to Wikimedia projects. He says, "When I was editing in Tamil Wikipedia, I used to translate science articles from English to Tamil. But faced problem in finding equivalent Tamil words. The English to Tamil dictionaries were inadequate. Hence I felt the need to work in the Tamil Wiktionary. After a while there was a collaboration with Tamil Wikisource and Tamil Nadu Government through Tamil Virtual University through 2000 CC0 books were uploaded".

As an active contributor to Wikidata, he says that the vision of Wikimedia movement is, "Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge", but with Wikidata we can make it, "Imagine a world in which every single human being and every single machine can freely share in the sum of all knowledge". Apart from regular contributions, he also created templates to Tamil Wikimedia projects, and also maintains Tamil Wikisource's official Twitter handle.

Balaji hails from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and is a post-graduate is Physics. He currently works as a Senior Geophysicist in Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC).

Hrishikes Sen
Hrishikes Sen is one of the most active contributors from the Bengali community. Though he started editing English and Bengali Wikipedia in 2007, he had to take a long break due to professional constraints. Later he started working on Bengali Wikisource from 2012, and ever since, he has been an active contributor, and expanded to English Wikisource as well. With more than 45,000 global edits, he is an admin on English Wikisource.

As a child, Hrishikes always found reading books as a fascinating task. He says that he finds reference books as interesting as mystery novels. That interest, over years motivated him to contribute to Wikisource. The journey and motivation behind his contributions to Wikisource can be read from a post on WMF's blog, Why I contribute to Wikisource?. He says that till date he's been only active online, but he plans to do outreach in the coming future. He hopes that attending the 10th Anniversary Celebratory Workshop of Bengali Wikisource in Kolkata on 10 December may be a harbinger to his future offline activities.

Hrishikes believes that Wikisource will one day emerge as of the top digital libraries in the world, and says that as a store-house for primary and secondary source materials for Wikipedia, the importance of Wikisource is steadily becoming invaluable. Much of his time, Hrishikes spends working around Indian works, with a special focus on the works of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Jagadish Chandra Bose, and Rabindranath Tagore. Apart from being a proofreader, he uploaded more than 750 books spreading over five languages to Wikimedia Commons.

Hrishikes hails from Kolkata, but is presently based in Lucknow. By profession, he is a doctor serving in paramilitary forces. To his Bengali friends, he welcomes them to contribute to Bengali Wikisource which has more than 676,000 that have completed Optical Character Recognition and are waiting to be proofread.